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Collingwood FC @CollingwoodFC
De Goey! Very handy major at this stage of the game. He dances through traffic + goals. We're up 99-88. Loved his work in close tonight.
Iridian Hernandez❤👑 @Iridiann1D
RT @oyeamiga: GOEY ni al caso que pienses que estoy enamorada de ti😒
🌹 @AndreaPrado9
RT @abursi: Namas están cool sus snaps si están a medio metro de distancia de @justinbieber no cuando se ve un mini puntito #nomamar no la…
Supercoach Elites @SCElites
RT @FantasyFreako: Went one year too early with De Goey in #SuperCoach. Has a game-high 123 #SuperCoach pts with a few minutes to play. #JL…
Jake Bozinovski @k1ngb0y14
RT @CollingwoodFC: Away we go in the second quarter. De Goey in the middle, Phillips a wing, Howe on Langford + advantage paid for a goal t…
Woods @montemann02
RT @Hoges_20: It's time. De Goey. Breakout #gopies
John Hines @funguy724555
RT @JesseDCaldera: If anyone has Jordan De Goey in their side this year.. please delete your #SuperCoach side.. @jock_reynolds
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