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Kristin Buholtz @KristinBuholtz
RT @jmattmiller: NEW POST: 10 add-ons to Google Classroom you MUST try #DitchBook #gsuiteedu #gttribehttps://t.co/alDvROb59W https://t.co…
staceejohnson @stacee_johnson
RT @jmattmiller: YES. If your actions are saying "I can't learn," then how in the WORLD can you call yourself a teacher?!? #DitchBook https…
Amy Arbogash @amyarbogash
RT @korytellers: .@btcostello05 You know how I feel about balance. #DitchBook https://t.co/Wx9SY6XmnQ
Carrie Koch @CLKKoch
RT @GTeacherTribe: 10 add-ons to Google Classroom you MUST try https://t.co/MpF0HMJTvJ #gttribe #DitchBook #SUL #edtech
Meghan Ford @TechieTeacher2
RT @MrsLedford6Eng: A3: Just share. It's not bragging, it's part of the process! Thanks @burgessdave! #DitchBook
Paige Steinhoff @HistoriaTeacher
RT @m_drez: @AnneKamper Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant. #ditchbook
Matt Carlstrom @mcarlstromDR
RT @jmattmiller: Yes! Great way to think about it. Instant feedback like a coach and his/her athletes! #DitchBook https://t.co/5WnLOHD5Pd
Adam Welcome @awelcome
RT @mandyeellis: A3: Always tell myself. leaders don't create followers... they create more leaders. We aren't int this alone #ditchbook #t…
LCHS Mr. Fleming @LCHSMrFleming
A7: There is no such thing. In all my careers either you are all in or you aren't at all in. Dedication works. #ditchbook
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