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When you throw your girl on the bed tryna be sexy but she hits her head and dies
20 Mar, 07:10 PM UTC
Back to work! A new Overwatch patch is currently in development and now available for testing on the PTR. ⚙️… https://t.co/VnMyXKD9gq
20 Mar, 07:06 PM UTC
how to tell if a girl smokes weed/vapes: flat bill snapback
20 Mar, 06:47 PM UTC
I think that @PlayOverwatch needs to add a fucking Sonic Skin for Lucio with the PTR update.
20 Mar, 02:36 AM UTC
Pasteur Gino
Le plus dangereux de tous c'est le goumin "Ebola" tu n'a rien demander on te met dans goumin 😂😂😂 , tu sais ps comment tu es rentré dedans
19 Mar, 10:12 PM UTC
ESPECIAL | El #ebola barrió Sierra Leona. Sus supervivientes cuentan qué quedó. https://t.co/eQYiYl1fwN
19 Mar, 10:35 PM UTC
NYT Health
It trains foreign doctors to help the U.S. detect viruses like Zika and Ebola. President Trump's budget cuts it. https://t.co/QdWARHBmqH
20 Mar, 02:41 PM UTC
Popular Science
This vaccine just might stop Ebola from annihilating the great apes https://t.co/p8PLKunEnZ
20 Mar, 05:00 PM UTC
Samaritan's Purse
Read Dr. Brantly's perspective on our Ebola documentary @facing_darkness & why he firmly believes God is good. https://t.co/xu9yLYmzdR
20 Mar, 03:30 PM UTC
Khxos 🌍
Funny how Ebola magically disappeared without a cure 🙂
20 Mar, 12:19 PM UTC
#Ebola must never be an epidemic again, no other infectious diseases should be. #DiseaseFreeWorld
20 Mar, 12:08 PM UTC
#Highlighted from Antiviral Research: Implementation of a non-human primate model of Ebola disease #OAhttps://t.co/xeZ2uDsIvu
20 Mar, 01:00 PM UTC
The Telegraph
Doctor hid temperature of nurse who caught Ebola as medics wanted to get home for Christmas, tribunal hears https://t.co/fZEuCL5prb
20 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
Mondays feel like an Ebola ridden pencil being shoved into your arm Oh and the pencil is also on fire
20 Mar, 03:20 PM UTC
Mari Santangelo
def think I have the bubonic plague or whooping cough or ebola or malaria or pneumonia or an upper respiratory tract infection pls kill me
20 Mar, 02:30 PM UTC
I'm going to make a video about Hitler doing the Smash or Gas challenge :)
20 Mar, 02:34 PM UTC
EDF Growing Returns
.@KYAgCommish @RyanQuarlesKY on benefits of ag research: Public-private research led to no-till corn and Ebola vaccine. #FarmBillSummit
20 Mar, 07:39 PM UTC
Cada vez que recibo un sc de un rubio me da ebola.
20 Mar, 07:58 PM UTC
no fun
@halice___ daddy's gonna catch my ebola
20 Mar, 08:10 PM UTC
Atif Kukaswadia, PhD
Empowering Community Health Workers with Telecommunications Tools https://t.co/Yn19rGzbOq #HealthTech #globalhealth
20 Mar, 06:00 PM UTC
Dagonde #ASLAN2017
@CuninganLostPwd @albersag a ver si encuentro yo una cepa desarrolladita del ébola y te la mando para corresponder la atención... 😜
20 Mar, 07:54 PM UTC
Donna A. Patterson
_ @SenatorCollins "when we stop Ebola from spreading in Nigeria -- a major int'l hub -- we save American lives." #HerHealth @SmartGlblHealth
20 Mar, 07:52 PM UTC
Report UK
Doctor admits misleading over Ebola. https://t.co/8sssDrDFrV
20 Mar, 07:48 PM UTC
Sarah J
One of the finalists for the Innovation #bondawards: young journalists involved in the ebola crisis in SL https://t.co/gOkTGVfQ50 @bondngo
20 Mar, 07:42 PM UTC
@Saaidd7 @heartbasel they just wanna be oppressed so they can have a go at white people, they dont give a shit about ebola lol.
20 Mar, 08:17 PM UTC
TES Resources
During #secondary Tutor time, discuss the #Ebola outbreak via these thought-provoking activities >> https://t.co/OK9hw7MmSV #rednoseday
20 Mar, 08:15 PM UTC
Noor Dahri
🇮🇶Iraq has CBN weapons. It was discovered that Iraq possessed quantities of Anthrax, Smallpox, the Ebola virus and chemical nerve agents
20 Mar, 08:11 PM UTC
Fucking Ebola
@TeunHoeb hahahahaha yes mum
20 Mar, 08:11 PM UTC
Elton John
Can't believe I've got Ebola
20 Mar, 08:10 PM UTC
Thought Leadership
The Survivors: Rebuilding Lives after Ebola https://t.co/m5uWA3rE2i
20 Mar, 08:09 PM UTC
Sophie Bangs
@PhWanderer Con esto te gano en ébola a todos los videos y gifs que me has pasado https://t.co/FzrCLiiCdg
20 Mar, 08:08 PM UTC
Gern Blanston👤
"Wow all the weirdos go to Walmart at night" -what everyone else is thinking too, weirdo
20 Mar, 08:06 PM UTC
O camelô dizendo que a pastilha dele cura até o Ebola apenas um real.
