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Amy Mek
#FlashbackFriday: 1993, Harry Reid spoke forcefully that "NO SANE COUNTY" would reward ILLEGALS! #MAGAhttps://t.co/oNC5ahEWCs
21 Apr, 11:17 AM UTC
Amy Mek
Avoid bushinesses that employ Illegal Muslims! #DayWithoutBread ISIS encourages their followers 2 murder Westerner… https://t.co/EmLUJKYfMZ
21 Apr, 10:44 AM UTC
Amy Mek
Dear Non-Citizens, Being in America is a Privilege, not a Right! #DayWithoutBread #Invaders
21 Apr, 10:36 AM UTC
Tejal Rao
"immigrants they feed us all, no borders, no wall" - workers & their supporters outside tom cat bakery in LIC… https://t.co/kKhqXg3IoL
21 Apr, 12:27 PM UTC
John Dee✘-Deplorable
France....You're Doing It Wrong 🙄 #TRUMP #DayWithoutBread #ISISClaimed #Paris #ISIS #Muslim #LePen
21 Apr, 10:55 AM UTC
Yemenis in solidarity w/ #DayWithoutBread strikers. No community should have to deal w/ fear of being separated fro… https://t.co/mgzMd7DSmX
21 Apr, 01:59 AM UTC
Kim Kelly
Love & solidarity to the immigrant workers at @TomCatBakery resisting ICE. No borders, no nations, no racist deport… https://t.co/MnwmzVuYF0
21 Apr, 12:02 PM UTC
Fight For 15
We believe in a fair and humane immigration system that’s why we’re standing w/ NY bakers for the #DayWithoutBreadhttps://t.co/esSZEwAiNu
21 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
Enough with dehumanization of immigrants- regardless of status. No human is illegal. Hear their story… https://t.co/KmefvwiKcA
21 Apr, 11:49 AM UTC
NY Working Families
Solidarity with #TomCatBakery workers courageously standing up to threats from Trump's ICE. Support… https://t.co/iYHpdsEu48
21 Apr, 12:23 PM UTC
#DayWithoutBread is the sort of 'big issue' NYC liberals will b talkin abt this wknd as they step over homeless on their way 2 trendy brunch
21 Apr, 01:07 PM UTC
BREAKING: Tom Cat Bakery trucks are locked down at the factory. #DayWithoutBread
21 Apr, 07:12 AM UTC
You can't break the law and get upset when the law is upheld and you get caught. #DayWithoutBread
21 Apr, 12:52 PM UTC
Sadie Casamenti
Great image outside Tom Cat Bakery for today's #DayWithoutBread co-sponsored by @RWDSU @MaketheRoadNY @thenyichttps://t.co/lfja9tFIsj
21 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Workers at Queens Baking Factory Chain Themselves to Delivery Trucks to Protest Immigration Policy #DayWithoutBread https://t.co/GGnkTERSjI
21 Apr, 02:26 PM UTC
Hooria Mashhour
Looted Funds Law should include all who traffic with people suffers from any party #EndYemenCoup #DayWithoutBread #yemenbleeds #yemen
21 Apr, 09:54 AM UTC
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