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Keith Boykin @keithboykin
Jake Tapper on Trump news conference: "It was an airing of grievances. It was Festivus." https://t.co/kp50E1ZxA8
Karen N H @sassy_sagi
RT @20committee: I was gonna compose a brief analysis/rant about #TrumpPressConference but @jaketapper said it already; Festivus #FTW https…
Sharon dorisio @dorisio_sharon
RT @RawStory: ‘It was Festivus’: CNN’s Jake Tapper tears into Trump’s ‘wild’ and ‘unhinged’ press conference https://t.co/9Y2MwZ6Ekk https:…
James @jcmarbury
RT @PaulBegala: .@jaketapper on @realDonaldTrump presser: It was an airing of grievances. It was Festivus...It was unhinged. It was wild."
Nicole Pennington @NicolePennin
RT @kbeninato: "It was Festivus. It was unhinged." Jake Tapper, CNN #TrumpPressConference https://t.co/EfpDmci31V
Mompreneur #DemForce @ArethadKitson
RT @girlsreallyrule: Since it's Festivus and all: Sexist Too orange Grabs Puss Liar Worships $$$ Sold US to Russia to win In bed with Putin…
Patty Ingham @pahbles
RT @alt_labor: Festivus is trending b/c of Trump's airing of grievances #festivus
Bent Wing Bird @bent_wing
RT @ItIzBiz: There, there, "Mr. President" #TrumpPressConference #TrumpPresser #TrumpsInsane #ImpeachTrump #TheResistance #Resist Festivus…
Denise Anne @Purpletrtl11
RT @ballpark_frank: Joe: ...So *then* he says "...the leaks are real, the news is fake..." #TrumpPressConference #Festivus https://t.co/0pq…
Jamie Hutt-Semple @JamieHuttSemple
RT @bruce_arthur: "It was the airing of grievances. It was Festivus." — @jaketapper https://t.co/8c9qqGAQCB
Lesley Plucinski @PlucinskiLesley
RT @Pappiness: If the #TrumpPressConference was Festivus, then the feats of strength were journalists having to endure listening to him ran…
RT @RealMuckmaker: Tapper slams Trump's press conference: ‘It was an airing of grievances. It was Festivus' https://t.co/FzCcWXYptV via @bi…
David @dtfarrar
RT @StaceyHeller1: @KatyTurNBC just referred to Trump's press conference as Festivus. An airing of grievances. Hilarious! #festivus #TrumpP…
Michelle Checkis @emschelle
RT @RikerGoogling: when is festivus
Sonador @ Dreamer @MarleneZomber
RT @christoq: Opinion | Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve https://t.co/ZTMKHHx3xt #TrumpPressConference #Flynn Festivus Black Caucus @Katy…
Kandi @yuma2009
RT @asaltandbuttery: #JakeTapper had it right. For Trump it was A Festivus "airing of grievances". #TrumpPresser
Laura & Lucy ⚖️ @LucyLewis37
RT @larsmcmurtry: Missed the televised Trump tantrum today. Was too busy setting up the Festivus pole.
Stephanie Danyluk @Steph_Danyluk
RT @Steph_Danyluk: I didn't know we could have #Festivus in February. #Febstivus #fivethoughtsaday #oscars https://t.co/gBBI9w1tdX
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