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Jacky @jroset007
RT @poptivist: "what the hell did you get us into mom" well everything literally from like day one #supernatural #directordick
Sashi Salt @SaltSashi
RT @poptivist: what is a tramp stamp called if it's on the front @dicksp8jr #supernatural #directordick https://t.co/A9ktrPepTe
Larissa Lima @Larissa92030429
RT @poptivist: given the painting i had hope what was in the fancy safe was @mattcohen4real. #supernatural #directordick https://t.co/6sXcu…
Awesome 🙌🏻🤙🏼 @SPNPaulette
RT @Ciree_JB: Man. I am loving tf out the creativity of this episode!! Seriously. So good #Supernatural #DirectorDick
Ami @probablyspn
RT @CubbyPau: Enter Crowley "You idiots you're all going to die" 😭 #Supernatural #DirectorDick https://t.co/SqTo7LKpvL
Caitlin ❤ @ced1694
RT @poptivist: is this reservoir dogs, i'm not cool enough to know what it's emulating #supernatural #directordick
Dawn Loria @dawnloria
RT @jhpracht: #DirectorDick def has me on the edge of my seat...crying...ahhh @dicksp8jr @mishacollins @jarpad @JensenAckles @Mark_Sheppard
Deidre Lynn @deidre_2002
RT @qabriels: THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!! #Supernatural #DirectorDick https://t.co/rh89KRS8y6
Jen #AKF #YANA #LYF @daysparrow
RT @SarahJay55: if only there was another angel around, to help Cas heal. You know like... maybe behind the camera?? #DirectorDick #Superna…
Gail Martin @GailZMartin
RT @375cArrow: I started out this epi. drinking hard cider...NOW bring on the fireball! #Supernatural #DirectorDick https://t.co/zar3fG8bMJ
Melissa Bekkers @BekkersMelissa
RT @BrendaS1168: "Everything's gonna be fine." Famous last words - Literally! #Supernatural #DirectorDick
Mommadajp @Mommadajp
Mr Crowley!!!! 🖤🖤🖤 #Supernatural 💖 @dicksp8jr #DirectorDick @Mark_Sheppard
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