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Alex Andreou
Are you beginning to get how this works now? #France2017 https://t.co/1b6N9aupYP
24 Apr, 06:12 PM UTC
Lori Hendry
GOD PLEASE SAVE FRANCE! LEPEN MUST WIN THIS ELECTION! #LePen #France2017 #MFGA VIVE LA FRANCE 🇫🇷 #GodSaveFrancehttps://t.co/jpnutsb47T
24 Apr, 02:05 AM UTC
AFP news agency
The collapse of the Socialist Party in France #France2017
24 Apr, 08:59 AM UTC
AFP news agency
"France torn apart"? International media react to presidential vote https://t.co/7tFiTVFk4M #France2017
24 Apr, 08:25 AM UTC
#Macron is a puppet of the #EU, you can do better than that #France #FrenchElections #France2017 #LePen #No2EUhttps://t.co/DvGhqUlTEE
24 Apr, 05:08 PM UTC
Another beautiful fine-grained map of #France2017 election results by municipality https://t.co/QHLBGTib1Thttps://t.co/LTdp5TEH65
24 Apr, 12:52 PM UTC
Riccoldo Pennini
#France2017 le pen'in oyları topladığı departmanların haritası, başka bir haritayı çağrıştırıyor vive la Bourgogne… https://t.co/pdJm0LlfO4
24 Apr, 08:49 PM UTC
Macron campaign was target of cyber attacks by spy-linked group https://t.co/bJkqBD5jnR via @Reuters #France2017 #EnMarche
24 Apr, 09:58 PM UTC
Gbee Ba
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #France2017 #Senegal
24 Apr, 09:53 PM UTC
@EU_Buster LePen est votre version de notre Trump! Ne vous laissez pas tromper par ses mensonges! Votez pour Macron… https://t.co/iM4e5lXyGj
24 Apr, 10:01 PM UTC
@JPY_Kurdish LePen est votre version de notre Trump! Ne vous laissez pas tromper par ses mensonges! Votez pour Macr… https://t.co/vwJqdsDbDe
24 Apr, 10:01 PM UTC
#vxtamarina #France2017 por un mundo llibre de EOS OS ELOS Y AFINOS #V2 #KS4dexsal @ESA_EO proyecto of caracas y a… https://t.co/JjxzovtTqT
24 Apr, 10:01 PM UTC
LePen managed a paltry 5% in Paris getting her vast votes from rural areas.Why r places with less migrants so terrified of them? #France2017
24 Apr, 10:00 PM UTC
Южный Крест
"@Pravdiva_pravda: Вот такой шершеляфам " Cherchez la femme! #Macron #France2017
24 Apr, 09:58 PM UTC
Boycott Evil MSM
So contrary2 MSM #FakeNews it's theWallSt #Obama #Hill Macrons that want2 Plunder&Privatize that R theNeolib radica… https://t.co/Qlhp4c20sP
24 Apr, 09:58 PM UTC
Stephanie Hare
#France2017 #Presidentielle2017 Russia disappointed with as Kremlin favourite lags in French race https://t.co/r1OEhz6kVy
24 Apr, 09:57 PM UTC
Richard Truscott
Is Macron going to run own candidates for Assemblée National @BBCNewsnight @EvanHD & wont that piss-off other parties he needs? #France2017
24 Apr, 09:55 PM UTC
Xavier Fajarnes
I si Le Pen no fos el que sembla? per @salvadorcardus #France2017 via @diariARA https://t.co/p7iujJUWHJ
24 Apr, 09:54 PM UTC
France, you are our only hope. Don't vote Le Pen. #NoLePen #France2017 #france
24 Apr, 09:54 PM UTC
S’il vous plaît de France - ne font pas la même erreur stupide que les États-Unis ! Le monde a besoin de vous pour… https://t.co/It1YSag7kl
24 Apr, 09:53 PM UTC
Boycott Evil MSM
#LePen is against privatization of state assets such as Post Office?Whats so extremist or far right about that? #Frenchelections #France2017
24 Apr, 09:53 PM UTC
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