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Ruti Ahronee @rutiahronee
RT @BirdsEyeUK: Ahead of the #FishFingerSandwichAwards on Thursday, take a look at our pro finalists' delicious sandwiches. Who's your favo…
Birds Eye UK @BirdsEyeUK
Here's Greg Shaw's sandwich - fish fingers topped with homemade lemon and dill mayonnaise #FishFingerSandwichAwards https://t.co/2BkKfNONfZ
Richard Green @RT_Green
RT @BirdsEyeUK: Our first contestant @jjphonehome cooks for our judges #FishFingerSandwichAwards https://t.co/iaIfVe4yLV
Port Isaac Pottery @portisaacpotter
RT @BirdsEyeUK: On to the pro chefs - here's Chris Lanyon of @chapel_cafe. #FishFingerSandwichAwards https://t.co/ZUei4XjODl
martin g foulkes @mrskobritz
RT @BirdsEyeUK: Here's @gabriellesander's - fish fingers with mayo, paprika, capers, lime, wasabi & rocket #FishFingerSandwichAwards https:…
Ravi Assomull @CardiacDoctor
RT @foodurchin: The public round has just kicked off #fishfingersandwichawards https://t.co/UBUd5QGCUk
Fish is the Dish @fishisthedish
RT @BirdsEyeUK: Here's @jjphonehome's sandwich - Cajun slaw, mango & avocado salsa served in a brioche bun #FishFingerSandwichAwards https:…
Fish is the Dish @fishisthedish
RT @BirdsEyeUK: Next up in the public category, it's @gabriellesander cooking for our judges. #FishFingerSandwichAwards https://t.co/dWXbJ6…
Fish is the Dish @fishisthedish
RT @BirdsEyeUK: Finally, we have Greg Shaw cooking in the public category. #FishFingerSandwichAwards https://t.co/dJfzq7QzXO
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