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United Nations
All of today's conflicts are connected to fragility - @AntonioGuterres at #Dev4Peace event calling for innovation… https://t.co/svk6iJlr7P
21 Apr, 05:05 PM UTC
United Nations
Starts now in DC #Dev4Peace event w/ @AntonioGuterres + others taking part. https://t.co/gPDIdqVYp1
21 Apr, 03:01 PM UTC
EU in the US
The United Nations, the World Bank & the European Union: working hand-in-hand to support #Dev4Peace
21 Apr, 03:20 PM UTC
World Bank
Fragility of states, governments & societies triggers #conflicts & makes it difficult to find solutions. – #UNSGhttps://t.co/gLS5Y6KeSP
21 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
UNIC Washington
All of today's conflicts are connected to fragility - - @antonioguterres #Dev4Peace https://t.co/wIQfXOep67
21 Apr, 03:10 PM UTC
Margaritis Schinas
.@JunckerEU in #Dev4Peace: "Europe determined to tackle root-causes of fragility across the world" #springmeetings
21 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC
World Bank
We can’t be short-sighted. Unfortunately, we need to be permanently involved in fragile/conflict affected countries… https://t.co/1GuICWNLCL
21 Apr, 03:53 PM UTC
Nkiruka Nistoran
#UN #Dev4Peace allow the law you made to prevail in #Africa #SelfDetermination especially #Biafra #Nigeria peaceful… https://t.co/NjxDGtEDpr
21 Apr, 05:07 PM UTC
Don't miss @JunckerEU & @stefanomanservi discussing #dev4peace financing innovations today live at 5pm Bxl time ➡… https://t.co/f9cj1WZW4a
21 Apr, 12:53 PM UTC
ONU Info
A Washington, le chef de l'@ONU_fr, @antonioguterres, appelle à investir dans la prévention des conflits ►… https://t.co/S3pwPWSmCm
21 Apr, 06:13 PM UTC
Peter Maurer
What if we asked private investors to help fund our work for a guaranteed return? We did. #dev4peace https://t.co/raxv4tCnwg
21 Apr, 02:55 PM UTC
UN Foundation
Can we make peace to be attractive for financial returns? The answer is yes.--@WorldBank CEO @KGeorgieva #dev4peace
21 Apr, 03:40 PM UTC
Mauricio Cárdenas S.
En minutos estaremos en vivo LiveStreaming en la discusión “Financiamiento para la paz" #dev4peace https://t.co/yZ9sB61DhN @WBG_Dev4Peace
21 Apr, 03:02 PM UTC
Daniel Z. Gurara
Investing in conflict prevention is much more effective than peacekeeping- $60 million vs $1.6 billion #Dev4Peace @DonaldKaberuka
21 Apr, 04:01 PM UTC
Bassam Sebti
. @WorldBank’s @KGeorgieva: What we’ve witnessed for the last decade is the expansion of the footprint of #crisis. #Dev4Peace
21 Apr, 03:38 PM UTC
Kristalina Georgieva
'We've witnessed over the last decade an expansion of crisis. This requires our focus and attention.' #Dev4Peace https://t.co/dTXAbaVqij
21 Apr, 07:25 PM UTC
Massimo Diana
All of today's conflicts are connected to fragility - - @antonioguterres #Dev4Peace https://t.co/wlVNH4snsO https://t.co/Wb0ahIPSP5
21 Apr, 06:50 PM UTC
#dev4peace Jim Yong Kim asks re. conflict: "how far upstream can we go? Pre-conflict? Analyse likely drivers of future conflicts". Spot on.
21 Apr, 05:43 PM UTC
Carolina Naranjo
Mientras unos proponen alternativas de financiación de paz innovadoras, Colombia propone "obras por impuestos"… https://t.co/W6BnjPo8IP
21 Apr, 07:33 PM UTC
#dev4peace. Georgieva advises 'relentlessly listening to those on ground. Tell us what can be done and needs correction.' Role of #Concern
21 Apr, 07:05 PM UTC
#dev4peace #endpoverty EC DG Stefano Manservisi says final objective in situations of fragility is #BuildResilience: strengthen institutions
21 Apr, 07:01 PM UTC
Fatima Argun
#Dev4Peace: 1) @KGeorgieva help ppl help themslvs climb o o #poverty Laure Wessemus Chibrac: 2) framework here to serve mission #itspossible
21 Apr, 06:56 PM UTC
Nili Majumder
Starts now in DC #Dev4Peace event w/ @AntonioGuterres + others taking part. https://t.co/6IO9W2wwAX@UN @deodat_maharaj
21 Apr, 06:30 PM UTC
olfa soukri cherif
Mesures de transparence fiscale pour reconstruire la confiance avec les contribuables @willmorris #Dev4Peacehttps://t.co/3nfG9myyHE
21 Apr, 06:18 PM UTC
A brief recollection of Pol Pot and Josef Stalin should remind us that to Marxists, 'peace' is a meaningless concept. #Dev4Peace
21 Apr, 06:16 PM UTC
Carlos Hoy
All of today's conflicts are connected to fragility - AntonioGuterres at #dev4Peace event calling for innovation… https://t.co/2Ve1A9m0Fw
21 Apr, 06:01 PM UTC
Martin Caudron
I've heard "we thank the EU" many times at #Dev4Peace #WBLive. Major player in fragile areas, seeking to help… https://t.co/VF5tTTfXxs
21 Apr, 05:52 PM UTC
#Dev4Peace Guterres: "fragility of states, institutions, societies trigger conflict and make solutions difficult."… https://t.co/1wGTi94zUP
21 Apr, 05:39 PM UTC
Erin McCandless
@WorldBank Collier - Job is country development- catalyze and sell on.. help govt to create good business climate.… https://t.co/aFBTcbqHSj
21 Apr, 05:36 PM UTC
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