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CBC News @CBCNews
Conservative MPs laugh at Edmonton MP Amarjeet Sohi's past as city bus driver
Alberta411 @Alberta411
RT @MarkCherrington: Proud of my MP @SohiAmarjeet . For others to mock him while speaking of another's tragedy is disgusting. #cdpoli http…
Richard Faulder @rfaulder
RT @CBCEdmonton: Conservative MPs laugh at Amarjeet Sohi's past as ETS bus driver
foreigncorrespondent @foreigncorrespo
RT @DaveBeninger: Conservatives laugh at @SohiAmarjeet for working as a bus driver as he pays respect to murdered bus driver:…
Granola @grano1a
RT @cbcasithappens: Conservative MPs laugh at Amarjeet Sohi's past as a bus driver.
John Bail @Johnpomo6
RT @ThePhotowagon: Sickening display by HarperCon scum. Apologies, @RonaAmbrose? Con MPs laugh at MP Amarjeet Sohi ETS bus driver past http…
Mi'kmaq Canadian @MikmaqCanadian
RT @BenLobbMP: Good game of hockey tonight Conservative MPs beat Liberal MPs 9-2. Liberals dirtiest bunch of hockey players I have ever pla…
Paavo Montandon @PaavoM
RT @EEDC_BRAD: .@SohiAmarjeet epitomizes the selfless, servant leader. #HighestRespect #BeAshamed #CPC
Natalie Lanoville @NatalieLanovill
RT @ChadHudsons: Shame on them. That kind of elitism has no place in our politics or society. Be proud @SohiAmarjeet. #cdnpoli https://t.c…
Anne Marie DeGroot @water_momma
RT @spjonsson: Great idea! Especially when today federal Conservative MPs laughed at a Liberal MP literally just because he's a former bus…
Joel @JoelsAccount
RT @globepolitics: Conservative MPs are afraid of Motion 103, and things it can’t do #cdnpoli…
Harald Hommel @Hfactor241
RT @JulieKusiek: Democracy = better w variety backgrounds elected. Diversity IS CANADA. I'm proud @SohiAmarjeet is MP. #cdnpoli https://t.c…
Jeremy Woolward @JWoolward
RT @BFSingh: Is this what #Conservatives have become in Canada? #CPCLdr #unitealberta #ableg #yegpoli
Natalie Lanoville @NatalieLanovill
RT @NeilSingh54: I campaigned hard against @SohiAmarjeet he will even tell you but this is absolutely mean by CPC m…
Shawn L @shwntk421
RT @AaronWherry: How many Conservative MPs would support M103 if a definition of Islamophobia was added?
łê tãrēq @TSyria7
RT @AnasMarwah: Conservative MPs are afraid of Motion 103, and things it can’t do
Likely Jan Lukas @likelyjanlukas
RT @Klayoven: What is so funny?😳 Are these morons still in Jr High??? CON MPs laugh at Edmonton MP's past as ETS bus driver…
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