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Marisha Ray
Stumbled upon a theory that #CriticalRole ( and VM) has predetermined rolls and story beats..... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AHAHA! HAHAHA! Oh man...
23 Mar, 04:39 PM UTC
Matthew Mercer
I would like to highlight the incredible folks at @CRTranscript who tirelessly caption #CriticalRole out of passion for the community! <3
24 Mar, 12:55 AM UTC
Nick Robles
Did a fullbody Gilmore and ended up hating it, so here's a quick portrait~ :D #Criticalrole @matthewmercer
24 Mar, 05:19 AM UTC
Matthew Mercer
Tonight's episode of #CriticalRole kicks off in about 20 minutes! Vox Machina seems eager to journey to Hell... https://t.co/FC9lxgvRU3
24 Mar, 01:41 AM UTC
Emmanuel Padilla
Dang, I enjoyed making this sooo much! VM-Tiefling #Criticalrole #Criticalrolefanart
24 Mar, 06:02 AM UTC
So, apparently i sketched out these #CriticalRole chibis a really long time ago and just never finished them?!?!
24 Mar, 12:07 AM UTC
Elaine Tipping
Bleeennddd in, staaaayyy coool, you got this, Vox Machina, you got dis :P (eyyyy) #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 04:22 AM UTC
Marisha Ray
SUCH A BUMMER! Luckily we got it all on the hard drive, so it will be released in full on Monday! #CriticalRole https://t.co/obE3ozD9uy
24 Mar, 07:06 AM UTC
Diepod Fightgame
Vexival? Perc'aliah... These two are fun. #Criticalrole #CriticalRoleFanart Dottier might look more sinister than… https://t.co/ruPUXYKLdm
24 Mar, 07:02 AM UTC
Geek & Sundry
"What do you have to offer for my information?" #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 05:29 AM UTC
[Slight spoilers] Yay Tieflings!! 😀 #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 04:47 AM UTC
When you realize you forgot the Heroes' Feast... #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
Diepod Fightgame
Voice of the Tempest. #Criticalrole #Criticalrolefanart
24 Mar, 06:55 AM UTC
Tess Fowler
"Nah he's just my buddy". -Vax 😢 #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 02:40 AM UTC
Part 1 of tonight's #CriticalRole stream doodles. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun arc to paint. https://t.co/GtIM02bw0i
24 Mar, 03:34 AM UTC
Anna Zee S.
Quick little study #Criticalrole
24 Mar, 06:09 AM UTC
Geek & Sundry
Wing-ed entities in the distance! #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 04:12 AM UTC
Amanda Lien
I'd much rather draw them as their own special version of devil lords, but tiefling will have to do. #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 04:46 AM UTC
Elaine Tipping
Awww yeeeeeah, smooooth Kiki #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 04:56 AM UTC
Caio Santos
The City of Dis, or my shitty speedpaint version of it #Criticalrole #criticalrolefanart @matthewmercer
24 Mar, 04:48 AM UTC
Lloyd hoshide
Pretty quick sketch at the sketch group. Fun times getting the rust off. #criticalrolefanart #Criticalrolehttps://t.co/lLIxdxlUtx
24 Mar, 04:56 AM UTC
Geek & Sundry
"What's the magic item equivalent of a glow stick?" "That would be a sunrod." ✨✨✨ #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 04:55 AM UTC
Ellie Vyle
Ok done sketching for the night. Here's some more beach scenes #Criticalrole https://t.co/EBwbn7WPkz
24 Mar, 04:57 AM UTC
Geek & Sundry
"It looks like Detroit on Halloween." - @matthewmercer on the City of Dis. 🔥🔥🔥 #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 04:01 AM UTC
Geek & Sundry
#PSA: Do NOT eat the nondescript purplish-red meat. 🤢 #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 04:40 AM UTC
Amanda Lien
Percy's horns are broken, but would be in the shape of a halo. And I love hoofed tieflings best. #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 05:53 AM UTC
Kerri Aitken
Aw yea, lots of progress on D-Roll here today #Criticalrole
24 Mar, 06:17 AM UTC
Grog reminds everyone that they keep using real names. Eyes are rolled before psuedonyms are resumed. #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 05:55 AM UTC
Vm as tieflings. I'm so doing that tomorrow. Albino Percy tiefling 😈 oh man I'm gonna have fun. #Criticalrole
24 Mar, 06:25 AM UTC
Do you have any questions on souls & soul accessories? #CriticalRole
24 Mar, 05:35 AM UTC
Here's what I was working on while watching tonight's episode. Keyra and Eirian. #Criticalrole Now I'll have all da… https://t.co/s9zymUuQIw
24 Mar, 06:45 AM UTC
Rob Thomas
When you remember you get to watch #CriticalRole when you wake up tomorrow.
23 Mar, 11:42 PM UTC
Julia Nunes
Be more like Keyleth...dare to try something different! And dont simply accept devil's contracts. #CriticalRole #rewatch #episode91
24 Mar, 12:09 PM UTC
I just finished #CriticalRole Ep. 14! All that shopping was a nice break from the previous big battle. Gilmore/Vax… https://t.co/m7vhWIqiHZ
24 Mar, 11:51 AM UTC
Is the #criticalrole Twitch upload not working for anyone else? @GeekandSundry @CriticalRole
24 Mar, 12:31 PM UTC
Lori Campbell
Was fully unable to stay up for #CriticalRole last night. A week of exhaustion and lack of cope knocked me on my ass. Will catch up tonight.
24 Mar, 11:54 AM UTC
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