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Bruce Willis had a #VeryLimitedRole in Die Hard. – Sean Spicer
20 Mar, 07:59 PM UTC
Impeach Donald Trump
Bruce Willis had a #VeryLimitedRole in Die Hard. – Sean Spicer
20 Mar, 11:22 PM UTC
Zoe Camp
Brand New: The fever, the focus, The reasons that I had to believe you weren't too hard to sell Me: DIE YOUNG AND… https://t.co/Zss2iwtATZ
20 Mar, 03:27 AM UTC
Annice McEwan
Fellow Pokes, old habits die hard, am I right?🔫🍊
20 Mar, 08:20 PM UTC
Washed Up
Brand New: The fever, the focus. The reasons that I had to believe you weren't too hard to sell... Me: DIE YOUNG A… https://t.co/Js0dwL9Qs3
20 Mar, 04:24 PM UTC
Nele Vandenbroecke
In TIJDEN niet zo hard gelachen. 10 vliegen doodslaan met 30 pannenkoeken. Op die brainstorm had ik willen zijn. #demol #uitgesteldkijken
20 Mar, 08:52 PM UTC
deputy white
Rock & a hard place. Stand up for my people and die. Or fuck them over and live. Decisions, decisions. It's easy to speak from outside.
20 Mar, 01:40 PM UTC
나탈리아 [GA Pinned] 🎉
Jungkook was showing his arms and it was hard to breath 😂 he keeps making those faces to tease us and I die every time #BTSinBrazil
20 Mar, 08:50 PM UTC
The Independent
Tom Watson will tell Jeremy Corbyn Labour will die if he doesn't act now https://t.co/kkuVWqqPgY
20 Mar, 09:12 AM UTC
Mauricio RMC
#7FavBruceWillisFilms Die Hard Last Man Standing The Last Boy Scout Armageddon Sin City Unbreakable The Fifth Ele… https://t.co/L555RZ4Qbe
21 Mar, 12:09 AM UTC
No one in the future is going to document how hard you worked to take down a magazine writer on Twitter. You'll die forgotten.
20 Mar, 10:22 PM UTC
EbonyAnGiah 🔹
20 Mar, 09:31 PM UTC
It was a long hard road to Sigma Gamma Rho. Live for the blue and die for the gold! 🐩💛💙 #MMSPR17 #PrettyPoodle
21 Mar, 12:13 AM UTC
Finally getting round to watching Die Hard for the first time in my life...Bruce Willis is just 😍 #thoseeyesthough… https://t.co/6OtRnIUCl6
21 Mar, 12:09 AM UTC
#7FavBruceWillisFilms Die Hard Pulp Fiction 12 Monkeys Last Man Standing The Sixth Sense Unbreakable Sin City @colebrax @TheCinegogue
21 Mar, 12:45 AM UTC
Katja Vrijsen
Boeiende lezing over #darmkanker @LucColemont #dankjewel! onder de indruk van cijfers die de realiteit hard maken m… https://t.co/bsrmPF5i7h
20 Mar, 07:26 PM UTC
@peterdaou Those are his die hard supporters. You know, the people who would stand by him even if Trump shot someone .
21 Mar, 01:03 AM UTC
4/8(sat) TASMANIANDEVIL NEVER DIE & ZIRASHI pre. "DIE HARD" w/ BAD ATTACK (東京) ABOS GEROPETORO GxAxMxE op/18:30 st… https://t.co/QFdePkrpVO
20 Mar, 09:15 AM UTC
PlayerEssence - OJ
It can make sense even if your not a die hard Nintendo fan, what if your a casual gamer that wants a device that ca… https://t.co/6IfzMPxlnX
21 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
Shivam Bhatt
it's really hard for me to sit and passively accept the idea that a chunk of this country wants me to go away or go to a camp or just die
21 Mar, 01:07 AM UTC
❁ Mads ❁
We can die so easily.. just falling down the stairs.. or hitting ur head really hard.. ur life can end in just a blink of an eye..
21 Mar, 01:15 AM UTC
David Onyon
@drsheramac Completion/Coverage is where learning goes to die. Hard for me to grasp. Necessary to understand
21 Mar, 01:08 AM UTC
Just 2 years ago, you was a die hard CP3 lover😂 https://t.co/mITfcTj630
21 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
kay hasenbank
this guy chews so loud i am cringing so hard i might die https://t.co/2suUClTisN
21 Mar, 12:57 AM UTC
old habits die hard
21 Mar, 01:16 AM UTC
Jenna Chaffee
pure barre ✅ tan ✅ die because working a full time job, working out, all while trying to be social and get 8 hrs of sleep is hard ✅
21 Mar, 01:14 AM UTC
Seth Nason
Its getting where I can't tell which way's which,old habits die hard, and it's a son of a bitch.
21 Mar, 01:14 AM UTC
Steel Curtain
Hey Mary Simmons - are you a DIE HARD Steelers Fan? Prove it & play this sports app with me. https://t.co/V27ab9LZgF
21 Mar, 01:14 AM UTC
Screenshots from Die Hard Trilogy on the PlayStation.... https://t.co/cJF8jsBo6q
21 Mar, 01:10 AM UTC
@barstoolWSD what are you hearing about giolito? I'm a die hard Nats fan- and rumor was rizzo and org had no faith in him and his control?
21 Mar, 01:09 AM UTC
Die Hard Trilogy For PlayStation Box Art Front and Back! https://t.co/ly2uYhBq1J
21 Mar, 01:09 AM UTC
21 Mar, 01:07 AM UTC
richard rey
I don't like the actresses they pick for Irene Kennedy. I am a die hard reader and sorry Irene is not black just saying.
21 Mar, 01:04 AM UTC
Real Diehard HQ
Big happy birthday to @Twitter may be you @verified my page happy birthday for die hard #Letsgochamp
21 Mar, 01:04 AM UTC
Tony D'Ambrosio
@realDonaldTrump @potus seeks refuge from all potential issues, controversies, & scandals in the bubble of arenas f… https://t.co/avzo2K8ilc
21 Mar, 01:04 AM UTC
Gary Scott
@Allthingsgers that said, I'd love to see ferguson back as a coach. John brown is a die hard Ger but I'd prefer more of a coaching role no 3
21 Mar, 01:04 AM UTC
Live Free or Die Hard https://t.co/rC8oKWJ1Cq
21 Mar, 01:03 AM UTC
@NewYorker This bunch is playing Monopoly...that hard hat should be one of the new tokens....people are going to die playing these games.
21 Mar, 01:03 AM UTC
@PlayerEssence @LakerJonathan24 or just think that Splatoon or MK8 is interesting. Why do you pick up a PS4? Exclusives or Die Hard Fan
21 Mar, 01:02 AM UTC
scott bales
@therossporter ...being a die hard baseball fan , I do care. There have been some very good games & good stories , like the Israeli team.
21 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
21 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
@TheDemonRobin "Old habits die hard." His voice shifted as he spoke. "I replaced him when Bane broke his back years back."
21 Mar, 12:58 AM UTC
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