20 Mar, 08:05 PM UTC
Vet Money Digest
What did you miss this week in #veterinary news? https://t.co/jvO0gKcMs9
20 Mar, 08:05 PM UTC
This is what @DrTedros said in 2014 long b4 #WHODG bid-"Universal health care could have prevented the Ebola crisis"https://t.co/2iDGlQEI9N
20 Mar, 08:04 PM UTC
Ese chivúo y sus herederos son más mortales que el arsénico y más peligrosos que el ébola. Hay que fumigar. https://t.co/xsQ4EAplAf
20 Mar, 08:04 PM UTC
Porter Mary
Information can stop #ebola. And you can't get #ebola from watching tv. Jana Telfer #AYASummit #EndEbola
20 Mar, 08:03 PM UTC
Conservative Scores
Can Obama be trusted with national security? Can he be trusted with the Ebola virus? https://t.co/wyWEfgB5Te RT #USA #Conservatives
20 Mar, 08:02 PM UTC
nina devries
Doctor misled medics over Ebola diagnosis https://t.co/mlbrKQo1tx via @YahooCanada #salone #ebola #sierraleone
20 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
@Hellbound_Heart Doubtless they can rearrange but they'll take advantage until you basically say no fucking more.
20 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
Shared via BBC: Doctor admits misleading over Ebola
20 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
anime hyunjoong
i just saw this thing abt ebola but i scrolled up too fast fuck
20 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
La #Guinee soyez vigilant lavez-vous reguilièrement les mains à l'eau et au savon #Ebola #Team224 https://t.co/ieIAyr1yzA
20 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
@Hellbound_Heart Sounds you're like one of the few in your dept not on sick leave every term ...how much more pressure can they put on you?
20 Mar, 07:59 PM UTC
#DebatTF1 la tete des candidats ne m inspire rien. Ca me donne la dhiarré. On va devoir voter entre la peste, le cholera, le cancer, ebola..
20 Mar, 07:57 PM UTC
Alejandro Basurto
¿Y ahora quién va a pagar las facturas del ébola? 😒 🔼 https://t.co/pixW1cltZY
20 Mar, 07:55 PM UTC
Heart Scotland News
#HeartNews - Doctor Admits Misleading Medics Over Ebola Nurse's High Temperature: https://t.co/9IZnMViyNd
20 Mar, 07:55 PM UTC
57 'Ebola Survivors' Receive Support from LICWETNAPP - Liberian Daily Observer https://t.co/1ZPZDD1Ahk #EbolaChan
20 Mar, 07:53 PM UTC
Brad Blitz
@RaquelAston See @ChildtoChild Pikin to Pikin Tok - children using radio to prevent spread of ebola & sexual violence @DFID_UK @UNICEF_uk
20 Mar, 07:52 PM UTC
Cyndie Annett
Doctor admits misleading over Ebola - https://t.co/5cfTTdlp8d
20 Mar, 07:49 PM UTC
Underwood Abigail
Information can stop #ebola. And you can't get #ebola from watching tv. Jana Telfer #AYASummit #EndEbola
20 Mar, 07:45 PM UTC
Cómo el cambio climático ayudará a predecir virus como el Zika y el Ébola #salud https://t.co/wfb9cJ6DuU
20 Mar, 07:44 PM UTC
@CamiJeder Me agarro sifilis, gangrena, ebola todo junto
20 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC
Debes Leerlo
Cómo el cambio climático ayudará a predecir virus como el Zika y el Ébola #Salud https://t.co/W1tZfGgPWm
20 Mar, 07:42 PM UTC
Doctor admits misleading medics over Pauline Cafferkey temperature https://t.co/c2ALe8S7ND
20 Mar, 07:41 PM UTC
Spread of Ebola resulted in 40% increase in sexual violence in Sierra Leone #bondconf
20 Mar, 07:40 PM UTC
Alison Bateman-House
Volunteer feedback & perceptions after participation in a phase I, first-in-human Ebola vaccine trial https://t.co/V1tgtjqIom
20 Mar, 07:40 PM UTC
Derek, RHIT, CCA
Doctor admits misleading over Ebola https://t.co/Ym10Qxymm2
20 Mar, 07:39 PM UTC
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