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Typical Girl
"my baby girl" "baby" "honey" "sugar" "sweetheart" "angel" "flower" "goddess" "mami" "darling"
28 Apr, 09:40 PM UTC
Akhil Akkineni
Winding down with newest Akkineni in town, my darling vadhina @Samanthaprabhu2 . HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This year is gong… https://t.co/UDazDzegdT
28 Apr, 04:31 PM UTC
Chicago Blackhawks
The #Blackhawks have acquired a third-round pick in the 2017 #NHLDraft from the Hurricanes in exchange for goaltend… https://t.co/4Omazhq7sM
28 Apr, 11:23 PM UTC
OOH x 1stliveinIns
บนค่ะ ถ้าได้บัตร4,000-5,000 แจกลิปdear darling เลือกสีเองได้ 1 คน พร้อมเงินอีก100บาทไปเลยย รีอย่างเดียว ปก.6/5/60มา… https://t.co/ISK62lZ4ov
29 Apr, 02:34 AM UTC
Carolina Hurricanes
[TRADE] #Canes Acquire Scott Darling from Chicago → Details: https://t.co/jBquTrmxew #Redvolution
28 Apr, 11:23 PM UTC
Tracey Myers
Darling deserved a No. 1 opportunity. It wasn't going to happen here. All the best to him. Class act. #Blackhawks
29 Apr, 12:18 AM UTC
He's always against number games,he loves the khans.He never hated any1. He's a darling. Don't make him a pawn 4 ur personal hatred #Prabhas
29 Apr, 12:51 PM UTC
Brown Sugar
"And'e MTC,I'm angry at you. How can you build a stage that is so small? If there is a fire performance, how will the people move around?"😂😂
28 Apr, 09:00 PM UTC
The Anti-Trump
Tucker Carlson is a darling to the online neo-Nazi community and they love his move to Fox's top prime-time slot: https://t.co/wn7ZIWlsBE
29 Apr, 06:31 AM UTC
nukky ♡
anytime you start it, you're growing up a little darling
29 Apr, 02:21 PM UTC
Raza Ali Akhtar🌐
#TheAfghanDilemma @realDonaldTrump your investment on ANSF is going in Vain becoz your DaRling @narendramodi is spoiling Afghan "kids"
29 Apr, 11:25 AM UTC
@rida_love66 @nancysu666 thank you my darling i wish you a wonderful evening with smile ❤️Seeing HJ when i got up w… https://t.co/znaW7IiwzU
29 Apr, 01:34 PM UTC
Shawn #PROMRPW17
@firebitz @UnstxbIe @Wifables Like a river flows Surely to the sea Darling, so it goes Something are meant to be… https://t.co/F18e0mwvKC
29 Apr, 02:29 PM UTC
Marc Cohodes
A house of woes: How Home Capital went from market darling to the brink https://t.co/9ykpx00rFx via @financialpost
29 Apr, 01:35 PM UTC
เปลี่ยนจาก call me 용국 เป็น call me your darling ได้มั้ยอ่ะ ตัลลั้คคคคคคค ไม่ไหวแล้ววววว #프로듀스101 #PRODUCE101 #김용국https://t.co/i6zhAnI8hB
29 Apr, 02:40 PM UTC
I got a perfume as a gift from my dear darling! He also have the same scented cologne as well.… https://t.co/NkqwBMnn1W
29 Apr, 02:33 PM UTC
@rida_love66 @nancysu666 i saw pics HJ is so handsome my darling he's became younger than before this man don't get… https://t.co/VNrhsEY6me
29 Apr, 01:32 PM UTC
@firebitz @Grydolan Darling, so it goes Some things are meant to be /genggam tangannya/ /cium tangannya/ #PROMRPW17
29 Apr, 02:34 PM UTC
@aparnadixit2061 A vry Good morning Starshine,😘😘😊👍n Appu's Squad hv a joyful day ahead😃😃👍Lots of luv from ur Squad… https://t.co/oMEbleG9z6
29 Apr, 05:11 AM UTC
J.-C. Thériault
Rivière Pokemouche hier soir ..crédit photo Louise Loulou Duguay #acadie😍
29 Apr, 01:40 PM UTC
The E-pack Exchange
We need this. In these trying times... we need nothing more than a gold Scott Darling. Help him out! https://t.co/Lg3Nh71Ugo
29 Apr, 01:54 AM UTC
Kimberly Toureiro
Thank you darling! Cheers from Toronto 🥂🥂🥂 https://t.co/ZlcFIA16rY
28 Apr, 11:20 PM UTC
As u said it is raining Honey kya Jadhu kiya Sweety 👼👼 https://t.co/U9MVDiiJIa
29 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
Anne Godin
Informatique : de jeunes bénévoles au secours de personnes âgées https://t.co/55pe6EqJBr
29 Apr, 02:35 PM UTC
🚩แจก •Etude dear darling soda tint สีBR401 •A'Pieu Hand Cream กลิ่นPeach 🐖🐦 แจก2รางวัล ประกาศเมื่อครบ… https://t.co/RYhdRtnsl2
29 Apr, 03:33 AM UTC
@shurleeshruthi Exactly darling.. I used to regret calls max of 5 mins that's all but nowadays i speak like hours..… https://t.co/vt3ZGJfW1U
29 Apr, 02:41 PM UTC
@scha_nuril gurlll you face is on point too darling lets slay together 😘✨
29 Apr, 08:06 AM UTC
Tony the Fridge
Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary my darling @MissNinjaRunner We did alright for a pair of beach bums xx You are my Li… https://t.co/MWSssf2mfR
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Jorge Andrés Pinzón
But darling, you can't stay.
