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Young plays prank on Daley Blind during #MUFC training 😂 (via @Dugout)
20 Apr, 01:23 PM UTC
Duncan Castles
Marcos Rojo off injured, Daley Blind in at centre back. Blind plays two Anderlecht attackers onside for their equaliser... #MUNAND
20 Apr, 07:39 PM UTC
Secks Fàbregas
Daley Blind has been playing exactly the way his dad was managing Netherlands.
20 Apr, 07:52 PM UTC
Squawka News
Marcos Rojo is stretchered off the pitch and replaced by Daley Blind. He looked in real pain. https://t.co/SZraXjpClS
20 Apr, 07:34 PM UTC
Daley Blind not even on the pitch for 5 minutes and he already makes a defensive error leading to a goal. He's absolutely awful
20 Apr, 07:38 PM UTC
Ryan Quinn
Daley Blind, Michael Carrick and Paul Pogba. On the same pitch. Line-Breaking passes galore?
20 Apr, 07:29 PM UTC
20 Apr, 09:23 PM UTC
Man United News
Daley Blind's performance so far proves it was a mistake for United to call off their January transfer #mufc https://t.co/hAt9BynG8E
20 Apr, 07:48 PM UTC
Manchester United
23' - CAMBIO: Sale Marcos Rojo lesionado e ingresa Daley Blind #mufc
20 Apr, 07:28 PM UTC
5th FC
That goal was fucking avoidable!!! Daley Blind fs!
20 Apr, 07:59 PM UTC
Jeremy Vine
The more I watch Daley Blind play for #manutd the more I am convinced it was an imposter who delivered this cross https://t.co/ETIq1JiRlx
20 Apr, 08:09 PM UTC
Daily Star
Manchester United star Ashley Young trolls Daley Blind during training https://t.co/Ty8CrCpHQ2 #MUFC #Anderlechthttps://t.co/lOKF2dJPKY
20 Apr, 10:07 PM UTC
Has Daley Blind been sold yet?
20 Apr, 11:07 PM UTC
That long pass by Daley Blind was just fantastic.#mufc
20 Apr, 09:38 PM UTC
5th FC
Hope Rojo isn't out for rest of the season. 😳😡 Don't trust Daley blind at CB 😢
20 Apr, 09:58 PM UTC
Voorheen nooit echt fan geweest, maar wat speelde Viergever goed. Daley Blind transformatie #schaja
20 Apr, 09:58 PM UTC
Ander Herrera❤️
Daley Blind's passes👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
20 Apr, 09:27 PM UTC
I've got a lot of time for Daley Blind, proper player
20 Apr, 09:26 PM UTC
Ashwin MUFC
What a high ball from Daley Blind..great composed finish by the lad Rashford!
20 Apr, 09:19 PM UTC
Interesting how that Ferdinand and Vidic combo is now Eric Baily and Daley Blind.
20 Apr, 09:19 PM UTC
Sarwar hussain
What is daley blind doing ? #MUFC
20 Apr, 07:53 PM UTC
Chantal Ruby
He's injured. Nooooo!!!!! Rojo out, Daley Blind on. #MUFC
20 Apr, 07:28 PM UTC
Taju Spicy
Lord help us with Daley Blind in CB
20 Apr, 11:05 PM UTC
I love Daley Blind. Glad he's gonna get a run in the team now.
20 Apr, 10:15 PM UTC
fosu mensah is a better defender than Daley blind..#mufc mourinho be wise! #manutdnews
20 Apr, 10:13 PM UTC
I know majority were looking for a scapegoat but I think Daley Blind did very well
20 Apr, 09:53 PM UTC
Daley Blind is still comfortably useless.
20 Apr, 09:48 PM UTC
Sarah Horrocks
@olivereast Less nervous than aggravated at all the misses and Daley Blind and Luke Shaw "defending"
20 Apr, 09:37 PM UTC
(Armed) Rob(bery)
Semi finals here we come all thanks to big daddy Daley Blind
20 Apr, 09:35 PM UTC
Let's speak of Daley Blind's long ball to Fellaini too, shall we? Started it all off!
20 Apr, 09:26 PM UTC
Daley blind with that insane pass..
20 Apr, 09:20 PM UTC
Teh Anget
Umpan Daley Blind emang yahut👏
20 Apr, 09:19 PM UTC
Graeme Craig
Daley Blind showing how poor a defender he is tonight. #MUFC
20 Apr, 09:18 PM UTC
The God that did it for Rojo will do it for Daley Blind too.
