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Winnipeg Police
While Crystal Meth is the mostly widely used drug we're seeing on winnipeg streets, #fentanyl is the most concerning due to its potency. 1/2
21 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
travis lupick
Illicit drugs killed 219 people in BC during the first 2 months of 2017 https://t.co/R6f5f6GgcW *Annual* average 2001-10 was 212. #fentanyl
20 Mar, 06:43 PM UTC
travis lupick
If @CityOfVancouver OD deaths remain like this thru 2017, this year will see *double* deaths we did in 2016. (444 v… https://t.co/l6PxADEd22
20 Mar, 08:36 PM UTC
travis lupick
.@CDCofBC doc: "BC Public Health Opioid Overdose Emergency March 2017 update" https://t.co/6ttqfK8uE0 < Great repo… https://t.co/Jncx0mzeU7
20 Mar, 10:50 PM UTC
Alex Munter
New study says majority of #opioids are insecurely stored in households with children https://t.co/2bIPWAnukk #fentanyl #opioidepidemic
20 Mar, 08:58 PM UTC
Bailey Lamon✌💜
Fixing #fentanyl means treating trauma that creates addicts https://t.co/Z0EH71GmB8
21 Mar, 02:01 AM UTC
travis lupick
"Governance Structure - Overdose Response". From a @CityOfVancouver FOI package on #fentanyl & drug OD deaths.… https://t.co/sohzL274G4
20 Mar, 11:56 PM UTC
travis lupick
.@pqpolitics Another comparison maybe of interest: 'Illicit-drug overdose deaths vs. deaths attributed to HIV/AIDS… https://t.co/inl8U20yC6
21 Mar, 12:19 AM UTC
Rep. Tim Murphy
TOMORROW at 8:30am: I’m on @kqvnews radio to discuss #SubOversight hearing on the deadly #fentanyl crisis. Stay tuned!
21 Mar, 12:02 AM UTC
WSFA 12 News
JUST IN: Birmingham man pleads guilty to selling #fentanyl that killed UA student, 20. https://t.co/WDmlvVoIIU
20 Mar, 07:58 PM UTC
travis lupick
'Illicit-drug overdose deaths vs. traffic fatalities in BC' At @pqpolitics's request. (Related:… https://t.co/Puh6dQoEld
21 Mar, 12:11 AM UTC
UnitingCare ReGen
#Heroin #overdose s lead to fears of death toll (NSW) https://t.co/0DDpXwIv1j citing @mattnoffs @nuaansw #fentanyl
20 Mar, 10:43 PM UTC
HuffPost Québec
Acheter du #fentanyl sur Internet, trop facile? (SRC) https://t.co/gaYEUbSI6V #drogues
20 Mar, 11:47 PM UTC
Rafferty Baker
'Just do it': Expert calls for prescription opioid funding https://t.co/lPTk7uuSRq #fentanyl #overdosecrisis
20 Mar, 06:52 PM UTC
Community Safety
B.C. has recorded more than 200 fatal overdoses so far this year #fentanyl #OverdoseCrisis https://t.co/N8TYYYmNMy via @MetroNewsCanada
20 Mar, 11:43 PM UTC
Pete Quily
3 times the deaths. Does it get 3 times govt resources? BC's overdose deaths vs traffic deaths by @tlupick #bcpolihttps://t.co/3GShWKAOpg
21 Mar, 12:26 AM UTC
Pamela Fayerman
Deaths related to #alcohol seem to be on par with deaths from #fentanyl - https://t.co/dTDgHrhd7Z
21 Mar, 12:45 AM UTC
It's super important for the residents of West #Kelowna to get rid of a woman who allows 1141 #fentanyl deaths with… https://t.co/KeYglb9I1d
21 Mar, 02:37 AM UTC
Pete Quily
@kelownascott @tlupick Sadly drug addicts & their families not rich enough to buy #CashForAccess to #CrookedChristyhttps://t.co/YVkf3K9F0z
21 Mar, 12:45 AM UTC
Paula Robeson
Pharmacy and professor team up to develop #fentanyl-detection device https://t.co/QAevtLemch
20 Mar, 07:42 PM UTC
#fentanyl is the problem and the solution
21 Mar, 02:56 AM UTC
Pete Quily
3 times the deaths. Does it get 3 times govt resources? BC's overdose deaths vs traffic deaths by @tlupickhttps://t.co/l0cpBbKbbi
21 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
Marky De Suede
@stranahan Maybe the siren from a paramedic ambulance coming your way because you're OD'ing? #Fentanyl
21 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
Mr Jefferson Talbot
Do drugs and you deserve to die. Better off without you. #fentanyl
21 Mar, 01:05 AM UTC
KGB Skitty
Our own Government is poisoning our youth and killing millions to keep themselves and drug cartel paid. #WarOnDrugshttps://t.co/ABmIvFTXkd
21 Mar, 12:59 AM UTC
Centre Uautshitun
VIDÉO Acheter du #fentanyl sur Internet, trop facile? https://t.co/EKPjTVUHsG via @HuffPostQuebec
21 Mar, 12:36 AM UTC
Pete Quily
@tlupick Wow. 2 biggest provinces in Canada & AB Refus to collect overdose death stats? Insane. #cdnpoli #onpolihttps://t.co/5Rxpo3nq4C
21 Mar, 12:09 AM UTC
Zazoom Social News
#Fentanyl analgesico più forte della morfina. Allarme overdose #Fentanyl, #analgesico #più #forte #della ... https://t.co/WbI0BgHgNY
20 Mar, 11:57 PM UTC
Pete Quily
Do you live in Yukon or Nunavut? Ask your politicians why they REFUSE to give overdose death #s to media #fentanyl https://t.co/lt5xmD7KfC
20 Mar, 11:53 PM UTC
HuffPostQuebec: Acheter du #fentanyl sur Internet, trop facile? (SRC) https://t.co/LGxCddxJxA #drogues
20 Mar, 11:49 PM UTC
Vancouver Courier
Meet Frank, the 59-year-old #fentanyl dealer and former special constable for the RCMP: https://t.co/XHcj1hcddrhttps://t.co/yMulMUJuGQ
20 Mar, 11:00 PM UTC
Zazoom Social News
#Fentanyl analgesico più forte della morfina. Allarme overdose #Fentanyl, #analgesico #più #forte #della ... https://t.co/i9ZECXtJpC
20 Mar, 10:42 PM UTC
Derek Henderson
Deadly Dose: The Dangers of Synthetic Drugs for Narcotics Officers and K-9's https://t.co/zskrrNKO9G #fentanyl #opiates #PPE
20 Mar, 09:08 PM UTC
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