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Natalie La Rose @natalielarose
It was a beautiful night. Thank you @ebba_awards for the beautiful award, such an honor ❤️ #ebba17 https://t.co/D5PhmoEisS
Boogie Drugstore @BoogieDrugstore
RT @ebba_awards: Congratulations to @DUALIPA! She is our Public Choice winner of the @ebba_awards 2017! #ebba17 Read all about it: https://…
julia @dwualipa
RT @SiteDuaLipaBR: Dua Lipa com seu prêmio♥ #ebba17 https://t.co/dWS80cTkjH
julia @dwualipa
RT @SiteDuaLipaBR: Dua Lipa se apresentando hoje (11/01) no #ebba17 https://t.co/WPkcyMz6rw
Dua&Isaac/Birmingham @SoDuaLipa
RT @ebba_awards: Feeling European. That's always a good thing. Thank you @DUALIPA! #ebba17 #esns17 https://t.co/ZxoHgiblYj
Mirjam Wulfse @MirjamWulfse
RT @TopDutchCom: We Are Vibrant. Today, the EuroSonic festival starts in Groningen, Top Of Holland. #EBBA17 #TopDutch https://t.co/tVx4QlsZ…
Natalie La Rose News @TeamLaRoseNews
RT @ebba_awards: And on the right path you are, @natalielarose! #ebba17 #esns17 https://t.co/bQ7XDPGfOO
ian w @toofeckinmuch
RT @ebba_awards: An interview with the man who signed The Ramones and @Madonna: @seymourstein! #ebba17 #esns17 https://t.co/PXQZEC4jjO
Romana Königsbrun @koenigsbrun
RT @ebba_awards: Great live performance by the Austrian. @filous at #EBBA17. #esns17. https://t.co/ReMNcsHLL6
lucie @shelies_
RT @ebba_awards: And the acceptsnce speech by @Jainmusic. "More important than ever to celebrate this." #ebba17 https://t.co/tzIfqMdPaM
Lina Morgan Freeman @lestrut
RT @FestivalesInfo: #EBBA17: ¡Ya estamos dentro de la gala de los @ebbacharts ! ¡Te lo contamos todo en #FESTINFO! @ESNSmusic @esns @ebba_a…
Europa in Nederland @EUinNL
RT @ebba_awards: Powerful performance by @natalielarose at #ebba17. https://t.co/BNysCmrkAn
Lina Morgan Freeman @lestrut
RT @FestivalesInfo: #EBBA17: Y el Premio del Público es para @DUALIPA!!! @ebba_awards ⚡️ #FESTINFO https://t.co/5cuS8fVA3S
Hendri Meendering @HMeendering
RT @MirjamWulfse: Wie spotten we in de volgende tweet bij de Ebba Awards #EBBA17 ?
Festivals_Irl @Festitweetup
RT @talldanhegarty: Congratulations to @DUALIPA - winner of the People's Choice vote @ebba_awards #EBBA17 https://t.co/QQ0rYXrIbm
Natalie La Rose News @TeamLaRoseNews
RT @markeganvideo: At the @ebba_awards in Groningen with @natalielarose performing #eurosonicfan #eurosonic #EBBA17 https://t.co/bg6d4f5463
Natalie La Rose News @TeamLaRoseNews
RT @ebba_awards: Look at these lovely people! It's @natalielarose doing some interviews today at #ebba17. #europeanborderbreakersawards #ES…
Natalie La Rose News @TeamLaRoseNews
RT @ebba_awards: This Wednesday we have our grand moment: The European Border Breakers Awards 2017! Winners: @natalielarose! #EBBA17 https:…
Lina Morgan Freeman @lestrut
RT @MissPersChopped: #EBBA17, @hindsband nos dice a todas las chicas "We can do It!!!" 🤘🏼❤⚡️ #Holanda #EBBA #Awards #FESTINFO #aquíestamos
Aino Laine @laine_aino
RT @LEkulttuuri: Tänä iltana juhlitaan eurooppalaista musiikkia ja selviää voittaako @JaakkoEino #EBBA17 yleisöäänestyksen. Peukut pystyyn!…
Dua&Isaac/Birmingham @SoDuaLipa
RT @hotduah: .@DUALIPA at the EBBA show! #esns17 #ebba17 (via @giels insta story) https://t.co/eKPaQq05iR
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