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Common White Girl
Drake: My heart is way too frozen to get broken. Me, an intellectual that knows frozen objects have a higher prop… https://t.co/lb5p70ZyC7
20 Mar, 08:22 PM UTC
There's only like 40 pictures of Sade in existence and Drake manages to get one lol incredible
21 Mar, 02:13 AM UTC
Drake breaks Apple Music's (89.9m) and Spotify's (61.3m) one day streaming record with "More Life" 👏
20 Mar, 11:36 PM UTC
Shea Serrano
drake angrily rapping "i don't take naps" is the most drake thing i can think of for drake to lie about in the most drake way possible
20 Mar, 07:21 PM UTC
Supreme Khairy
Quavo: yo I be back. I'm bout to hit the studio with Drake Offset& Takeoff: bet let us grab our jacke... Quavo:
20 Mar, 07:10 PM UTC
Things Drake Do
Drake: Why you gotta fight with me at cheesecake?? Me: YOU KNOW I LOVE TO GO THERE! SAY I'M ACTIN LIGHT SKIN! I CA… https://t.co/4tLcP7TlGt
20 Mar, 08:58 PM UTC
sad fawn
20 Mar, 04:51 PM UTC
Drake breaks Apple Music's (89.9m) and Spotify's (61.3m) one day streaming record with "More Life"
21 Mar, 03:36 AM UTC
Veteran Freshman
Bro i genuinely hate drake now with ALL my soul. Sade is a dedicated RECLUSE. And he is in a photo with her. WOW lol
21 Mar, 02:08 AM UTC
Because I'm a Guy
When Drake is traveling and hears a slang word he's never heard before.
21 Mar, 12:18 AM UTC
Marquette King
She wanna get married tonight but I can't take a knee cause I got on all white... @Drake
21 Mar, 03:00 AM UTC
Music News & Facts
The 5 biggest artist on the Hot 100 this decade: 1. Rihanna 2. Katy Perry 3. Bruno Mars 4. Drake 5. Taylor Swift https://t.co/hm4jUS0o2s
20 Mar, 11:23 PM UTC
Music News & Facts
Drake just broke the 2 Spotify records that Ed Sheeran broke two weeks ago. Best first day streams & best one day s… https://t.co/TIiseoz84l
20 Mar, 07:45 PM UTC
Male Thoughts
when Canadian Drake and Jamaican Drake run into London Drake
21 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
D.c shoe rep
Drake drunk texting J.lo https://t.co/yMPActPwlG
21 Mar, 02:41 AM UTC
Rap Direct
Drake with him mom and Sade
21 Mar, 02:04 AM UTC
XXL Magazine
When you hear Drake say "You overnight celebrity, you one day star" and then realize Tory Lanez's name is Daystar… https://t.co/yyyNnInLba
21 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Things Drake Do
Drake & chill
21 Mar, 05:30 AM UTC
Plug Society
🔌 Drake broke Apple Music's 89.9 & Spotify's 61.3 million steaming record in one day with 'More Life'!
21 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
Mack A. Roni
Drake really was only smashing to get the sample cleared. Legendary work ethic https://t.co/PUOcLXFr7I
20 Mar, 10:35 PM UTC
Life As Bros
You know what... I'm about to say it I don't care that Drake dropped an album
21 Mar, 11:09 AM UTC
Lexii Alijai
Drake best album was Take Care
21 Mar, 04:19 AM UTC
You know what... I'm about to say it I don't care that Drake dropped an album
21 Mar, 08:04 AM UTC
Drake fucking all the aunties for samples. Mary J. next!
21 Mar, 02:11 AM UTC
Drake ein album dey bore a little but I'm not ready to fight half of the earth's population. let's all dance.
20 Mar, 06:26 PM UTC
Nathan Drake Won’t Be In The Next Uncharted Game https://t.co/rCLlKDhVD9
21 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
Greg West™
that dude giggs on drake album is straight trash 🚮🚮🚮🚮
20 Mar, 05:38 PM UTC
PlayBoi Coughy ✡️
I haven't even listened to the drake album yet cause Rich the kid dropped a mixtape two days ago💪🏾
20 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC
Brendan Sharpe
Selling 1 standing Drake ticket for thursday 23rd in Glasgow, pm if interested 👍🏼
21 Mar, 08:33 AM UTC
a fuckin gem
first of all, drake isn't even the same type of rapper. drake makes radio music. he make shit that's gone be popular.
21 Mar, 03:53 AM UTC
Andrew Pritchard
Reflected in a drake's eye, Cromford Canal SSSI, Little Grebe and Moorhen. @fabcoach @DerbysWildlife #Derbyshire wa… https://t.co/w7HmW6TBQW
20 Mar, 10:49 PM UTC
Aviva Canada
Hey @Drake, want to join the best insurance crew? Visit our career portal at https://t.co/jUvI5IRu7X https://t.co/lzy5wmcn9k
21 Mar, 12:05 PM UTC
Jamal Fomby
drake album is so cold but some of these features are wack asf 👎🏻👎🏻
21 Mar, 12:14 PM UTC
Tegan Arnott
I have 2 standing drake tickets for tonight if anyone's interested. Pm me for details x
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
☾oh baby
Drake : Hi motherfucker, I am so proud of motherfucker you, I was sick but motherfucker you gave me the energy motherfucker
21 Mar, 12:03 PM UTC
ㅤCarter XCII
Drake: Move from me you're extra Me: MOVE FROM ME WITH THE PASSA 🗣🗣
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Hood Othello
Drake x Fake Love 😥😥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Drake - LIVE @ O2 ARENA - 20th March 2017 [Part 1 - The beginning of the concert]: https://t.co/jOtuLzxiFR via @YouTube
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
🎵Teenage Fever - Drake❤️
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Drake’s New Album ‘More Life’ Breaks Record On Spotify https://t.co/XuC4oA8BX3
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
heartbreak drake on replay
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Drake Issa smooth operator.
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
@Drake and his team can't miss. He's really talented. He should take off until 2018 if he wants or go act again
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Travis Bolton
1/3 of Drake's "playlist" is nice. 1/3 might grow on you. The other 1/3 the radio will force you to learn.
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Isabel ✨💋
Drake 😍
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
94.1 ZBQ
Drake Expands Rap’s Borders On His Globe-Hopping ‘More Life’ Playlist https://t.co/SS3Szg8p5o
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Dillon Lewis🎆❄️
Drake just keeps making the same shit so it's boring and doesn't grab my attention anymore
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
tim drake needs to be in MORE dc animations ok
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Sebastian Dugan
Drake Posted A Picture With Sade, Parts Of Twitter Concerned https://t.co/IGC3M8bNb8
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
lol I love Drake
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Drake Ice melts ft Thug 🌺🔥🔥
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
I need to start saying shit when I notice it. Be open with people I need some closure with. Be honest with myself and take ownership-@Drake
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
@aliyahcaylaa idk what Drake thought it was
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Abdul Mu'eez Khan
Drake Chills With Sade, Brings Out Nicki, Skepta & Trey Songz at Final London Show https://t.co/QEAd4Yf469
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
@d_weezy Big Sean makes good music, there's no debate on that, but Drake makes music for EVERYONE. Sings and Raps.
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Delusional Chelle
Drake doesnt deserve Black Coffee
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
I liked a @YouTube video from @youngra007 https://t.co/QhOHwzfo6v [FREE] Drake Type Beat - "Smoke" (Prod. Young Ra)
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
nessa from rbs
pq que de repente só tem drake no global top 50? é album novo?
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Clint Lay
Nothing's into something. Deff nostalgic Drake
21 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
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