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Saad Jawaid @edtimestories
RT @jsrecip: Looking after frail patients is everyone's business regardless of your profession or specialty #EDworkforceideas
Saad Jawaid @edtimestories
RT @ECISTNetwork: @edtimestories Describing his NHS journey including the difficulties navigating the change in culture #EDworkforceideas I…
c magee @magi007
RT @HECTORcares: #EDworkforceideas designed jointly by ed and CCG clinicians based on presentation and risk criteria..25-35% attendances th…
c magee @magi007
RT @rawlingsNHS: #EDworkforceideas @DrUrsulaM some GPs want to work in both primary care and acute ambulatory care. Saw 30% of intake in 8…
Carol Clarke @mellenoweth
RT @rawlingsNHS: #EDworkforceideas need to give GPs in ED the space to practice as a GP. They are a senior Dr not an SHO.
Saad Jawaid @edtimestories
RT @Damian_Roland: If interested in more resources please do follow @EM3FOAMed https://t.co/9ZvUAXIBpd #FrailtyFriday #EDworkforceideas h…
Amanda Rawlings @rawlingsNHS
RT @PeteGordon68: I think @GERED_DOC & @POBanerjee are the "Ant & Dec' of the frail older people world 😄 #EDworkforceideas https://t.co/VoQ…
LRI ED ANP's @LriEdAnp
RT @ECISTNetwork: Dr Ffion talking about the pit stop approach #EDworkforceideas https://t.co/nIXuOjGz7R
Pete Gordon @PeteGordon68
RT @ryanannie74: Getting streaming right is a key front door objective #EDworkforceideas https://t.co/YzzXvtuKfu
Bruce Gray @brucejgray
RT @EDdocUK: #EDworkforceideas. another challenge. We blame DTOCs but in London is only 3% of beds. Bigger impact by reducing other Pt len…
c magee @magi007
RT @rawlingsNHS: #EDworkforceideas patients sometimes need a 'little extra' but don't need to be admitted. Ambulatory GP & nurse led care w…
simon laing @laing_simon
RT @HECTORcares: #EDworkforceideas what's becoming clear is the need for fresh innovation-we can't keep looking in the same places for solu…
Saad Jawaid @edtimestories
RT @Damian_Roland: What does a good "front door" look like in emergency care…? Ffion Davies #EDworkforceideas https://t.co/utB2KzqMoM
LRI ED ANP's @LriEdAnp
RT @nhsadmin: Absolutely spot on! #edworkforceideas https://t.co/5xjxKH2VS0
LRI ED ANP's @LriEdAnp
RT @edtimestories: GP with special interest in EM offer great value to front door ED streaming #EDworkforceideas @ECIProgramme
Vicki Enright @vicki_enright
RT @ECISTNetwork: Dr Ursula Montgomery - GPs approach to ambulatory emergency care at the front door #EDworkforceideas @timgillatt @EDdocUK
EastMidlandsFOAM @EM3FOAMed
Handover is a good educational opportunity @Damian_Roland #EDworkforceideas https://t.co/0V7o5Ycx1U
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