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Ben Shapiro
Democrats would repeal the First Amendment if they could.
21 Apr, 12:56 AM UTC
Julian Assange
Trump promised to 'drain the swamp' not to feed the First Amendment to its most bloated monster.
21 Apr, 08:38 AM UTC
Impeach Donald Trump
Trump Lawyer: Protesters violated Trump's First Amendment rights by presenting "dissenting views" at his rally. Are you f*cking joking?!?!
21 Apr, 12:50 PM UTC
Dan Bongino
I think your ruthless and disgusting attacks on conservatives are "hate speech" so does the First Amendment protect…
21 Apr, 11:15 AM UTC
Fox News
.@LisaMarieBoothe: "We're seeing this shutting down of the First Amendment and meeting it with violence on too many…
20 Apr, 11:58 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
Howard Dean's claim is profoundly ignorant and profoundly dangerous, in equal measure
21 Apr, 01:30 PM UTC
Shaun King
What the hell? This is First Amendment 101.
21 Apr, 02:33 PM UTC
Red Pill 🌹
@GovHowardDean @occdissent Just Imagine: This guy who doesn't understand the First Amendment ran the DNC and tried…
21 Apr, 12:58 AM UTC
ACLU National
A criminal case against Wikileaks would represent a direct threat to the First Amendment #FreePress
21 Apr, 02:10 PM UTC
Mark Romano
I'll give you the Fascist to English translation: "People I don't agree with should have no First Amendment rights…
21 Apr, 11:44 AM UTC
Sean Davis
Saying hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment is hate speech.
21 Apr, 02:39 AM UTC
Charles C. W. Cooke
Howard Dean is talking dangerous nonsense about the First Amendment.
21 Apr, 12:34 PM UTC
Ari Cohn
“a disturbance…as if millions of First Amendment lawyers suddenly cried out in righteous indignation, smashing thei…
21 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC
The Hill
Lawyer: Protesters violated Trump's First Amendment rights by presenting "dissenting views" at his rally…
21 Apr, 10:31 AM UTC
Ricky Davila
trump's Attorney: "Protesters violated trump's First Amendment rights by presenting dissenting views at his rally" Me: Adolf Trump arrives.
21 Apr, 03:07 PM UTC
David Burke
Howard Dean: 1st Amendment Doesn’t Protect Ann Coulter. Wrong, Howard: Constitution even protects YOUR Stupid Speech
21 Apr, 11:12 AM UTC
The First Amendment covers this. Like.... the very first one. To ensure you didn't get tired of reading, it's first…
21 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
Jim Hoft
Conservative Youth Group YAF=> UC Berkeley Will ‘Honor First Amendment or Face Litigation’
21 Apr, 01:31 PM UTC
Orin Kerr
No, there is no "hate speech" exception to the First Amendment. A timely reminder from 1st Am expert Eugene Volokh.
21 Apr, 02:40 PM UTC
⚔️Drain The Swamp
Idiot Howard Dean Gets Destroyed After Claiming 'Hate Speech Is Not Protected by the First Amendment' - He's nuts
21 Apr, 12:53 PM UTC
Mercedes Schlapp
Berkeley is weak. Stand for the first amendment. Let @AnnCoulter speak. Do
21 Apr, 02:51 PM UTC
Buck Sexton
Former Chairman of the DNC has either failed to read or failed to understand the First Amendment to the Constitution
21 Apr, 03:25 PM UTC
Conservative Students Threaten #Berkeley With Legal Action If They Don't Honor Ann Coulter's Right To Speak.👍…
21 Apr, 01:57 PM UTC
Twitchy Team
ICYMI --> Howard Dean reminds public of First Amendment's little known hate speech exception
21 Apr, 01:57 PM UTC
AtomicElbow™ 💪
That time Trump invited the Trailer Trash Trifecta to the White House #RIPPrince #FridayFeeling First Amendment…
21 Apr, 03:20 PM UTC
Emily Zanotti
In fact, the First Amendment is designed to protect exactly that speech which you, the government, would seek to censor.
21 Apr, 02:55 PM UTC
Volokh Conspiracy
[Eugene Volokh] No, Gov. Dean, there is no ‘hate speech’ exception to the First Amendment
21 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Michael Best
Trump's lawyer claims that protesting him infringes on his First Amendment rights. 👇THIS IS WHAT FASCISM LOOKS LIKE👇
21 Apr, 02:54 PM UTC
Joe FreedomLover
Howard Dean Suggests Ann Coulter Has No Free Speech Rights | The Daily Caller
21 Apr, 02:51 PM UTC
PC: United
#FridayFeeling: The rights of each American, w/ regard to First Amendment rights, are equal and undeniable; as the…
21 Apr, 03:16 PM UTC
Cathy Pegau
Um, that's not how the First Amendment works, kids.
21 Apr, 03:12 PM UTC
The First Amendment mostly appeals only to White people. Yet another reason that we need nationalism.
21 Apr, 03:33 PM UTC
Howard Dean Suggests 1st Amendment Doesn’t Protect Ann Coulter #DemocratLiesMatter #VoteGOP
21 Apr, 03:15 PM UTC
Joe FreedomLover
Former DNC chief Howard Dean: Hate speech isn't protected by the First Amendment - Hot Air
21 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC
Liberals will never accept any restriction on government power, no matter how clearly it is worded. The First Amendment is not ambiguous
21 Apr, 03:33 PM UTC
Michelle Malkin | » **Speak your mind in Howard Dean’s First Amendment seminar (**Restrictions apply)
21 Apr, 03:33 PM UTC
Jake Ace
@GovHowardDean Is honesty covered by the first amendment?
21 Apr, 03:33 PM UTC
Vicki McKenna
Former DNC chief Howard Dean: Hate speech isn’t protected by the First Amendment @judgetroupis
21 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
Michael G. Tucker
@TheMarkRomano @LoraJane A clear violation of the first amendment!
21 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
Howard Dean: First Amendment Doesn't Cover Ann Coulter #dailywired
21 Apr, 03:31 PM UTC
Trump accuses protesters of ‘violating’ his fundamental rights he needs to read the constitution too. Good to know.
21 Apr, 03:31 PM UTC
Tyler Cassidy
Is Howard Dean actually a moron or willfully ignorant?: 'hate speech' and 1st ammendment
21 Apr, 03:31 PM UTC
That tweet hurts because I've debated about First Amendment rights with a frozen margarita in hand while at El Rey. I'm the "howard bitches"
21 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
@thehill the first amendment is a proscription on government, not the citizens :\
21 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Mr. Hand
@Mike_P_Williams @philthatremains But really, you need to educate yourself. I'll post this again:
21 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Lecturer: 'It's an emotional thing … the power of words and the First Amendment' via @iowastatedaily
21 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
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