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elias @EliasBurke
RT @ChriStylezz: You know what kind of evil Donald Trump gotta be to bring these people out the woods
The Associated Press @AP
BREAKING: President Donald Trump accuses media of lying about inauguration crowds, wrongly says crowd reached Washington monument.
JV Seem @jannelandet
RT @jwilcox79: The Donald Trump that conservatives voted for is an entirely fictitious person they invented in their minds.…
Archer @_Archers_Arrow_
RT @PostGraphics: Words Donald Trump said for the first time in any U.S. inaugural address
Oshada @OshadaK5
RT @mcten: Gregg Popovich, unplugged, on President Donald J. Trump:
Nathaniel @Thaine_Curtis
RT @JoeH_96: BREAKING: Donald Trump vacates position as US President after 100 students protest in Leeds City Centre
Emmanuel @EMaNNy___
RT @BleacherReport: Gregg Popovich on Trump: "It's gotten to the point where you can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth.” https…
Pierrickx @PierrickJR
RT @ereiscarona: Il est partout Donald #Trump
Marie McLeish @MyGardenCoachUK
RT @VeraMBergen: Women feel so strongly about Donald Trump that there was a #WomensMarch today in...Antarctica (photo from a friend) https:…
Sheshonki Osorcón I @Sukoshi_Ookami
RT @EiProfeta: Emma Watson en la marcha contra Donald Trump. Un ejemplo para todo el mundo. #WomensMarch
! @tbhonika
RT @CGBPosts: "Donald Trump suck a dick, I'm not your bitch!" - Madonna singing at #WomensMarch
Niko @nikoispotter236
RT @FT: Women are marching against Donald Trump front of the US embassy in Accra, the capital of Ghana today https:…
O empenado @Engenheirooo
RT @NossaZoeira: Donald Trump diz que esta é a sua pior fotografia, a pedido dele, não compartilhem porque ele odeia auahuh…
Justin Case @bmj999justin
RT @GuardianUS: Women around the world are standing together to protest the presidency of Donald Trump. Follow it live.…
Emma @emmastar960
RT @nytimes: As Donald Trump takes office, many conflicts of interest still face his presidency
Trump lover @s_lindsten
RT @JudgeJeanine: "We represented Donald Trump & all the Trump supporters that came together collectively to celebrate his inauguration." -…
Jennifer Yeo @jslchan2
RT @nytimes: Hillary Clinton wasn't required to accompany Bill Clinton to the inauguration — "but that’s not how she’s built"…
Greg Travillion @TougalooTree
RT @HuffingtonPost: White House petition calling for release of Trump’s tax returns gets over 100,000 signatures ht…
Ultimate Dad™ @babybottlebong
RT @AdoreDelano: Donald Trump resembles my nut sack in cold weather.
Gilbert The Shit @aimlowangel
RT @WIRED: Trump appears to have a new goal: to prime the public to believe he is the only reliable source.
Graham Moss @Inclinepress
RT @erofeimihailov1: RT CUMHORAN: So far the largest clap back to Donald Trump I've seen #WomensMarch #womensmarchlondon #WomensMarch… ht…
a.m. @prettydarke
RT @AriFleischer: This is a pretty smart take:
Karen B @karenkraze
RT @margarance: Britain, listen hard to that speech by Donald Trump. Because that insularity, self deception & arrogance is what #Brexit sa…
Barbnet @BarbaraNetolic1
RT @HuffingtonPost: Bookies offers yuuuge odds on @realDonaldTrump's impeachment within 6 months…
Kymkint @akintoye
RT @RichardHaass: America First rhetoric will lead those dependent on US to go their own way to detriment of US influence & stability http…
Kan🏂 @kannbh_
RT @moviesmusic_th: สำหรับคนที่งงว่า #WomensMarch  คืออะไร เป็นการประท้วง Donald Trump เรียกร้องสิทธิต่างๆโดยเฉพาะของผญ เช่นการทำแท้ง อื่นๆ…
pap @lapapera50
RT @PtdArcole: On nous signale que Miley Cyrus à manifesté aujourd'hui contre les stéréotypes sexistes colportés par Donald Trump... #Okay
Banegas silvia @ripios2013
RT @pardodevera: Las mujeres son, en esencia, objetos estéticamente agradables” Donald #Trump, 45º presidente de EEUU 😡 #WomensMarch https…
Sueann @TurtleBlues1313
RT @HuffingtonPost: Public broadcasting funds again in jeopardy as Donald Trump takes office
L @luulluull
RT @AkaravutTv9: Barron Trump ลูกชายวัย10ปีของ Donald Trump โดนสื่อแชะภาพแอบหาวขณะรอพ่อทำพิธีสาบานตนเป็นปธน.สหรัฐคนที่45 ตอนพ่อขึ้นปราศรัย…
JUANJO MASCARÓ @juanjomascaro
RT @Tarantwitno: Donald Trump ya es presidente...
Keith Fitzgerald @keithmfitz
RT @AzmatZahra: Maybe the U.S. will have another chance to keep Iraq's oil, said Donald Trump at the CIA today: ht…
arembooks @arembooks
RT @HuffingtonPost: Celebrities are basically in mourning as Trump becomes President of the United States https://t…
gawdyhall @gawdyhall
RT @HackneyAbbott: Nigel Farage to become 'unofficial adviser' to Donald Trump. Be afraid. Be very afraid
Amy Garcia @aes_garcia
RT @nytimes: Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’? Nope. It’s Putin and Ansari.
