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Jason Gregor
Winning McDavid lottery was massive for #Oilers, but #Sabres passing on Draisaitl at #2 in 2014 was almost as lucky. #NHLPlayoffs
27 Apr, 05:28 AM UTC
Edmonton Oilers
27 Apr, 05:22 AM UTC
Ryan Smyth
Top 3 things to come out of Germany. #3. Mercedes #2. Jochen Hecht's T-blades #1 Leon Draisaitl #orangecrush
27 Apr, 06:14 AM UTC
Sportsnet Stats
Leon Draisaitl is the first #Oilers player Age 21 or younger to record 4 points in a playoff game since Wayne Gretzky on Apr 10, 1982
27 Apr, 05:43 AM UTC
Bob Stauffer
Oilers got the bounces! After a ticky-tack penalty, Draisaitl 1-3-4, +2, 6-1 in face-off circle! Leon has 7-5-12 in 6 GP vs Ducks in '16-17
27 Apr, 05:42 AM UTC
Jack Michaels
Larsson's 1st two-goal game & 3rd-ever 3-point outing, along w/Draisaitl's 2nd career 4-pt game lifts EDM to 4-0 alltime at ANA (playoffs).
27 Apr, 05:59 AM UTC
Bucci Mane
The @EdmontonOilers win Game 1. Leon Draisaitl With 4 points. Nice play Lucic
27 Apr, 05:24 AM UTC
NHL Public Relations
Leon Draisaitl is 2nd @EdmontonOilers player w/ at least 4 points in a playoff game before his 22nd birthday (Wayne… https://t.co/fzpzeLKL3f
27 Apr, 07:04 AM UTC
NHL Public Relations
EDM players each w/ 3 PTS in same playoff period: GM 3 1985 F: Gretzky/Coffey GM 2 1991 CF: Klima/Tikkanen GM 1 20… https://t.co/Jrb5pKUrGg
27 Apr, 06:58 AM UTC
Edmonton Oilers
Draisaitl, Larsson & Letestu shine as #Oilers draw first blood in second-round series with 5-3 victory:… https://t.co/IWGr3fzGPw
27 Apr, 07:26 AM UTC
Eric Stephens
So Leon Draisaitl has seven goals and five assists against the Ducks in six games this season. Otherwise, he's been kept in check.
27 Apr, 06:52 AM UTC
King Leon: Draisaitl collects four points vs. Ducks to give Oilers a Game 1 win https://t.co/8EetdkVCYC
27 Apr, 05:41 AM UTC
Shorthanded News
Herr Draisaitl tut weiter alles, um nicht zur WM zu müssen. https://t.co/JpRwngrhA2
27 Apr, 07:37 AM UTC
Bruce McCurdy
CULT OF HOCKEY PODCAST All hail Mark Letestu,Adam Larsson,Leon Draisaitl & #Oilers! with @dstaples & @BruceMcCurdy https://t.co/i5AuPtQ47e
27 Apr, 07:34 AM UTC
leon draisaitl in exklusiver gesellschaft! 👌🏻 https://t.co/TJskHRYoGG
27 Apr, 07:47 AM UTC
DEL Latest
#NHL: Die @EdmontonOilers mit @Drat_29 gewinnen Spiel 1 gegen Anaheim mit 5:3. Leon Draisaitl mit 3 Assists und ein… https://t.co/k6iLMKGuAh
27 Apr, 08:01 AM UTC
treize khushrenada
I'm late. But Leon Draisaitl is REALLY REALLY REALLY AGOOD
27 Apr, 08:00 AM UTC
Arne :3
Draisaitl mit 3 Assists und einem Tor. Läuft bei @Drat_29 xD
27 Apr, 07:54 AM UTC
@SportsnetSpec And what has Draisaitl ever accomplished when he wasn't paired with either McDavid or Hall. NOT MUCH.
27 Apr, 07:53 AM UTC
Eishockey NEWS
Draisaitl-Show bei Edmontons Sieg gegen Anaheim, Nashville siegt, Fiala mit der Trage vom Eis gebracht https://t.co/aAra6SlCoY
27 Apr, 07:50 AM UTC
Philip Bexley
Leon Draisaitl 🔥
27 Apr, 07:47 AM UTC
Dank überragendem Draisaitl: Oilers gehen in Führung: Die Edmonton Oilers sind dank einer überragendenen Leistung… https://t.co/1pwDOMaHsc
27 Apr, 07:47 AM UTC
What a Game von Leon Draisaitl @EdmontonOilers Awesome 😎
27 Apr, 07:42 AM UTC
Tiffany Hnatiuk
@jasonshanofer @1023nowradio I think the flu had Draisaitl.
27 Apr, 07:40 AM UTC
Dank überragendem Draisaitl : Oilers gehen in Führung https://t.co/5hxDH1nPad
27 Apr, 07:37 AM UTC
@AnonymousMSMS @Fuckvinedrive @NHL @EdmontonOilers we have a good goalie and some pretty good players lol like luci… https://t.co/mvXuaEDIQL
27 Apr, 07:37 AM UTC
Sacco Hagopian
@westcoasthky With all the focus on McDavid, Draisaitl has found room and space to maneuver and deliver.
27 Apr, 07:35 AM UTC
@ESPNRadio what about Leon Draisaitl getting 4 points tonight in the #NHLPLAYOFFS ... kind of a big deal there bud
27 Apr, 07:33 AM UTC
Draisaitl glänzt bei 5-3 Sieg der Oilers und macht vier Punkte https://t.co/AEjMDTfJRn
27 Apr, 07:32 AM UTC
Hockey News & Rumors
#NHL #hockey news.... A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan's TSM: Wild, Wild West https://t.co/DeEqgz16Zt
27 Apr, 07:31 AM UTC
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