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The Hill @thehill
Jake Tapper fires back at Trump: "Fake media" didn't fire Flynn, you did https://t.co/gWhUWDhsXm https://t.co/oNuHwZj0zB
Wanda Ransom @wandaransom
RT @thehill: Jake Tapper fires back at Trump: "Fake media" didn't fire Flynn, you did https://t.co/ktfufrF66U https://t.co/frGInKR6pE
Kim Klaas @KimKlaas1
RT @mcotteri: "fake fires" https://t.co/dMaPFuv6pD
Michael Barlow @mikeaecons
RT @davebernstein: He just said "Reince is running around putting out fires that aren't real. They're fake." So the fires Reince is puttin…
Starchild @ThisStarChild
RT @JonRiley7: In the East Room of the White House Trump calls the Flynn/Russia scandal "fake fires." If it was fake why doesn't Flynn stil…
David Whitaker @DavidWhitakerSr
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Jake Tapper fires back at Trump: "Fake media" didn't fire Flynn, you did #TheResistance https://t.co/zQ5IYvrlq7
Scott Stoyanovich @Redmaw66
RT @RealDonalDrumpf: There are so many fake fires I may have to hire a few more Russian prostitutes to help put them out
cindy miller @cindy_louwho
RT @jessjcarlson: Fake News, Fake Fires, Alternative Facts, “the public doesn’t believe it” “Russia is a ruse” “I’m treated unfairly” How a…
Arija Meiers 💔🇺🇸 @arijameiers
RT @theharryshearer: Does it take fake water to put out fake fires?
KDG70🇺🇸 @KristinG70
RT @FaceTheNation: "He's working so hard just putting out fires that are fake fires," @POTUS says of White house chief of staff @Reince
nobody @braden_rose
RT @Northside_Mike: @brthurr Let's recap: Real leaks Fake news Fake fires Fox and Friends has a good show Everyone else doesn't Relationsh…
Old GOPer @OGOPer
RT @fairchris: @_CJBowers @chrislhayes He DIDN'T just say "this is a fine-tuned machine" and Priebus has to put out "fake fires"
Andrea Star Reese @andreastarreese
RT @katz: Fake Fires is the new Fake News
(((heather quinn))) @heathquinn
RT @vinniequinn: Trump banging on about Hilary Clinton, uranium, fake fires, morning tv ratings and repeating total bullshit. #SCROTUS is d…
(((MamaNasty))) @mamanastase
RT @Nataya: Now @realDonaldTrump talking about fake fires caused by fake news & he says but I won You should be nice to me.... #WeAreThePeo…
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