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Rod Mawhood
65 games down...three to go (in the regular season) The #PlayoffPush continues! #GoDogsGo https://t.co/mK1a6TMg3X
16 Mar, 01:48 PM UTC
Niagara IceDogs
all smiles heading out for warmies 🏒 #godogsgo🐶
16 Mar, 10:25 PM UTC
Niagara IceDogs
Puck's dropped and we're underway! 🏒 #GoDogsGo🐶
16 Mar, 11:08 PM UTC
Design Atlantic
Congrats to the @SJSeaDogs for clinching! Get your discount code today and make your custom playoff designs!… https://t.co/XAwuvRJ9ZT
16 Mar, 01:53 PM UTC
#GODOGSGO Pumped I'm spending my 20th birthday, watching the dogs play in their house❤🐶 @OHLIceDogs
16 Mar, 01:38 PM UTC
Niagara IceDogs
Puck's dropped and we're underway for the final frame #GoDogsGo🐶
17 Mar, 12:43 AM UTC
Niagara IceDogs
We're back for the middle frame! #GoDogsGo🐶
16 Mar, 11:50 PM UTC
Niagara IceDogs
Mississauga kills off Tippett's penalty, we have just over 16 to play in the 2nd. #GoDogsGo🐶
16 Mar, 11:55 PM UTC
Niagara IceDogs
We're going to the first @LBWLawyers powerplay of the game as Hague sits for 2 for checking to the head with 2:03 left in 1st #GoDogsGo🐶
16 Mar, 11:31 PM UTC
Joe Jones
@BigMarcosRest @BigMarcosPizza we are in section 109, Row F 9,10 @OHLIceDogs game #godogsgo
16 Mar, 11:19 PM UTC
"The Dill Pickling"
Congrats to @SJSeaDogs for clinching 1st place overall in the Q tonight! #GoDogsGo!
16 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
Brandon Houtby
@RMantha22 doing the captain work and trying to energize the @OHLIceDogs #godogsgo
17 Mar, 12:53 AM UTC
Jessica Taylor
Come on dogs let's get at least one goal #GoDogsGo @OHLIceDogs
17 Mar, 12:36 AM UTC
NewsTalk 610 CKTB
Another goal for Mississauga and your @OHLIceDogs are down 2-0 after the 2nd period #GoDogsGo
17 Mar, 12:24 AM UTC
NewsTalk 610 CKTB
After the first period of hockey, your @OHLIceDogs are down 1-0 against Mississauga at the @MeridianCtre #GoDogsGo!
16 Mar, 11:42 PM UTC
Heather P
Come on boys. You got this. #GoDogsGo @ Meridian Centre https://t.co/6Owui204nv
16 Mar, 11:21 PM UTC
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