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Experian @Experian_US
Join us next week, as we talk about Budgeting 101 with @BeverlyOShea and @IamAshCash https://t.co/1VoPQDvPYL #CreditChat
Shannon McNay @shannonmcnay
RT @StacySmith0615: A7: Take advantage of every penny of free such as free employee matches on your 401(k) contributions #creditchat
Candice Marie @YoungYetWis3
RT @Kasasa: A1: Just because you have a negative net worth does not mean you should give up on your goals. Progress takes time #creditchat
Christina Roman @Teena_LaRo
RT @dougboneparth: So many brilliant minds in #CreditChat. Everyone is #hustling to achieve their goals by working on building their net wo…
pilsner mami @malikasade
RT @dougboneparth: So much to think about re: rent vs. ownership. Learn how these concepts relate to your net worth #creditchat.
RT @Kasasa: Looking at your net worth increase can be a great motivator to continue working towards your financial goals #CreditChat
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