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.@Nigel_Farage is asking remain voters: What will it take for you to support Brexit? #FarageOnLBChttps://t.co/SPDQfTSxXE
27 Mar, 05:58 PM UTC
15-year-old caller tells @Nigel_Farage: no matter what way you voted you have to 'respect democracy' #farageonlbchttps://t.co/YQmdBOZD7z
27 Mar, 06:32 PM UTC
.@Nigel_Farage: 'If Brexit is a disaster I'll go and live abroad - but it's not going to be' #FarageOnLBChttps://t.co/JAeqWlr5Zd
27 Mar, 06:54 PM UTC
15-year-old teen tells @Nigel_Farage 'It's time to rip off the Brexit band aid' #FarageOnLBC
27 Mar, 07:03 PM UTC
Remainer tells @nigel_farage: 'You have to accept what the majority wants' #FarageOnLBC https://t.co/tNXM7Nx3c0
27 Mar, 06:23 PM UTC
Nigel on next ! @Nigel_Farage #farageonlbc @LBC Discussing A50
27 Mar, 06:02 PM UTC
#farageonlbc says "if #Brexit is a disaster i will live abroad..." nice for u Nige leave the rest of us to sort out the shit!!
27 Mar, 07:13 PM UTC
Feisty teenager tells @Nigel_Farage: 'It's time to get this Brexit thing over with'#FarageOnLBChttps://t.co/jMz0zUvviv
27 Mar, 08:09 PM UTC
#farageonlbc Remoaners can't bring themselves to criticise unlimited, unvetted immigration because they think that would make them racist.
27 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
@LBC Nigel, prison officers not allowed to enter mosques in prisons. The lunatics are running the asylums. #farageonlbc
27 Mar, 06:37 PM UTC
David Webb
Doesn't @LBC have any other presenters? #FarageOnLBC
27 Mar, 07:52 PM UTC
Finest Pet Portraits
.@Nigel_Farage is asking remain voters: What will it take for you to support Brexit? #FarageOnLBC http://l-bc... https://t.co/6Qi7tu4Thg
27 Mar, 07:38 PM UTC
#farageonlbc #brexit truth is people don't see what EU do positive for their lives (if anything), they just see hopelessness & foreign names
27 Mar, 07:20 PM UTC
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