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John O' Dowd @JohnODowdSF
Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams. No sorry Arelene, it's RHI! #AE17
Richard Gallagher @RichGallagher1
RT @AlexKane221b: It can't be long before Arlene Foster blames Gerry Adams for the RHI scheme.
Brendan Morgan @BrendanMorgan10
RT @AlexKane221b: If I'd had a shot of vodka every time Arlene mentions Gerry Adams then I'd be blotto by now. And, to be honest, I kind of…
RT @billmaginn: Gerry Adams won that debate and he wasn't even there
🐊An crogall 🐊 @MarkSpur61
RT @AllisonMorris1: If you'd to drink a shot every time Arlene Foster said Gerry Adams you'd be pished by now #AE17
Derick Johnston @JohnstonDerick
RT @SophieLong01: Can remember what Gerry Adams said 2 years ago but not what her party spent on Brexit campaign in June.
I Hate Racists @alipacino333
RT @RedDiesel_: Arlene Foster is so obsessed with Gerry Adams she's beginning to look like him. 🐊🐊
Seán Maguire @seanpoetwriter
RT @SophieLong01: Why vote DUP? "A choice between Gerry Adams Sinn Fein and his radical agenda or *superprods who burn money and deny peop…
Andrea Donnelly @yolodoit
RT @AnPhoblachtAbu: By the way, I'm all for Gerry Adams' Radical Republican Agenda - A fair, equal, anti sectarian, citizen centred, agreed…
Anne-Marie Phillips @chloe7719
RT @GerryKellyMLA: Were we watching The Election Debate tonight or The Blame Game. Arlene, who do you blame for ....everything? Aaaah Gerry…
Mirren @mirrenmckenna_
RT @BarryMcColgan: Arlene Foster mentioned Sinn Féin 4 times & Gerry Adams twice in opening statement.
Fact Check @IrelandUncut
RT @Iab0ur: RT @AodonTrump 'Enough of Gerry Adams' hypocritical campaign for #MauriceMcCabe until he comes clean on Kim Jong-nam' #TrumpPre…
Love, Not Hate. @End_Hate_NI
RT @PaulSacque: Tonight's drinking game is down a shot every time @DUPleader says Gerry Adams. *warning, may cause blindness. #vote17
caitlin @Ixmitless
RT @Aubs93: If I got £1 every time Arlene Foster said "Gerry Adams" , I'd probably be able to finance the entire RHI scheme myself. #vote17
Richard Kolk @RichardKolk39
RT @wee_baldy_ian: Arlene Foster would piss on your sofa then complain Gerry Adams was hogging the bathroom , #NolanLIVE
James Morgan @JamesDuffym68
RT @keithbelfast: Arlene 9pm UTV: "Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams, Gerry A.." Arlene 11pm BBC: "Just because you say something more than once doe…
My Name Is Eamon @mcse_approved
RT @SophieLong01: Gerry Adams is trending on Twitter because of a certain fangirl from Fermanagh... #vote17
Ælfrēd Vikernes @Huscarl878
RT @Normanlord97: It's honestly hilarious to hear ex IRA commander Gerry Adams lecture the gov on the immorality of harassment... https://t…
colin mcaleese @thetopcat69
RT @SirDJefferson: @News_Letter Why are there no ceremonies to commemorate the Bravery of Gerry Adams? #AE17 #vote17 #RHI…
Sean Keenan @seantkeenan
RT @DerrySinnFein: Fact of the day -Yes Gerry Adams is the President of Sinn Féin -#AE17
jontait @jontait42
RT @brendanjharkin: Speed 3: Arlene - a Northern Irish politician has to say Gerry Adams/SF/IRA at least once every five minutes or a bomb…
Niall @njred82
RT @BelfastBabs: She's Gerry Adams 2yr old quotes memorised but can't remember last year's huge donation from England... #bbctheview
Pauline @dubhghaill2
RT @dubhghaill2: Blame Gerry Adams and SF and diffuses the situation and reverts back25 or 30 yrs to what was happening Is very ignorant n…
Sam Nicholson @stjnicholson
RT @SteveAikenUUP: .#vote17#AE17 - thought it was 'Gerry Adams' - let's play a game of SF & GA Bingo!! & double bonus if she ever says 'sor…
Pauline @dubhghaill2
RT @IrishTimes: ‘Cash for ash’ and influence of Gerry Adams figure strongly in five-way UTV programme
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