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marce @heyimmarci
RT @jamielynn8282: Any character ever played by Meryl Streep. #FictionalInaugurationGuests
#Skirmish @HashtagSkirmish
RT @Tadasco42: #FictionalInaugurationGuests Clint Eastwood's chair is scheduled to give a 25 minute speech covering a range of controversiaā€¦
orlando caison @OrlandoCaison
RT @IMPL0RABLE: #FictionalInaugurationGuests Dear PEEOTUS please consider Pee Wee Herman for Urineauguration.
#Skirmish @HashtagSkirmish
RT @Stellastika: #FictionalInaugurationGuests All those Mexicans willing to pay for a wall
Super Monkey News šŸµ @SuperMonkeyNews
RT @MissLizzyNJ: #FictionalInaugurationGuests Satan Oh wait, never mind... https://t.co/tcsI3MrpBf
#Skirmish @HashtagSkirmish
RT @JayLawrenceJay: The people auditing his tax returns. They don't exist. There is no audit. #FictionalInaugurationGuests #ICareAboutTheTā€¦
Hal Sparks @HalSparks
Trumps character in A Christmas Story #FictionalInaugurationGuests https://t.co/ZhgOm7mRHs
VolcanošŸŒ‹ @Salmavolcano
RT @StarWarsPR: #FictionalInaugurationGuests A legion of the Emperor's best troops. https://t.co/iKLyK6GbX0
John A.Businger @JohnABusinger
RT @gollum1419_g: The 400 pound guy who hacked the Democrats. #FictionalInaugurationGuests https://t.co/58nsLbj30e
#Skirmish @HashtagSkirmish
RT @RoninMara: Senator Session's black friends #fictionalinaugurationguests
sally @smaurisak123
RT @LeoKapakosNY: A POTUS who isn't an arrogant unethical jackass violating the emoluments clause. #FictionalInaugurationGuests
Judy @gsojudy
RT @TeaTraitors: #FictionalInaugurationGuests Not Fictional but Trump Supporters will be there. https://t.co/bG1lTb56DU
Mike Cordero @InsuranceByMC
RT @Happybyrdie: #FictionalInaugurationGuests Jake from State Farm representing the rights of khaki wearers nationwide
Forever Was A Lie @UnseenShreds
RT @KJorud: This German shepherd šŸ˜‚#FictionalInaugurationGuests https://t.co/Bmg46AXObI
Jak Wit @JakWit
RT @only_si_chuck: Cast of ā€œUrinetown: The Musicalā€ #FictionalInaugurationGuests
Sally Finton @SallyF20
RT @whoulooknat: Trumps brother Oompa-Loompa Ronald #FictionalInaugurationGuests https://t.co/B37DJRmgeY
MamaSwin @MamaSwin1
RT @DeniseSwindell: Nurse Ratched from "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" #FictionalInaugurationGuests
Dyl-Pickle @DylanFay7
RT @MicheleNtmitch: An A-lister with a thriving career. #FictionalInaugurationGuests
Purplegarter @Purplegarter1
RT @Word_Grl: Mountain Man, Toothless Man and Banjo Boy from Deliverance #FictionalInaugurationGuests
Gerard McAlroy @gerrinnesmac1
RT @MorpheusZulu: Liberace and Trump's long lost twin #FictionalInaugurationGuests https://t.co/UBtDeHEYzY
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