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Adam Schiff
Art of the Squeal: I blame Democrats for a bill Republicans couldn't pass. I blame Obama. I blame Australian Prime…
24 Mar, 08:25 PM UTC
Jon Favreau
Hi, your party controls all three branches of government and can't agree on anything except that Democrats are bad.
24 Mar, 07:59 PM UTC
Maggie Haberman
TRUMP tells me in interview this is now the Democrats' fault, and that he anticipates that when Obama "explodes" they will be ready to deal
24 Mar, 07:52 PM UTC
Ann Coulter
TURN ON @TuckerCarlson NOW! Boffo segment on illegal immigrants raping little kids, being protected by Democrats.
25 Mar, 01:18 AM UTC
President Trump says GOP bill fell short due to ... lack of support from Democrats. FYI: 237 Republicans in the H…
24 Mar, 08:41 PM UTC
Shaun King
Trump is now blaming Democrats for this loss Man, you control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency You have no idea what you're doing
24 Mar, 07:59 PM UTC
Fox News
.@seanhannity: “Don’t worry, Democrats. You’re going to be forced to own this mess because you created this mess.”…
25 Mar, 02:06 AM UTC
Sanders on Trump blaming Dems: Democrats "should take credit" for killing the AHCA
25 Mar, 04:31 AM UTC
Chris Murphy
Democrats have ideas on how to improve health care, but instead you plan to sabotage the system as retribution for the failure of your bill.
25 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
If you want to know why The Democrats are not coming out for Medicare for All en masse: the healthcare industry gav…
24 Mar, 10:38 PM UTC
Mark Romano
This bill did not repeal #Obamacare The only question today was which party will own the disaster Now we know... Democrats! #KillTheBill
24 Mar, 11:03 PM UTC
CBS News
"Art of the Deal" and #TrumpcareFail trend as Democrats celebrate collapse of GOP health care bill on Twitter…
24 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC
Fox News
.@davidwebbshow: "Democrats 100% voted for ObamaCare. Never even read it. We have @NancyPelosi's word on that."
25 Mar, 01:50 PM UTC
The Anti-Trump
#TheResistance Support this, demand transparency. Democrats introduce the 'MAR-A-LAGO Act'
25 Mar, 04:21 AM UTC
Ewan McGregor
This clip is worth a watch. Trump blames Democrats for failed healthcare bill
25 Mar, 06:24 AM UTC
Bill Mitchell
You know what today feels like? November 6th, 2016 with Democrats gloating about President Hillary. Wrong then, wrong now.
25 Mar, 01:23 PM UTC
Democrats won't support it despite the fact that 81% of their voters do
24 Mar, 10:44 PM UTC
John Cheney🇺🇸MAGA
Obamacare is Imploding 💥 and The Democrats Still Own It !! Sorry Dems, No Rescue For You 😂
24 Mar, 10:01 PM UTC
After GOP health care bill fails, emboldened Democrats are looking ahead to their next fight
25 Mar, 12:15 PM UTC
Bill Mitchell
Trump's EO on Immigration didn't fail, Liberal Activist Judges failed. How can the #Media and #Democrats not see that?
25 Mar, 12:01 PM UTC
Lori Hendry
100% of DEMOCRATS voted for Obamacare, NOT one Republican supported it! The implosion of Ocare is now all on the DE…
25 Mar, 02:09 PM UTC
Alex Jones
Rogue elements of the #CIA and ruling global elites are attempting an overthrow of Donald Trump - #wakeupamerica
25 Mar, 01:02 PM UTC
Video: Black Americans abandoning Democrats as party implodes: Trump has vowed to improve inner cities. #Trump
25 Mar, 01:00 PM UTC
♻️ Christopher Zullo
Democrats propose #MARALAGOAct. Would force Donald Trump to publish official White House and Mar-A-Lago visitor logs #saturdaymorning #amjoy
25 Mar, 02:16 PM UTC
Sarah Burris
Joy Reid goes off on GOP pundit blaming Democrats: Remember 'I alone can fix it'? #AMJoy
25 Mar, 02:21 PM UTC
Kevin M. Kruse
If the Democrats can take over Tom Price's seat, the symbolic significance will be huge. Like Scott Brown in 2010.
