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San Antonio Spurs
26 Apr, 03:13 AM UTC
San Antonio Spurs
26 Apr, 03:09 AM UTC
Chat Sports
David Lee (@Dlee042) comes up with the HUGE throwdown for the #Spurs! #GoSpursGo #NBA #NBAPlayoffs
26 Apr, 03:19 AM UTC
An EVA Air Hello Kitty A330 landing in Shanghai. https://t.co/rNjeY01Fsy © David Lee
26 Apr, 02:10 AM UTC
#IWasHappiestWhen David Lee Roth fronted Van Halen. Everything after has been 👎
26 Apr, 04:01 AM UTC
.@DavidLeeRoth detained an intruder in his house on this day in music history. We look back ... https://t.co/aivoAg2Tte
26 Apr, 05:38 AM UTC
SA Spurs France
Kawhi Leonard : 28pts/6pds Patty Mills : 20pts Tony Parker : 16pts/6pds LaMarcus Aldridge : 12pts/9rbs David Lee : 11pts/8rbs
26 Apr, 03:39 AM UTC
Murphy 2wo Times
I tell you guys this every season: David Lee still got gas in the tank.
26 Apr, 04:51 AM UTC
Murphy 2wo Times
When David Lee was with the Warriors I was pissed at Steve Kerr for having him ride the bench so much. I think David fucked his bitch.
26 Apr, 04:53 AM UTC
David Lee Rogers
@KimKardashian #KKWXKYLIE promotion illustration by David Lee Rogers 👄. @KimKardashian @KylieJenner hope you like i… https://t.co/HWTBz4BYzI
26 Apr, 06:25 AM UTC
Jordan Anderson
Patty Mills and David Lee went off tonight! Good for those two!
26 Apr, 05:14 AM UTC
Auckland 80's
Now Playing David Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise Listen here:https://t.co/j2T9L0FNKQ https://t.co/cEHpavQcVY
26 Apr, 05:12 AM UTC
Because he came back to earth and David Lee kicked his ass. https://t.co/KfYJ0A1UwQ
26 Apr, 04:46 AM UTC
Now playing Yankee Rose by David Lee Roth!
26 Apr, 04:27 AM UTC
David Bisbal No me puedo sentir más orgulloso del club de fans!!! Lee... https://t.co/naWGegJnZR
26 Apr, 04:23 AM UTC
@R_J_175 @edjimenez22 @JrLuvsSports Yes! Oladipo / Adams are way further along in their careers than what Klay / Dr… https://t.co/Afk7zJrAWf
26 Apr, 04:06 AM UTC
Hair Band Radio
#80sHairBands #NP: David Lee Roth - A Lil' Ain't Enough LISTEN NOW https://t.co/lrvfDEkXZ8
26 Apr, 06:55 AM UTC
Carole Hagen
President David Pershing: Public Support for Vivian Lee MD PhD MBA - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/tKNXO5jpaW via @Change
26 Apr, 06:53 AM UTC
National Basketball
私が選ぶ現役最強PFtop5 1...Blake Griffin 2...Dirk Nowitzki 3...Pau Gasol 4...Kevin Garnett 5...David Lee, Paul Millsap
26 Apr, 06:23 AM UTC
Tejano KnockOut
David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales - Almas Genmelas
26 Apr, 06:17 AM UTC
Richard Slate
Former Celtic David Lee had 11 points & 8 rebounds for San Antonio https://t.co/1JE2bHB99N
26 Apr, 06:09 AM UTC
Chuka ebede
Asians Are Mad About The New Bruce Lee Movie! ft. David So https://t.co/GBMqfG4MkU
26 Apr, 06:06 AM UTC
Rombakan Pemain Akan Dibuat - David Usop Kita jangkakan Mark Hartmann, Lee Jong Ho dan Awang Kamaruddin akan... https://t.co/ep4gQneEdS
26 Apr, 06:00 AM UTC
David lee los tuits de esa pendeja, de una forma en que me cae más gorda
26 Apr, 05:29 AM UTC
Lee Geondong (Kor) 3-0 David Pelino (Phi) 11/8, 11/2, 11/6 (27m)
26 Apr, 05:29 AM UTC
Robert Morrow
@OBWax Why was Lee Harvey Oswald with CIA's DAVID ATLEE PHILLIPS Sept 1963? https://t.co/59C2thaqSl
26 Apr, 05:05 AM UTC
Murphy 2wo Times
David Lee helped the Warriors when that ring idc. I still feel like without him they lose that year.
26 Apr, 04:55 AM UTC
@StatsSAC @KateeForbis @UnitedWeGrind @MarcGasol He guarded David Lee. Please don't be dumb.
26 Apr, 04:50 AM UTC
@StatsSAC @KateeForbis @UnitedWeGrind @MarcGasol His. Guy. Was. David. Lee. You. Fucking. Imbecile. LA. Was. Guarde… https://t.co/kANdHG1BtM
26 Apr, 04:48 AM UTC
All HDR Country
#NOWPLAYING is "Gettin' out the Good Stuff" by David Lee Murphy! RT & Rate it NOW at https://t.co/gvSIHRGdXL
26 Apr, 04:48 AM UTC
@StatsSAC @KateeForbis @UnitedWeGrind @MarcGasol David Lee had more rebounds than gasol in half the minutes... How's that for containment 😂😂
26 Apr, 04:46 AM UTC
@StatsSAC @KateeForbis @UnitedWeGrind @MarcGasol David Lee (C) had more rebounds than gasol in almost half the minu… https://t.co/va1fQX8fC6
26 Apr, 04:45 AM UTC
LaMarcus Aldridge with 1 more point than David Lee. This....baffles me. #spurs
26 Apr, 04:42 AM UTC
Jordan Davis
David Lee deserves a beer https://t.co/JP0BVgYrZq
26 Apr, 04:32 AM UTC
Terry Intellect
@JrLuvsSports after david lee went down with an injury and andre miller got by draymond for the game winner in Game 1. ancient times lmao
26 Apr, 04:26 AM UTC
Chin Ann
@huanglin Aint that many drive n dishers that could make david lee roll game effective
26 Apr, 04:15 AM UTC
#nowplaying Just Like Paradise - David Lee Roth on 95XFM with @TuneIn https://t.co/kdTFu7ckKJ
26 Apr, 04:02 AM UTC
”Austin Rivers” ”Brandon McCoy” ”David Lee” ”Patty Mills” ”The Rockets” #BadBookPrequels #Royals #UTAatLAC #frontlinePBS Kershaw
26 Apr, 04:02 AM UTC
Joe Alexander
David Lee and LaMarcus Aldridge combine for 23 points and 17 rebounds. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol combine for 26 points and 11 rebounds.
26 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Shagga Son Of Dolf
Can someone explain Pop's bigs rotation to me? Why is David Lee playing so much? https://t.co/98KzCSE2ja
26 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
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