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DRM Action Coalition
CNN | @realDonaldTrump misleading the American PpL when he says he's not deporting #Dreamers -@DREAMerJ_Dhttps://t.co/b31HckOZuJ
21 Apr, 02:14 PM UTC
Noticias MVS
.@LeonKrauze a @ezshabot: mientras no se aclara el caso de dreamer, #Trump aprovecha para decir que #Dreamers pueden estar tranquilos
21 Apr, 10:44 PM UTC
#Dreamers puede estar tranquilos; vamos contra criminales: Donald Trump https://t.co/YsFYMLdciv
21 Apr, 07:32 PM UTC
La Jornada
#Dreamers’ pueden estar tranquilos: #Trump; no estamos tras ellos, sino “tras los criminales”, aseguró @POTUS →… https://t.co/O3tTVbEfUM
21 Apr, 09:22 PM UTC
Kristen Clarke
How can they in the face of this administration's rhetoric, ICE raids and unlawful DHS deportations of #DREAMers li… https://t.co/AsC61RfRjc
22 Apr, 12:32 AM UTC
🅿️LON the DON 👑
My Name Ain't Kodak But I'll Shoot Some Shit 🎥🤤#PhotoShoot #Dreamers https://t.co/bEXUK1ClQ5
22 Apr, 02:27 AM UTC
Noticias MVS
#Opinión Los #Dreamers no son prioridad para las autoridades migratorias de #EEUU: @LeonKrauze https://t.co/tRw1rMY2sY
22 Apr, 12:35 AM UTC
@ChuckNellis Here's the blast from the not so distant past: #Amnesty for #Dreamers
22 Apr, 01:52 AM UTC
Dr. Nayeli Y. Chavez
As we celebrate #DreamGala2017 I honor & celebrate 1 of t most amazing & powerful #DREAMers I know @jessperez123 W… https://t.co/R8J9jlkeTH
22 Apr, 12:55 AM UTC
注目のチアシードでダイエット。水に浸せば10倍に! #Dreamers https://t.co/LDOZmLQEu7
21 Apr, 09:28 PM UTC
Education Trust—West
Check out our latest resource - CA's Undocumented Students: What You Need to Know https://t.co/OhTo7FIx8C #DACAhttps://t.co/tHBWmEr5Bc
21 Apr, 08:38 PM UTC
かわいいだけじゃない、猫が腕枕したがる秘密とは… #Dreamers https://t.co/zukxz9agl2
21 Apr, 09:30 PM UTC
.@RTn0w 15 mins and he already racked up 55 days #chastity and $120 😂😂😂. Keep it going my #Dreamers 😜 #rinse
22 Apr, 01:21 AM UTC
Andador Urbano
#Trump dice que va por los crimínales y no por los #Dreamers 👉https://t.co/FhRD7HAOqg
22 Apr, 01:00 AM UTC
山崎 潔
Dreamersで起業105日目 #Dreamers https://t.co/5o5FbtG55o
21 Apr, 03:21 PM UTC
【ベスト10】贅沢三昧、北海道で「海鮮丼」食べ比べ! #Dreamers https://t.co/QaBUhfxX8l
21 Apr, 09:27 PM UTC
Steve Bautista
New resource from @edtrustwest looks at demographics & supports for undocumented students: https://t.co/1MwnhHRLMA #DACA #DREAMers
22 Apr, 02:41 AM UTC
かっこよすぎ!ジョジョの奇妙な冒険「chase」 #Dreamers https://t.co/xqtrRt5sZz
21 Apr, 09:30 PM UTC