25 Mar, 02:20 PM UTC
Kurt Schlichter
All you Democrats, listen to the California Democrat when she tells you how to vote. Your seats totally as safe as…
24 Mar, 11:04 PM UTC
Hector Morenco
Now the Democrats think they did something. Come on GOP! Get your shit together and deliver for the American people…
24 Mar, 09:32 PM UTC
Daily Kos
It's time to thank House Democrats for standing up against the Trump-Ryan-GOP health care fiasco
25 Mar, 02:30 PM UTC
Angelo R. Gomez
I wonder if Democrats will blame Russia for when ObamaCare completely plummets?Just imagine millions out of healthc…
25 Mar, 12:55 PM UTC
David Kirkland
Typical democrats. Let's not worry about jobs or high taxes... let's focus on the most petty shit as possible. #Liberals "MAR-A-LAGO Act"
25 Mar, 12:19 PM UTC
Rogue elements of the #CIA and ruling global elites are attempting an overthrow of Donald Trump - #wakeupamerica
25 Mar, 01:02 PM UTC
CaptainsLog2017 🖖🏽
As predicted Trump just blamed the Democrats for the #TrumpCare failure Even though many GOP members weren't voti…
24 Mar, 08:45 PM UTC
H. A. Goodman
All Democrats do is WIN, WIN, WIN! This day could have been President Bernie Sanders introducing single payer bill to Congress, but RUSSIA!!
24 Mar, 09:10 PM UTC
Chuck Woolery
Democrats inflict pain. Republicans make sure it endures.
25 Mar, 02:35 PM UTC
Trump Super PAC 🇺🇸
ObamaCare is a disaster! Too bad Democrats refuse to join with Republicans to bring costs down. Someone will pay at…
25 Mar, 08:30 AM UTC
Amy Siskind
Meanwhile the 8 "Democrats" de facto deliver the GOP a majority in NY Senate, and enrich themselves$$$$. We must pr…
25 Mar, 02:12 PM UTC
Raw Story
.@JoyAnnReid goes off on GOP pundit blaming Democrats: Remember 'I alone can fix it'?
25 Mar, 02:26 PM UTC
Pink Lady 4 Trump♥
Nebraska Democrats are giving their 'refugees' voter registrations in their welcome baskets. Pissed yet?…
25 Mar, 12:50 PM UTC
Jonathan Beeley
@LouiseMensch on #Maher Democrats need to pick the fights they can win- #Nunes MUST GO #trumprussia @RealTimers
25 Mar, 11:36 AM UTC
"“REFUGEE WELCOME BASKETS” Include Voter Registration Form…for Future Democrats? [Video]" #politics #feedly
25 Mar, 02:24 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump You purposely excluded Democrats from your healthcare bill. NEVER INVITED THEM TO THE TABLE. You and @GOP own this failure.
25 Mar, 02:43 PM UTC
True News Global
Nixon was forced to resign over 18 minutes of recording of the Democrats. Obama may be guilty of many offenses far…
25 Mar, 02:41 PM UTC
Trump said he'll reach out to Democrats. What Democrat will work with him on healthcare after all of the nasty shit he has pulled?
25 Mar, 12:16 AM UTC
ABC News Politics
Trump criticizes congressional Democrats in response to failure of health care bill: "We had no Democrat support"…
25 Mar, 02:41 PM UTC
Hesiod Theogeny
Time for Democrats to propose the Affordable Care Improvement Act.
