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Paul McLeod @pdmcleod
Trump calls BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage” which is wildly unfair as we are a succeeding pile of garbage.
Wayne Appleby @woahorse
RT @bfraser747: "You are fake news." Watch #PresidentElectTrump call #BuzzFeed “a failing pile of garbage” & refuse to answer question from…
Sarai Walker @QueSaraiSera
RT @RepAdamSchiff: CNN is "disgraceful." Buzzfeed is a "failing pile of garbage." He invokes Nazi Germany... but isn't this how book burnin…
Jess @jessica__jim
RT @nedfulmer: That's MISTER failing pile of garbage to you
🐸 @LR on @tweet4luke
RT @ScottAdamsSays: Thank you President-Elect Trump for branding my nemesis BuzzFeed a "failing pile of garbage." My slice of America just…
Ian Harding @iharding51
RT @JonIronmonger: Trump's latest assessment of our journalism: CNN: "fake news" Buzzfeed: "a failing pile of garbage" BBC News: "there's…
O. Rojas @rojasopoder
RT @ajplus: Trump called CNN “fake news” and BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage.”
michaela @littlekittns
RT @missyasin: get your 'failing pile of garbage' swag rn 💅 🔥
Eileen Kay @ekdeplorable
RT @zerohedge: Trump Slams CNN Reporter "You Are Fake News", Calls BuzzFeed "Failing Pile Of Garbage
Sandi Childs @sandi_childs
RT @TwitterMoments: Trump called @BuzzFeed a "failing pile of garbage" & told CNN's @Acosta "you are fake news" at his press conference. ht…
Rikki Endsley @rikkiends
RT @virginiahughes: Failing Pile of Garbage is hiring:
Molly Hackett @mollhack
RT @chrisgeidner: For those writing/talking about BuzzFeed selling "failing pile of garbage" merchandise, do note that all proceeds go @pre…
Gav @Gavmar101
RT @KFILE: The last two jobs on my resume are "failing pile of garbage" and "fake news."
ScarletRegina @ScarletRegina
RT @alplicable: ICYMI - @BuzzFeed is selling "Failing Pile of Garbage" merchandise and all the proceeds will go to the Committee to Protect…
Nicki Sprinz @Sprinzette
RT @kadhimshubber: [Public notice: it's not funny that the incoming prez called BuzzFeed a failing pile of garbage and that they will suffe…
Political Monkey @PMonkeyHumanist
RT @TheRebelTV: MUST SEE: @realDonaldTrump calls @BuzzFeed 'failing pile of garbage' at press conference | #MAGA #p…
Stella Storm @BigBrotherNoNo
RT @docdhj: An Awesome event!: Trump Slams BuzzFeed As "Failing Pile Of Garbage", Tells CNN "You Are Fake News" @l…
WorldNews_net @worldnews_net
RT @nypost: ICYMI: Donald Trump got into it with a CNN reporter
lipstickpundit @lipstickpundit1
RT @Anncostanza1: The best part of the presser 2day Trump telling CNN that they are "FakeNews" & calling BuzzFeed "A failing pile of garbag…
(((Quantum Dragon))) @silver_selkie
RT @thehill: BuzzFeed turns Trump's "failing pile of garbage" diss into merch
Lyle Halstead @Cty2CtyLyle
RT @realjunsonchan: Super funny! I got many laughs today from Fake News idiots Buzzfeed/CNN! Steaming, failing pile of garbage indeed!#trum…
Lossof1stamendment @greatagain4
RT @johncardillo: HRC's "deplorables" comment failed and was owned because Americans are not deplorable. @BuzzFeed however is "a failing pi…
Yanick Saila-Ngita @wunderkind87
RT @AlbertSamaha: all $$$ from buzzfeed's "Failing Pile of Garbage" merchandise will go to the Committee to Protect Journalists: https://t.…
Joe Geraci @res2043
RT @Flgirl722: Trump calls Buzzfeed 'pile of garbage,' won't call on CNN at presser via @MailOnline
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