Madinah @Bhorlanlay
RT @Dr_Yazzy: What's my own if Donald Trump is the President of United States? My worry is where to find Charcoal to cook, because gas pric…
winner udodi @WinnerUdodi
Jackie Meyer @holdtolight
RT @HuffingtonPost: Austin, Texas, area becomes more of a sanctuary as Donald Trump is inaugurated…
Betty Maley @MaleyBetty
RT @jimcombs: Lock him up: Donald Trump administration using personal email for White House purposes via @PalmerRep…
Pierre 1er @pierre_1er
RT @suavelos_fr: Quand François Fillon soutenait sans hésiter Hillary Clinton et laissait entendre que Donald Trump est un homme malhonnête…
Sean Flanagan @seanieflanagan
RT @Horrorsc0pes: 2020. Donald Trump surveys his wasteland, cockroaches cover the ground all the way to the Washington Monument. The rain b…
100 Days Left @100Left
RT @Slate: In one of his first acts as president, Donald Trump put Black Lives Matter on notice:…
UDI Métropole Lyon @UDI_Lyon
RT @UDI_off: "Notre intérêt, c’est d’avoir une Europe suffisamment forte face à Donald Trump." @jclagarde #LeGrandRDV
Say Something to @DpEsho
RT @LeKingCoq: Donald trump has two account. One to tweet wreck and crud and another one for serious business. Lol he really is a twitter n…
Bianca @biancareichelt1
RT @SPIEGELONLINE: "Trump stellt dem Westen eine Falle. Trotz und Panik helfen nicht weiter" - Ein Kommentar von @vmedick:…
Nico vRL @Denksolvenz
RT @kritischergeist: Ganz Deutschland arbeitet sich sinnlos an Donald Trump ab. Dass unser Land aber langsam vor die Hunde geht, merkt wohl…
Rokko710 @Rokko1951
RT @PalmerReport: #SpicerFacts NBA Spurs coach Gregg Popovich slams racist Donald Trump and lying Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway https://t.c…
michael forbes @michaelforbes74
RT @Independent: Here's everything that was incorrect at Donald Trump's first White House Press conference
UDI Métropole Lyon @UDI_Lyon
RT @UDI_off: "Le discours de Donald Trump était assez grossier. Ce début de mandat est d’ores et déjà inquiétant." @jclagarde #LeGrandRDV
Rit Sheridan @suaveadonis
RT @HuffPostPol: Austin, Texas, area becomes more of a sanctuary as Donald Trump is inaugurated…
Koç Sultan @63jhlbvna0y52p1
RT @alijeancorakci: Önce şu ABD'de Başkanlar değil Aileler yönetiyor saçmalığını artık bir bırakın sonra da Donald Trump'ın yapacaklarını i…
Mª José Fdez @Mahouse82
RT @BobEstropajo: Donald Trump ha venido a devolver el "poder" al pueblo americano pero la seguridad social es otra cosa.
Baron Barry @BeegBazza
RT @FlatEarthGang: Rupert Murdoch Donald Trump Tony Abbott George Pell Andrew Bolt Alan Jones David Leyonhjelm Piers Ackerman Imagine if th…
Yeah, I said it @aalleyne
RT @RogerQuimbly: There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and Donald Trump's press secretary.
💐 ALY17 💐 @MzelleAlison17
RT @TeleLoisirs: PHOTOS Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, Emma Watson, Charlize Theron... Les stars dans les rues pour la #WomensMarch https://t…
Kat @tassletie
Olinto Rivas @olintoriva
RT @TIME: Quiz: Can you put the U.S. presidents in order?
🔴LFC FOREVER @Kloppoistic
RT @andrewsavage79: If someone try's to shoot President Trump will his bodyguard shout "Donald Duck" #Trump #TrumpProtest #TrumpWatch
(((MOSSAD))) @KerseyTony
RT @NickEgoroff: Dems STILL not ready to accept Donald Trump won fair & square. But isn't their real fear "what happens if his policies rea…
Javi Herrero @javisnok
RT @NextForLife: Resumen de Donald Trump los próximos cuatro años.
Alergia @ziel_agus
RT @KWyszkowski: Theresa May będzie pierwszym przywódcą zagranicznym, z którym się spotka Donald Trump w Białym Domu
RT @gugufarao: Donald Trump com certeza pretende se vingar desses baderneiros, arrumando empregos para cada um deles.
RT @MAGA_1958: @EricTrump @knassios Donald Trump for eight years. Ivanka Trump for eight year. Eric Trump for eight years. Barron Trump f…
AHTribune @AHTribune
RT @inartic: The fate of JFK looms over the head of every US president who doesn't play according to the rules of the Deep State https://t…
J.M. Hamilton @jmhamiltonblog
RT @PostOpinions: Donald Trump is our president. Let us pray. by @kathleenparker
edithmeinhart @edithmeinhart
RT @Weidenholzer: Europe gets ready for Donald Trump via @TheEconomist
samson @Samson19110834
RT @EetR_National: Le discours d’investiture de #Trump en français Le carnage de l’Amérique s’arrête ici #EtatsUnis #TrumpInauguration htt…
野蛮ΛИUB!Ş专家 @RhannielJohn
RT @RhannielJohn: @pewdiepie is that donald trump's son?
Despierta Mexico @rock_steadee
RT @Independent: 2 times Donald Trump's team didn't tell the truth on his first full day in office
auntie_shaz @sa_cullen
RT @JohnRentoul: ComRes for @Independent this month found 49% said Theresa May should get close to Donald Trump, 31% disagreed…
J Bravo @DgThejudge54
RT @intheknow1798: 'It was surreal': Eric Trump gushes about his father's inauguration in his first interview Read more:…
Lucy R. H. @yclepit
RT @SarahDunnigan1: Walt Whitman on Donald Trump, Literature & Democracy & Why a Robust Society Is a Feminist Society…
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