20 Apr, 11:42 PM UTC
Ilham R
Daley Blind channeling his inner Leonardo Bonucci. This is what you got from playing him in the center https://t.co/qUyBoj85rp
20 Apr, 10:57 PM UTC
Police officer killed, two wounded in Daley Blind shooting
20 Apr, 10:45 PM UTC
Arnan Binafsihi
@DimasDavid99 Haha :)) Viergever for Oranje starter dulu aja bro :) daripada bek kiri si Daley Blind mulu padahal sering keteteran.
20 Apr, 10:44 PM UTC
Shaun Hargreaves
Scary thinking of Daley Blind at centre back for the rest of the season
20 Apr, 10:43 PM UTC
Richie Wilson
@MrTomMcDermott Yeah cos Daley blind is shocking
20 Apr, 10:38 PM UTC
Geert Langendorff
Voor Daley Blind betekent wegvallen Rojo meer speeltijd. ‘We hebben Daley die ervaring heeft op die positie.'
20 Apr, 10:34 PM UTC
𝓗𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔬𝑘 ☠
@EuropaLeague @AFCAjax_EN @OL_English @ManUtd @RCCelta Daley Blind vs Ajax showdown
20 Apr, 10:27 PM UTC
#인천풀싸롱01030912437 #인천풀싸롱 #인천쓰리노01030912437 #인천쓰리노 #강남풀싸롱01021543560 인천풀싸롱 인천쓰리노 Daley Blind
20 Apr, 10:00 PM UTC
@DutchMaldini Daley blind omg😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
20 Apr, 09:59 PM UTC
Sander van Hal
Wel jammer dat Ajax morgen niet de club van Ryan Babel kan loten. Doe de club van Daley Blind dan maar, of die van John Guidetti. Ook leuk.
20 Apr, 09:53 PM UTC
Meanwhile Mourinho, still following the Moyes playbook - Daley Blind plays a long ball to the head of Marouane Fellaini, who finds Rashford
20 Apr, 09:52 PM UTC
El Jefe
Daley Blind was just throwing those long range passes. Baba just dey find fellaini anyhow
20 Apr, 09:50 PM UTC
UPDATE Police issue arrest warrant for second suspect in Daley Blind shooting who arrived from Belgium by train - source…
20 Apr, 09:45 PM UTC
David Hodbod
Daley Blind is a pretty good 5th choice centre back.
20 Apr, 09:39 PM UTC
Muhamad Reza Fauzi
Tp tadi long pass nya daley blind masterclass bgt sih
20 Apr, 09:38 PM UTC
The Real Riemaldo
@TotallyMUFC Rashford > Zlatan. A paper bag blowing in the wind > Daley Blind
20 Apr, 09:34 PM UTC
Brother Dembele
Get Rojo fit or we are in big trouble, Daley Blind is a bastard.
20 Apr, 09:33 PM UTC
Daley Blind is in a 'no nonsense' mood.
20 Apr, 09:29 PM UTC
Mr Bambe
This is definitely Daley Blind's last season as a Utd player
20 Apr, 09:28 PM UTC
Never seen some so disgustingly bad at setting an offside trap and Daley blind. Braindead cunt
20 Apr, 09:28 PM UTC
Stan The Red
Daley Blind has done well
20 Apr, 09:26 PM UTC
DALEY BLIND what can J say
20 Apr, 09:19 PM UTC
Einar Hermo
Phil Bardsley > Daley Blind
20 Apr, 09:18 PM UTC
Assad S. Khan
Please sell Daley Blind
20 Apr, 09:17 PM UTC
Lay off top of the box Daley Blind top corner
20 Apr, 09:07 PM UTC
Daley Blind is a dogshit centre-back, but you can even trace his involvement back to Chris Smalling injuring both himself & Phil Jones.
20 Apr, 09:05 PM UTC
Ref is daley fucking blind
20 Apr, 09:04 PM UTC
Daley Blind ruined this game 🙂
20 Apr, 08:55 PM UTC
Daniel J. Silvereld
Paniken man måste känna som tränare när man få en mittback skadad, vänder sig om efter någon att byta in och bara ser Daley Blind.
20 Apr, 08:50 PM UTC
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