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CSPAN @cspan
RESULTS: C-SPAN's new Historians Survey on Presidential Leadership: Top 10 https://t.co/g8JOEnIiS5 #cspanPOTUSsurvey https://t.co/8aGdmD4HvF
julia ✨ @actuallysame
RT @cspan: Number 1: Abraham Lincoln receives top billing, as he did in 2000 & 2009. https://t.co/g8JOEnIiS5 #cspanPOTUSsurvey https://t.c…
the big sean of rrhs @ThorFxlcon
RT @cspan: Number 8: John F. Kennedy https://t.co/g8JOEnIiS5 #cspanPOTUSsurvey https://t.co/7IYP3YvliG
Phil De Carolis @PhilDeCarolis
RT @cspan: VIDEO: C-SPAN's new Historians Survey on Presidential Leadership More info here: https://t.co/g8JOEnIiS5 #cspanPOTUSsurvey htt…
Joe @Delano_2000
RT @cspan: Number 4: Theodore Roosevelt stays in the top five. https://t.co/g8JOEnIiS5 #cspanPOTUSsurvey https://t.co/Ys89mQ7Sui
julia ✨ @actuallysame
RT @cspan: Number 2: George Washington retains his status as previous two surveys. https://t.co/g8JOEnIiS5 #cspanPOTUSsurvey https://t.co/q…
Phil De Carolis @PhilDeCarolis
RT @cspan: Number 33: George W. Bush moves up three positions since 2009. https://t.co/g8JOEnZUgF #cspanPOTUSsurvey https://t.co/Sl3IClpOjF
Marilyn @Muffet70
RT @Ontheotherhand: .@realDonaldTrump Speaking of #fakenews , Rush is the misinformation king. #MediaLiesAgain #cspanPOTUSsurvey #ACA https…
D B @dbracing01
RT @dmcparson: #cspanPOTUSsurvey They put the worst leader,weak & feckless Obama, in 12th place?These folks really live in the land of unic…
Bishop @BishopInAfrica
RT @realmanobrow: AVG score is 66.8, K-12 Obama would get a solid D. #cspanPOTUSsurvey #MediaLiesAgain https://t.co/IqlIlC6OOi
andrea @sheepguts68
RT @tiredAmerican16: #cspanPOTUSsurvey impeached Bill Clinton at 15 ....SAD
Desert Dancer MAGA @zavie8
RT @IamKyCoCo: #cspanPOTUSsurvey⬇️⬇️ AUDIO: John McCain shares insider info with prankster posing as Ukrainian PM https://t.co/w6jWQ8cz2E v…
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