25 Mar, 02:28 PM UTC
Taryn Stanford
Progressive groups want Obamacare win to stiffen Democrats' spine in supreme court fight via @HuffPostPol
25 Mar, 01:34 PM UTC
James Morrison
While the AHCA may be "dead" and Obamacare the "law of the land," the fake president's strategy is to sabotage it. Watch for that #Democrats
25 Mar, 02:37 PM UTC
Cheryl Batchelor
Analysis | Democrats on Twitter are celebrating ‘dead’ health-care bill - The Washington Post
25 Mar, 02:07 PM UTC
In Spite of Trump
Its time to thank House Democrats for standing up against the Trump-Ryan-GOP health care fiasco
25 Mar, 02:45 PM UTC
Liberal democrats, patriots, it's not the merits of right wing conservative positions that are dangerous: it's their will to power! #resist
24 Mar, 07:10 PM UTC
Tom Lowe
Sidelined Democrats let grass roots 'resistance' lead the way on health care fight
25 Mar, 02:41 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump When the Democrats controlled Senate and Congress, they passed a healthcare bill. Maybe they had a more effective leader.
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Nick Matters
Trump WINS again! Democrats will arrive to the table when their ACA to compromise and work with #Trumpcare
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Suzanne Lamminen
.@NancyPelosi On behalf of all democrats, I thank you for your continued leadership in holding our Dem Reps together to advance our cause.
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Joanne Villanueva
@nowthisnews LIAR, you know that now, you thought it would be a business deal, DUMMY so now you'll blame it on the Democrats, Excuse again
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Justin Wells
Or maybe he could just be an adult, work with democrats and figure out a way to fix it.
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Why Democrats should push 'Medicare for all' now
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Mark Saxenmeyer
Left out of AHCA fight, Democrats let their grass roots lead — and win
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
@RVAwonk @realDonaldTrump looking forward to the implosion bc that sets us up for single payer so either way another win for the democrats.
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump What a slap in the face Mr President!! You r blaming the Democrats but it's your OWN side who FAILED you!!!
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Baby 2 KINGs 2:7-25
Democrats want 9/11-style special commission to probe Russia via @Reuters Thank YOU #HolySpiritJesus
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Laura Carno
I always appreciate @jeffcrank having #Democrats on the show. We often all have common ground! #transparency @KefalasJohn #coleg #copolitics
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Ono Nada Ghen
Democrats introduce the 'MAR-A-LAGO Act - Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
MSNBC Host & Top Democrats Turn On Hillary Clinton. #Crystal ball
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
James D. Brown
@MatthewDicks @realDonaldTrump He tried. Got ZERO Democratic support. I guess the Democrats want it to implode too?
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
(3) Don't gloat too long over their defeat -- the democrats have also developed clear "factions," and will continue to risk big losses too
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Clayton L. Towns
Republicans calling Democrats obstructionist is absolutely like the Pot calling the kettle black. This is what they did for 8 years
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Donald Trump blames Democrats for stunning failure to repeal Obamacare
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Clay Adams
Democrats Are The Big Winners After Republicans Self-Destruct On Health Care Bill -
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
@MatthewDicks @realDonaldTrump @GOP Can you link me to the Democrats' plan to fix healthcare that isn't begging for single-payer?
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
@BenBerkon @diddliest @realDonaldTrump And yet there are democrats who didn't even read the Obama Care bill but you didn't research that.
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
deborah f.
@realDonaldTrump here's an Innovative idea. Why don't you pull together the moderate Democrats moderate Republicans and come up with a plan
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Radical Democrats against Pres Trump: impeach, destroy, assassinate, cast witch spells, fascist, Hitler, military coup!
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC

there is barely any evidence that trump or house republicans reached out to Democrats to maybe sway their minds
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Donna Ferguson
@PresidentBanno1 @Mikel_Jollett @realDonaldTrump the Democrats haven't even recognized that Americans are sick of the last 8 years!
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
June Stein
@thehill oh I absolutely agree. I no longer consider myself a Republican. That party sickens me just as much as the Democrats and liberals
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump DO NOT PROP UP OBAMA CARE!!! Fuck the Democrats... let people suffer and point the finger across the isle !!!!!
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
🇺🇸 CO Grandma
Democrats are already calling Trump the worst President 60 days in. They forget Obama and Jimmy Carter hold this title.
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Cindy Neighbors
@expertsinurhome @FoxNews @davidwebbshow Democrats are now the party of NO.
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Mrs. Harry Styles
The one thing I think we learned this year is that the Democrats and the Republicans are completely worthless. ― Lewis Black
25 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
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