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Amir Tibon @amirtibon
Full text of letter by five former U.S. ambassadors to Israel urging Senate not to confirm David Friedman… https://t.co/QWh61V09kU
(((Lola))) @lawbibliophile
RT @nytimes: President Trump’s nominee for Israel envoy apologized for comparing liberal American Jews to Jews who aided Nazis https://t.…
#BathroomSpy @zeedai
RT @BenjaminNorton: Powerful protest by a Palestinian man in confirmation hearing for Trump's far-right Israel ambassador David Friedman ht…
yoginidharmananda @yoginidharma
RT @SenatorTomUdall: Mr. Friedman is completely unfit for this or any other diplomatic office. https://t.co/IYSx3flykQ
BHAMPalestineAction @BrumPalestine
RT @AdalahNY: WATCH: Activists disrupt confirmation hearing for U.S. Ambassador to Israel nominee David Friedman https://t.co/GyOE0hLCWh
libertynews @alllibertynews
RT @TheEconomist: David Friedman’s right-wing views on Israel are out of step with years of American diplomacy https://t.co/AkmIh14q24
blah @musa9876
RT @benabyad: Senate confirmation hearing for Trump's nominee for Amb to Israel, David Friedman, repeatedly interrupted by Palestinian & Je…
Jasmin Djokaj @jasmin_djokaj
RT @BarakRavid: 6th protester stands up and disrupts David Friedman's confirmation hearing and called him war criminal
Jon Letman @jonletman
RT @CongressPulse: American Jewish protesters now chanting in Hebrew against David Friedman nomination
ADL Los Angeles @LA_ADL
RT @JGreenblattADL: .@ADL_National accepts David Friedman’s apology and appreciates his outreach: https://t.co/cFEreTmce5
SJP Kent State @SJP_KentState
RT @theIMEU: Palestinian protester at David Friedman's confirmation hearing: "Palestinians have a right to the land. We will always be ther…
gail simmons @jurylady5
RT @ConorMichael28: Making David Friedman Ambassador to Israel is like making David Duke Ambassador to South Africa.
Michelle Yamamoto @MadameRamotswe
RT @jstreetdotorg: David Friedman is head of an American nonprofit raising money-w/US taxpayer support-to expand settlement enterprise http…
lauracolombini @LauaraM5S
RT @theIMEU: 10 things to know as Donald Trump's nominee for U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has his senate confirmation hearing:
Rikki Baker Keusch @Rikki_BK
RT @NeriZilber: Shorter David Friedman hearing: Words and past actions don't matter, deeply-held ideologies don't matter. I really really w…
SJP Kent State @SJP_KentState
RT @joshruebner: Thank you @SenatorShaheen for asking David Friedman about discrimination against Arab Americans entering the country. #Rej…
cletus @cletus02430765
RT @jacobkornbluh: Exclusive photo of David Friedman at Jared and Ivanka's wedding (published today in @J_Insider's #DailyKickoff) https://…
Vagabond X @GatzTdaMax
RT @thinkprogress: Trump’s pick for Israeli ambassador papers over his radical past https://t.co/BPGSZpUAav https://t.co/lKLEqgcfT6
Hebrews For Trump @hebrewsfortrump
RT @BarakRavid: David Friedman: The decision on the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem will be taken by the President and I will support hi…
Carol J Davy @caroljdavy
RT @TheEconomist: David Friedman is a controversial pick for a position as sensitive as America's ambassador to Israel https://t.co/yyB3CWN…
MAGA @MarlaMartinez93
RT @CUFI: Act now to ensure that the Senate confirms David Friedman without delay. https://t.co/Ib5gcqS4rO https://t.co/ttYhNJ4QfC
Amin Hussain @iaminpk10
RT @codepink: CODEPINK is at David Friedman's hearing, who wants to have Israel annex the West Bank #RejectFriedman #BuildMovementsnotWalls
Yemmi Agbebi, MBA @yagbebi
RT @jdforward: 5 Ex-Ambassadors To Israel Brand David Friedman ‘Unqualified’ https://t.co/6sLgDb5hSF
aya williams @ayawill
RT @JTAnews: 5 former U.S. ambassadors to Israel say David Friedman unqualified https://t.co/AeGzcMyyty
Dan Pollak @PollakDan
RT @josh_hammer: David Friedman is a fantastic choice for U.S. Ambassador to Israel, and @jstreetdotorg (which can’t see this b/c it’s bloc…
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