🙄😠😡No expulsará #dreamers" asegura #Trump.Aquí ,ás información.👉https://t.co/uvJAa7kSS0 https://t.co/efPX83a3NS
22 Apr, 01:56 AM UTC
Beltway Panda
While the #OrangeFraud is fluent in both "rest" & "easy," he's really shitty at "honesty" & "promises." #DREAMers,… https://t.co/L7CqcYTREP
22 Apr, 01:13 AM UTC
Thank you to the #Dreamers Club at Washington State University Tri-Cities for participating in our panel tonight!… https://t.co/DSFgPkOxzO
22 Apr, 12:32 AM UTC
cheerio grrrl
@AP Read btw the lines &note he doesn't say WHERE they can rest easy.That's TBD at a later time,when #dreamers leas… https://t.co/c2AqGB1SmY
22 Apr, 03:47 AM UTC
BRAVA Magazine
Need a CAREER REBOOT? 3 women explain how to discover & direct your authentic purpose + gifts:… https://t.co/dLaN3zsrQz
22 Apr, 03:42 AM UTC
Usa deporta trabajadores indocumentados jornaleros y obreros; excepto #dreamers, q descubren y trabajan , luego usa les quita invs yls mt
22 Apr, 03:40 AM UTC
Ben Oliveira
Gente que faz as coisas com a alma ♥ https://t.co/kSUKOZwUcJ #music #dreamers
22 Apr, 03:36 AM UTC
期待の新作アプリゲーム 幻想神域 -Link of Hearts-を先行紹介! #Dreamers https://t.co/QsrOMu1rId
22 Apr, 03:21 AM UTC
【緊急】今すぐここから逃げろ!!友達を救おうとする猫の勇敢な姿をご覧ください!! #Dreamers https://t.co/EpvjWF9P1L
22 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
Sean Anderson
Lies. Criminal deportations DOWN since Obama. Noncriminals deportations UP. Per his own DHS. #DACA #Dreamers are gr… https://t.co/D10D4QiEGr
22 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
Ivena Stead
There can't be #ANY Holding Back IF #Success Is What You Want-NO FEAR-JesusChristEmpowersPioneersASK #LeadershipSkills #Management #Dreamers
22 Apr, 03:07 AM UTC
「何で入らないの?」パター上達の2つの秘訣と練習法 その4 #Dreamers https://t.co/s0oI6YweY0
22 Apr, 03:06 AM UTC
【爆笑】犯人は誰?と問いただした際に犬たちがとった行動が面白いwww #Dreamers https://t.co/XLocfgSj8c
22 Apr, 03:00 AM UTC
Top Videos Mexico
Donald Trump asegura que los ‘dreamers’ pueden estar en paz Video #Dreamers en https://t.co/TNgccCuZyH
22 Apr, 02:56 AM UTC
Republicans Overseas
Dear #DREAMERS go live your American dream 😀🇺🇸 https://t.co/bd484OvDXt
22 Apr, 02:56 AM UTC
Bitfury、ウクライナと共同でブロックチェーン・ガバメントを推進 #Dreamers https://t.co/B7XDm43POo
22 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
Top Videos Mexico
Unboxing the Dreamers Treasure Box - Beauty and The Beast #Dreamers en https://t.co/ba7sH0lrPS
22 Apr, 02:50 AM UTC
Diane SteinbergLewis
#dreamers #DreamersOver20 There's no "rest easy" for "Dreamers". There are no promises kept! Be Safe! At all times: Be Aware & Beware!
