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Ahmed Mubarik @AhmedMubarik3
RT @NPM_inclfinance: Welcome everyone to the Conference Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food #G4IFF @rabofoundation @NLSpaceOffice https:…
Nabagesera Brendah @NabageseraBren3
RT @MUIIS_U: Today @MUIIS_U is showcasing the #Uganda project at #G4IFF. Our colleagues @tordeben and @iapad are on the spot. https://t.co…
Nabagesera Brendah @NabageseraBren3
RT @MUIIS_U: Plenary session of #G4IFF staring now in #Rotterdam; topics: #geodata #fin4ag #nutrition | #ICT4AG https://t.co/PHRt8AKtRD
WilWijtsma @WilWijtsma
RT @bertineschieven: Geo data may also help boost reputation of agriculture, specifically for youth . #G4IFF @HAS_intl @NPM_inclfinance @Ag…
Jan Pieter Lokker @JanPieterLokker
RT @NLSpaceOffice: Astronaut @astro_andre at #G4IFF conference: earth is beautiful from space but human impact frightening @NPM_inclfinance
Jasper van Loon @Jasper_van_Loon
RT @NPM_inclfinance: Mr André Kuipers @astro_andre presenting his space story and how satellite data can be used for agriculture #G4IFF htt…
Carina ten Hoven @CarinatenHoven
RT @BerryMarttin: Geodata for inclusive finance and food kicks off #G4IFF @NLSpaceOffice @rabofoundation @RabobankGroup
van Berkel EACB @BerkelMarieke
RT @BerryMarttin: Space has to work with food finance and inclusiveness to solve hunger #G4IFF @RaboFoodAgri @rabofoundation @WUR
Carina ten Hoven @CarinatenHoven
RT @rabofoundation: @BerryMarttin about global food production challenges and solutions at #g4IFf organized by NPM and @rabofoundation htt…
Ahmed Mubarik @AhmedMubarik3
RT @Josien_Sluijs: We need to save the planet @astro_andre #G4IFF
Ruud Grim @ruudgrim
RT @NLSpaceOffice: Director @NLSpaceOffice Nieuwpoort at #G4IFF: continuity of data and services is key for added value https://t.co/3wgd4L…
Giacomo Rambaldi @iapad
RT @tordeben: Maybe easier to train a farmer on financial services than a banker on farming #G4IFF @MUIIS_U @CTAflash @NPM_inclfinance @KeE…
SD Ag Labs @SD_Ag_Labs
RT @nikoletzwart: Frederike Praasterink of @HAShogeschool did extensive research into ideal future food systems #G4IFF #foodsecurity #susta…
Marlène van Benthem @MarlenevBenthem
RT @Josien_Sluijs: Important to connect world of space and finance and technology important according to @hansdocter #G4IFF https://t.co/m…
Carina ten Hoven @CarinatenHoven
RT @rabofoundation: Frederike Praasterink of @HAShogeschool about use of geodata at NPM @rabofoundation #G4IFF congress. https://t.co/8rReT…
ImpactAgri @ImpactAgri
RT @MUIIS_U: . @berrymarttin: Half of the world's fertile unused land is in #Africa #G4IFF https://t.co/koJYX1JNfO
Geodatics @Geodatics
RT @ItsnowRC: Stop by the @Geodatics desk at #G4IFF and if you will be at Breakout Session 2, then it's see you shortly as well. https://t.…
Marlène van Benthem @MarlenevBenthem
RT @nikoletzwart: Inclusive finance for smallholders (mostly women) is enhanced through use of geodata #publicprivatepartnerships #G4IFF #c…
Marlène van Benthem @MarlenevBenthem
RT @stichtingCERES: Conference Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food #voedselzekerheid #foodsecurity #geodata #G4IFF #smallholderfarmer ht…
Yeter @YeterYY70
RT @RenataBrabander: Shocking yet inspiring presentations #g4iff by @astro_andre and @berrymarttin van @Rabobank Planet earth can be saved,…
NpM @NPM_inclfinance
Annual Inclusive Finance Dinner at @hotelnewyork Rotterdam with the 13 members of NpM and conference speakers and o… https://t.co/6ciSHHela6
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