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Josi Kritikos @musicspeaks18
RT @RollingStone: Adele joins Taylor Swift as the only female artists to score two #GRAMMYs Album of the Year victories
Sarah Jane @AndreaRoseNoire
RT @goldenerahits_: Alicia Keys (2002) and Beyoncé (2010) are the only black female artists to win "Song of the Year". #Grammys https://t.c…
Taylor Swift Love♥ @1989_TaylorLove
RT @TSwiftLA: Taylor and Adele are the only female artists to ever win Album of the Year twice! #GRAMMYs https://t.co/aPEFvSTpnS
Yve @Sef_Sky
RT @VS_Artist: Only female artists to win Album Of The Year at #GRAMMYs RT for Adele LIKE for Taylor Swift https://t.co/VOp8iZoFpY
Izah @isa_wave
RT @womensart1: Indigenous Australian artist Anna Petyarre began painting in 1981 and is from a family of female artists #womensart https:/…
Jeffrey Bianca @Bianca2swiftie
RT @blessedswifty: The biggest female artists on US iTunes at the moment: 1. Taylor Swift 2. Lady Gaga 3. Katy Perry 4. Camila Cabello htt…
Josi Kritikos @musicspeaks18
RT @blessedswifty: Taylor Swift and Adele are the ONLY female artists in HISTORY to win 'Album Of The Year' award at the #GRAMMYs  TWICE! h…
ٰ @BabyDollrafah
RT @ArianaTodayNet: Ariana is among the top 10 female artists with the most top 5 hits (in the U.S.) this decade. She has 4! https://t.co/U…
daniela @everydayave
RT @musicnewsariana: Ariana and Taylor Swift are the only female artists to win the AMA award for Artist of the Year this decade https://t.…
Rylin_Peace @PeaceIs_Free
RT @StarlightTSwift: Adele and Taylor are the only female artists in history who have won the grammy for AOTY twice & probably the only one…
The Guardian @guardian
Retrieving an untold story: voices of Spanish female artists finally heard https://t.co/NG3X7vJ6Ke
RT @SelenasSource: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez are the only female artists on Top 10 of USA iTunes right now! #Bu…
RT @Selenator: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Selena are the only female artists in the top 5 of iTunes US, at #2, #4 & #5 respectively. #Buy…
meiley @bizzlecuteass
RT @GrandeAware: 📂 Female Artists └📁Selena Gomez └📁 Grammys └⚠️ The folder is empty.
Monica✊ @MsMKT86
RT @kxtysboy: 📂 Female Artists └📁Taylor Swift └📁 Impact on Pop Music └⚠️ The folder is empty.
Izah @isa_wave
RT @womenartsscot: "female artists account for just 4% of the National Gallery of Scotland’s collection" https://t.co/CMj3VOFIHC
s. @sophie_karra99
RT @harrioakland_: Tori Kelly seriously is one of the best female artists out there. No one has ever inspired me like she has. Goosebumps a…
ㅤ宮西ひかる @Insane038
RT @iLLNE5S: 女性の彫り師が語る「タトゥーと韓国」 https://t.co/iiXCcXqpyn
milkovich @omeekasson
RT @sasha_458: 📂 Female Artists └ 📁 The Queen of Rap └ 📁 Nicki Minaj
Butterfly's Daydream @flutterlamb
RT @immabeyonce: 📂 Female Artists └📁 Mariah Carey └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ 0 results were found.
shalyssa @Alyssagp__
RT @sssyberg: 📂 Female Artists └📁 Ariana Grande └📁 Worst Songs └⚠️ The folder is empty.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ @TheGloryBritney
RT @Kingnacio: 📂 Female Artists └📁 Beyoncé └📁 Original Content └⚠️ The folder is empty.
Anna V M M ☄️ @AnnaVMMarks
RT @IdeelArt: Show @Sothebys in London is part of growing trend to revaluate and promote female artists https://t.co/XFpgmohB1E @TheArtNews…
Izah @isa_wave
RT @wallpapermag: Turner Contemporary's timely exhibition on needlework from female artists is right on point: https://t.co/UQgTvEcMKD http…
Ärmand Llego ✨ @armyllego
RT @hisillusion: 📂 Female Artists └📁 Lady Gaga └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ The folder is empty.
Izah @isa_wave
RT @CreatorsProject: Photos from the world’s largest collection of female artists (@WomenInTheArts) go on display at @_TheWhitechapel: http…
Samuel Bréan @YosemiteBailey
RT @WomenaHollywood: Retrieving an untold story: voices of Spanish female artists finally heard | World news | The Guardian https://t.co/zc…
rip valentine @babyl3ve
RT @BlissInterlude: 📂 Female Artists └📁 Mariah Carey └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ 0 results were found.
Bernie @bruiz1661
RT @Exmotions: 📂 Female Artists └📁 Shakira └📁 Worst Songs └⚠️ Error: No files found
Damienne Merlina @WhatsinaDame
RT @HuffPostArts: 6 artists from around the world reveal what female lust means to them https://t.co/j80vA7BPIF https://t.co/gDcnR63CR9
Portugalღ'sCVGrimmie @CVGLuckhurst
RT @Grimmie_Frand: Best Female Artists on iTunes right now?? @TheRealGrimmie 🔥🔥 #BuyInvisibleOniTunes #CGForever #IWontBeINVISIBLE https://…
Izah @isa_wave
RT @Artips_en: Uffizi to show more female artists https://t.co/cwJIiLkIaQ
boy blue @mattmerced
RT @newtscamandwr: 📂 female artists └📁 lana del rey └📁 worst songs └⚠️ the folder is empty
Izah @isa_wave
RT @HUCKmagazine: Radical love: The female artists putting a fresh spin on ancient, erotic poems https://t.co/f7G0P3Zb4R @loveRadicalLove h…
Lorenzo ♚ @bbbfffds8
RT @PeterTheMonster: 📂 Female Artists └📁 Lorde └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ 0 results were found
Rylin_Peace @PeaceIs_Free
RT @mayracrowe: Retrieving an untold story: voices of Spanish female artists finally heard https://t.co/gcyPnYSJsU
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