22 Apr, 02:46 AM UTC
松尾大社の赤松に魅せられる #Dreamers https://t.co/FOHeZXsqc1
22 Apr, 02:46 AM UTC
As a rule of thumb, don't believe anything that #DonaldTrump says. #dreamers
22 Apr, 02:42 AM UTC
El Constituyente MX
#Destacada 😱 Los #dreamers están a salvo: @realDonaldTrump. ¿Qué te parece? 👀👇https://t.co/55Ed3Zuboe
22 Apr, 02:30 AM UTC
Top Videos Mexico
Dreamers from the album Light of the World - Maya-Dreamer and the Future Happiness Orchestra #Dreamers en https://t.co/TR4Qa4CMHK
22 Apr, 02:27 AM UTC
Dreamers of Akron
#Dreamers is open and our ladies are waiting for you, come in for a #dance and a #drink. #sexy #girlshttps://t.co/wwupDpIf0Y
22 Apr, 02:22 AM UTC
ロング距離を走る前は必須!タイヤ空気圧を適正にするための計測法 #Dreamers https://t.co/9KpaCJmwws
22 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
ヒョウ柄大好きといえば「大阪のオバチャン!」はもう古い、ヒョウ柄が好きな県ランキング! #Dreamers https://t.co/6qwCIO7tma
22 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
$ビリオネアが語る$『私の人生の最善の投資』 #Dreamers https://t.co/f3W1Z16L5u
22 Apr, 02:15 AM UTC
Manuel del V
Thankful to have @IsraelConcha in @Homework_MX community! watch this interview by @nytimes #dreamers #NewComienzos https://t.co/ttU8baox8p
22 Apr, 02:09 AM UTC
懐かしのスーパーカー消しゴムで遊んだ世代のロマンを振り返る〜 #Dreamers https://t.co/Lyj1FVfXz3
22 Apr, 02:04 AM UTC
ノアコインは利子や複利が付く、今までに無い仮想通貨です、 #Dreamers https://t.co/4MInk88oUI
22 Apr, 02:03 AM UTC
ビットシャワーがスタートしました、 #Dreamers https://t.co/aHtFjf9tvY
22 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC
Top Videos Mexico
Trump dice que los ‘dreamers’ pueden estar en paz #Dreamers en https://t.co/et3T4XyhAy
22 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC
#Trump dice 'estén tranquilos', pero los #dreamers no lo están https://t.co/5WzE48oq0N vía @noroestemx
22 Apr, 01:58 AM UTC
Where there's a #trail, one must #explore! #dreamers 🌲💜
22 Apr, 01:56 AM UTC
エンジンの大敵!ラジエーターの液漏れ原因は〇〇だった?! #Dreamers https://t.co/lIDi1lzFMG
22 Apr, 01:49 AM UTC
Karen M. Cazares
⚡️ While ICE deportation of non-criminals goes up 100%, Trump lies: #Dreamers safe, he's only after 'criminals" https://t.co/5TMsk4w99L
22 Apr, 01:49 AM UTC
Dhani Schimizzi
.@realDonaldTrump is a President w/a small heart & BIG hands, yet still not big enuf to release 800,000 #dreamers e… https://t.co/SwK0HvsYwp
22 Apr, 01:47 AM UTC
Top Videos Mexico
Trump dice que los dreamers pueden estar en paz #Dreamers en https://t.co/2vjM4yV7Ip
22 Apr, 01:33 AM UTC
Eusebio González
#Opinión Los #Dreamers no son prioridad para las autoridades migratorias de #EEUU: LeonKrauze https://t.co/TDgmRLRx4d
22 Apr, 01:30 AM UTC
ホンダが新型シビックタイプRを日本初公開!2017年8月発売!!2.0LVTECターボ 340馬力越えか? #Dreamers https://t.co/OJF2xUTXBW
22 Apr, 01:18 AM UTC
知らなかった?「ホットもっと弁当 メニュー」をまとめてみた結果! #Dreamers https://t.co/0Txr0nSaed
22 Apr, 01:16 AM UTC
#Mundo El magnate #Trump aseguró que los #Dreamers “pueden estar tranquilos", pues sólo se perseguirá a "criminales” https://t.co/FIXfQNvm5Y
22 Apr, 01:12 AM UTC
Victor Magallon
#opinión Los #Dreamers no son prioridad para las autoridades migratorias de #EEUU: LeonKrauze https://t.co/ju7pZlaiak
22 Apr, 01:05 AM UTC
@RealDonaldTrump & #BigMouthKelly Beginning to Build the Apparatus of Human Misery w/ https://t.co/js1B3PbSok via @aclu #Dreamers #FightICE
22 Apr, 01:05 AM UTC
Homeland Security Secretary #BigMouthKelly Tells Critics To Shut Up. We Won’t. https://t.co/A5cZEj3pL8 via @aclu #Dreamers #FightICE
22 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC
ゆるかわいい甘えんぼう猫たち #Dreamers https://t.co/XJDxfTyOXz
22 Apr, 12:58 AM UTC
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