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Michael Redmond
BINGO! CNN just reported that Trump adviser Gary Cohn says the president is considering lifting the sanctions on Russia. There it is, folks.
25 May, 11:40 PM UTC
brad plumer
Trump adviser Gary Cohn a bit off-message on Air Force One, per pool report: “Coal doesn’t even make that much sens…
26 May, 03:40 PM UTC
Jim Acosta
Top Trump adviser Gary Cohn after POTUS comments on Article 5 declined to say Russia sanctions stay in place: POTU…
25 May, 09:44 PM UTC
Kelly O'Donnell
"I have nothing to say" Gary Cohn on whether Jared Kushner can remain effective while under scrutiny in Russia probe.
26 May, 05:49 PM UTC
Mark R. Levin
Mr. President, it's time to can this fool Gary Cohn. You said you support the coal miners. Now this Goldman...
26 May, 07:23 PM UTC
David Sirota
EXPOSED: Goldman Sachs documents show bank plans to invest in privatization scheme led by Trump's Goldman Sachs aide
26 May, 02:02 PM UTC
Kate Aronoff
Gary Cohn, who just left Goldman Sachs, is leading a plan to sell off public infrastructure to Goldman Sachs…
26 May, 02:21 PM UTC
Jennifer Jacobs
"We're not lowering our sanctions in Russia," Trump aide Gary Cohn to press. "If anything we would probably look to get tougher on Russia."
26 May, 04:50 PM UTC
Fox News
Gary Cohn on Russa sanctions.
26 May, 06:18 PM UTC
David Sirota
REVEALED: Trump privatization plan led by fmr Goldman Sachs exec Gary Cohn could sell public assets to Goldman Sachs
26 May, 03:01 PM UTC
Philip Rucker
Gary Cohn clean-up: "We’re not lowering our sanctions on Russia. If anything, we would probably look to get tougher on Russia."
26 May, 04:46 PM UTC
David Sirota
NEW REPORT: Trump's Goldman Sachs aide overseeing White House privatization initiative that Goldman is investing in
26 May, 01:08 PM UTC
David Sirota
JUST IN: Sen. Warren demands Trump aide Gary Cohn recuse himself from infrastructure plan following @IBTimes report
26 May, 09:01 PM UTC
David Sirota
Trump aide Gary Cohn pledged to recuse himself from Goldman-related issues, but now leads White House initiative th…
26 May, 01:12 PM UTC
David Sirota
BREAKING: @SenWarren demands Trump's Goldman Sachs aide recuse himself from privatization bill after @IBTimes report
26 May, 09:13 PM UTC
Carol Costello
Top Trump aide, Gary Cohn: Coal doesn't make 'much sense anymore'- does he talk to Trump?
26 May, 08:36 PM UTC
Mark Knoller
Briefing reporters, WH Econ Advisor Gary Cohn said US not for easing sanctions on Russia. "If anything...would probably look to get tougher"
26 May, 05:57 PM UTC
ABC News
President Trump's views on Paris climate agreement 'evolving,' adviser Gary Cohn says. "He came here to learn."…
26 May, 09:21 PM UTC
Tommy Christopher
WH official Gary Cohn panics, cuts reporter off right in the middle of Jared Kushner question: "I have nothing to s…
26 May, 07:51 PM UTC
Steve Kopack
5:40am: Spicer says Trump's "very bad" Germans quote is "not true." 6:20am ET: Gary Cohn says it's true, but Trump…
26 May, 10:41 AM UTC
Jean-Bernard Cadier
Intéressant. Trump est en train d'évoluer sur le climat selon son conseiller éco qui critique le charbon.
26 May, 08:37 PM UTC
Papa Patriot🇺🇸
@deplorable_k @POTUS my daughter in law & aunt just got laid off for H2B visa holders. College kids can't find work. Prob w Gary Cohn around
26 May, 08:52 PM UTC
Bob Webb
@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS Big beautiful cake too I bet. When both John Boenher and Gary Cohn both say that you are b…
26 May, 09:33 PM UTC
So is this a new position for @realDonaldTrump/@POTUS when it comes to coal? Say goodbye to Ohio and WV. Thank you…
26 May, 09:31 PM UTC
#AceNewsReport President Trump’s views on Paris climate agreement ‘evolving,’ adviser Gary Cohn says. “He came here…
26 May, 09:30 PM UTC
Intl. Business Times
JUST IN: Senator Warren demands Gary Cohn recuse himself from an infrastructure plan following an @IBTimes report…
26 May, 09:30 PM UTC
Gary Cohn: Donald Trump’s ‘Views Are Evolving’ on Paris Climate Change Agreement - Breitbart. I hope not
26 May, 09:28 PM UTC
Buddy Stone
@YahooNews 🙄👉Economic adviser Gary Cohn says Trump "feels much more knowledgeable" on the topic of climate change t…
26 May, 09:28 PM UTC
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump You have Gary Cohn now saying something totally opposite of what you've said... which i…
26 May, 09:27 PM UTC
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