29 Apr, 06:05 AM UTC
Alley K
@tooshort85 Thanks darling! Have a great day!
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
Scott Darling trade ‘worth the risk’ for Hurricanes https://t.co/mBBYhEg4Bk
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
Bu dünyada yaşam sebebim yemek ve hemşir bey 💕 my darling olcak ahada yazıyorum buraya 🐤✏
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
Lina Turnbull
Marvelous darling mesmerizing man with her blowjob https://t.co/SpUFe42dMp
29 Apr, 02:46 PM UTC
🎀 まったり土曜日🥂 2人でゆっくり読書タイムです📕 darlingは小説、私は25ans👗💕笑 入りこむdarlingにひたすら話しかける私🌹笑 #25ans https://t.co/DRYuLbL1jZ
29 Apr, 02:46 PM UTC
Unmei Konishi
"Souda darling? I manged to get some furniture into the new place thanks to the ramp you built."
29 Apr, 02:46 PM UTC
darling, u look perfect tonight 🎶
29 Apr, 02:46 PM UTC
😋す ず✨🍀🎼
@taratarashin darlingおやすみぃ(*´³`*) ㄘゅ💕
29 Apr, 02:46 PM UTC
@nattida1819 Some time na one day happiness can feel for years darling
29 Apr, 02:46 PM UTC
Etta James - My Dearest Darling
29 Apr, 02:46 PM UTC
Pat Reyes
My mornings shine with you, darling. https://t.co/g1Lk0lkUlg
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
@NHLonNBCSports @ProHockeyTalk hopefully Darling doesnt go full Vesey & hit free agency
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Matthew Barlowe
ICYMI I wrote some things about the Scott Darling trade so enjoy? https://t.co/UAKBqXBlXS
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Ilyas Shaikh
@uul4441 u n me darling sexy
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
🐨 코 코
Watching CARAT LAND making on Vlive and i see Jeonghan crying on cam. DARLING, NOOOOO ...NOW I'M GONNA CRY TOO. Great. Juuuuust great. 😭
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Nic Robbins
No thanks darling! I'll leave that to your brother!! 😷😷😷😷 https://t.co/0QZSoOcfXp
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Thicc Gibby
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
@mahek_darling And I got wet in rain👼👼🤗🤗🤗😇😇 I just remembered u Sweety
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
MTT-Brand Bot™
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
gatekeeper 😞
@cottonballcait Thank you darling 😞😞 I think it's more to the fact that I'm still sleepy, but it all happened so fast haha 💝
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Dear uncouth men on the streets, I am not your siste, darling, sweetheart, auntie and I'm most certainly not Size yako. Thanks.
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Darling, you don't want me do the thang when im kinikilig.
29 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Good Night My Darlingの一見優しくて綺麗なメロディーと、浮気をテーマにしたリリックの対比というか相容れないようで似つかわしい関係性というかそういうのがすごく背徳的で、だけどどこか美しくてわたしも大好きだし何よりとっても美麗な玄関マットだったなって思う…………。
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
andreil! svet
“hello, feyre darling,” he purred.
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
Teen Books
@TheShrinkette There's a difference between "mocking" and calling out, darling. If it's a fact, it's not mocking.… https://t.co/A8BiVwxcxy
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
Cameron Johnson
@DefendingBigD @TheVoiceDS Grubauer > Darling or Raanta
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
@aemiliabeatriss Every year for as long as it goes on darling 🌞
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
❄ يُسْرًا
" They say love is pain, well darling let's hurt tonight "
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
NBC ProHockeyTalk
Scott Darling trade ‘worth the risk’ for Hurricanes https://t.co/XZl5INLmm6
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
Regina Peñaranda
Be safe darling hahaha :)
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
@charl_bryant1 Where are you working now darling?? Xx
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
hold on, my darling. this mess was yours, now your mess is mine 💙
29 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
【しばゆーまた嫉妬】 とし×なん 西野カナ「darling」唄った https://t.co/ych6ZqZIuq
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
C O N G R A T S my darling dearest Mots on your beautiful… https://t.co/jIdN4VLg7q
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
❤ 서 희 ❤
@BAP_Jongup 세상에서 제일 좋아해 !♡ 우주에서 달만큼만 빼고 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
tony padilla
OOOooooO OoOoo Oooo if it all goes wrong, darling just hold on
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
Ilyas Shaikh
@uul4441 I also kiss you darling you
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
Kristal De Boer
@AudrinaPatridge @nickjr I can only imagine how darling she is as she is enjoying the show and song!
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
RT AshlynANDSteph #chaturbate #mfc https://t.co/fon44t5Ax3 "TrojanViper shycloud_CB PixiePixelized Good morning darling 💜"
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
@rvlksg aku sombong darimananya darling? :( Itu nunmpuk karena udah 2mingguan kagak on say :(
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
Darling just hold my hand Be my girl, I'll be your man I can see my future in your eyes
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
@iSelenaGornez Darling U are Right. Even the Scientists could not calculate the exact price of LOVE.
29 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
Birthday girl
@ImSharmi7 Aw thank you my darling ❤😘
29 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
29 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
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