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lisa marie @prettyboots
RT @deathinparadise: Welcome to paradise, DI Jack Mooney! #DeathInParadise https://t.co/tGUyoX3rBu
Radio Times @RadioTimes
Is Ardal O'Hanlon a worthy replacement for Kris Marshall on #DeathinParadise? Here's what we thoughtโ€ฆ https://t.co/nPGyyma6o1
Lina Catwoman @LinaCatwoman
RT @deathinparadise: Who else enjoyed the Goodman/Mooney partnership? Smashing teamwork. #DeathInParadise https://t.co/dMMcdQefV0
Lina Catwoman @LinaCatwoman
RT @deathinparadise: The Shack. Could you see yourself living here with Harry? #DeathInParadise https://t.co/YnAz70ac82
christine webber @1chriswebber
RT @Gemma_235: What we need now is a spin off. Humphrey solving crimes in London and going home to Martha every night. #deathinparadise
lisa marie @prettyboots
RT @ShayKennz: Seeing as Kris Marshall has left #deathinparadise I really hope he will be the next Doctor! #DoctorWho
Justin Bryant Bsc @bathb0y
RT @deathinparadise: Weโ€™re back in Saint Marie! #DeathInParadise
Lina Catwoman @LinaCatwoman
RT @deathinparadise: That moment when your boss catches you sleeping on the job. #DeathInParadise https://t.co/cMZ3IeAy2T
Keith Michaels @keithcohen2
RT @elliot_gonzalez: Tonight's top telly... #JuneBrownAt90, #DeathInParadise, #MafiaWomen starts and @Miss_Delahoyde & @NathanMassey_ takeโ€ฆ
Lina Catwoman @LinaCatwoman
RT @deathinparadise: Not sure the men in the window know whatโ€™s going on either! #DeathInParadise https://t.co/0Jc9ZS3j2i
Susan Potter @suepots82
RT @deathinparadise: Classic Dwayne ๐Ÿ˜‚ #DeathInParadise https://t.co/wT4fpRAtEu
Cian Lalor @Cianl2002
RT @deathinparadise: To an amazing team! #DeathInParadise
multioptioned @multioptioned
RT @JasonOakey: @Josiecomedienne If every police officer looked like you, I wouldn't mind being arrested #DeathInParadise #WhatALine
Coral @crs_4_
RT @NotSoWittyUN: I can't believe Brian from My Parents Are Aliens is a murderer. He seemed too nice. #deathinparadise
Emma @emmakingpotter
RT @deathinparadise: Damn, Jack. That was pretty epic. #DeathInParadise
Lina Catwoman @LinaCatwoman
RT @deathinparadise: Was that FIVE sugars? Wow. Anyone out there take that many sugars in their tea?! #DeathInParadise
Lina Catwoman @LinaCatwoman
RT @deathinparadise: Careful Jack! Someone should probably clue him up on the Commissioner! #DeathInParadise https://t.co/4Orj5C5knK
Lynn Sharpe @GenieWiz
RT @CourierBoyUK: Just waiting for Mrs Doyle to show up๐Ÿ˜‚ #DeathInParadise #FatherTed
christina @dragonpizza391
RT @MichealTomsett: #deathinparadise Think Ardal did good job on 1st real show. He'll be ๐Ÿ‘Œ
AmaTULLEH @ama_abx
RT @ayeayecapta1n: I love Ardal O'Hanlon in #deathinparadise ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿปโ˜€๏ธ๐ŸŒดhis accent is lush!
Eden McCarthy @GoblinPrincess6
RT @BigTeddyWindsor: The changing of the Inspector in #deathinparadise is now more exciting that the regeneration of the Doctor in #DrWho
Tony Bellows @tony_theprof
RT @Jikster2009: Enjoying watching Ardal O'Hanlon in #deathinparadise the show knows how to rejuvenate itself well.
lisa marie @prettyboots
RT @GiftsYouGrow: #deathinparadise Kris Marshall must be the one to occupy the TARDIS in #DoctorWho
Boogie Underground @alhanda
RT @JacyBrean: #deathinparadise So St Ursula had the gift of bilocation? I've got that - but I call it #daydreaming https://t.co/1ogJAd6dJH
Fran Dorricott ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ“š @franwritesstuff
RT @crmcgeorge: Man, Humph was great and all, but this Irish man got skillz. #deathinparadise #DeathInParadise https://t.co/XtmE8OgQdG
christine webber @1chriswebber
RT @teapolitic: loved @ardalsfolly he was brilliant, #deathinparadise is light relief in these times
Tony Bellows @tony_theprof
RT @VeeeevH: Really enjoying Death in Paradise with Ardal O'Hanlon. His character really works well #deathinparadise
Francesca @Frasmi
RT @BillRevans: Craggy Island's looking a lot sunnier these days #GlobalWarming #deathinparadise
LeanneNorthumberland @leauk84
RT @hootandluna: Everyone going on about Kripke in #deathinparadise and no one mentioning how the real killer was Brian Johnson!
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