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michael gordon @mgordon_fairfax
Slow death on Manus, the sad story of Eaten Fish via @theage
Kate Emerson @kateemerson88
RT @Aiteanna: Save Eaten Fish His story Sign Call your MP & Senators #addafish https://…
MsPMurray @iampaulam
RT @HelpRefugeesOZ: Eaten Fish is still alive, so he can still be saved @billshortenmp @TurnbullMalcolm
michelle smith @michellec_smith
RT @linda_donovan: I support Eaten Fish #addafish
Peer-reviewed Modil @pteModil
RT @KarmelSo: Cartoonist Eaten Fish has been on hunger strike for more than 19 days in Manus He is only 46.7k weight please share #ShutDow…
Mick 😠 @169lunar
RT @DimityHawkins: Heart breaking story of #EatenFish "I have no energy left to tell my stories to Australians any more."…
Tash @jouljet
RT @kateemerson88: So come on @billshortenmp do something before Eaten Fish dies!
Kirsi-Maria Korhonen @7iiti
RT @smh: Slow death on Manus Island, the sad story of Eaten Fish.
MrsPeaceNow @mrsbroadbent
RT @shanebazzi: Eaten Fish: "How much more pain do I have to tolerate until someone help me?" Heartbreaking. Bring him to Australia now, @T…
North Sydney Centre @NthSydCentre
RT @OzRefugeeCounc: Slow death on Manus, the sad story of Eaten Fish via @smh
morgan 🐉 @glass_mo
RT @glass_mo: *rolls eyes out of my head, down the driveway, onto the highway until they reach the ocean and get eaten by fish*
Chris @cunningham_cch
RT @susanamet: Slow death on Manus, the sad story of Eaten Fish
ElGatoDelCheshire @jennyrae42
RT @drawbyfour: Australian comic artists will continue to #draw and campaign for Eaten Fish. #addafish
helen cleasby @hscleasby
RT @nobby15: Eaten Fish is dying: What are we doing about it? @IndependentAus
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