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Canadiens Montréal
Le Tricolore prend les devants dans la série! / The Habs take the series lead! #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 01:41 AM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
Comment Radu a-t-il fait ça? / How did Radu do that? #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 01:37 AM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
It’s only Game 3, but is this the prettiest goal of the playoffs? 😱 🚨-> https://t.co/Jj3ksXoN5a #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 02:46 AM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
Et le but! Shea Weber! C'est 2 à 0 pour les Canadiens! Shea Weber scores! 2-0 Montreal! #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 01:14 AM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
''It’s a fun time to play. It’s exactly the spot you want to be in.'' - Carey Price 🎥-> https://t.co/VXcPR1D2B1 #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 11:00 AM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
Beaucoup d'amour de nos partisans à New York! / Loving the support in New York! #GoHabsGo https://t.co/207ulKATPp
16 Apr, 11:03 PM UTC
Club 1909 Codes
TODAY'S #club1909 CODES ARE: #club1909 TW-PUNCH #club1909 IG-1946 #club1909 FB-ATTAQUE #GOHABSGO
17 Apr, 01:17 PM UTC
Happy Easter @NYRangers. Got you something #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 01:31 AM UTC
MTL News Now
How far do you think the #Habs will make it in the playoffs? #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 10:12 PM UTC
Jean Bordeleau
@JiCLajoie Comment ca si il y a quelqu'un a Montreal qui pense en 5 ben sur MOÉ je persiste et je signe voyons #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 09:46 PM UTC
Stephen Puddicombe
look the linesman has a clear view but I guess it is ok to try and decapitate Gally #gohabsgo #terrible refs #nhl
17 Apr, 09:21 PM UTC
Montreal Canadiens
I eventually unfollow most Habs puck sluts on Twitter because their emotional attachment to players is so naive and nauseating. #gohabsgo
17 Apr, 10:44 PM UTC
Carey Price. Best goalie ever!!! #31 #StanleyCup #GoHabsGo #NHL #MontrealCanadiens ❤️🔴🏒🏒
17 Apr, 09:26 PM UTC
Montreal Canadiens
@tsn690 Mitch good comparison- Shea Weber vs Larry robinson. You didn't want to wake up Robinson the way Miller woke up Weber. #gohabsgo
17 Apr, 10:40 PM UTC
@PooumbaGTAV nos Canadien de Montréal sont en série éliminatoire RT pour nous encourager https://t.co/RX3eflUdrb #gohabsgo
17 Apr, 10:38 PM UTC
Marie Gautsch
@PKSubban1 @Bridgestone So happy the Predators are kicking ass in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Ha ha! You are still lo… https://t.co/c0TDhO8U3t
17 Apr, 10:31 PM UTC
@MapleLeafs cant believe im existing for t.o game tonight #gohabsgo #Canadiens
17 Apr, 10:31 PM UTC
PK 4 Life
@CorryTodd It's nice to see him doing well in the playoffs right now, but I didn't hear anyone talking about him al… https://t.co/2dHhhTCdhe
17 Apr, 10:28 PM UTC
Zach Werenski #GoHabsGo Yukon #HoldinMeBack #DespacitoRemix Barclay Branch John Terry #Dartguy https://t.co/E4z6MuMy89
17 Apr, 10:23 PM UTC
In case you didn't see the score yesterday. GO Habs Go!!!🔵⚪️🔴 #gohabsgo #hnic #hockeyhttps://t.co/KAdtRJEoY8
17 Apr, 10:15 PM UTC
Playoff Bob! (2/16)
Yes! #habs already one the series!😂😂😂 #gohabsgo #rangers #NHL
17 Apr, 10:00 PM UTC
@imseanavery @CanadiensMTL good just but georges laraque book and if selling 500 will sit next to you #gohabsgo #MontrealCanadiens
17 Apr, 09:52 PM UTC
David Harvey
@ValsardinRDS a cote pas mal sur que sean le clown avery resterait ben ben tranquille !!! #GoHabsGo
17 Apr, 09:52 PM UTC
Claude Mognot
ℳ𝓪𝓻𝓺𝓾𝓸𝓷𝓼 𝓵'𝓱𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓲𝓻𝒆 𝓶𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓽𝒆𝓷𝓪𝓷𝓽 @habs24cupsbook @CanadiensMTL @CanadiensViews #club1909codes #Club1909 #Habs #CHhttps://t.co/NeTsONubdy
17 Apr, 09:47 PM UTC
τЂiś•iś•śЂäЂid ®شاھد
Only if you get me red & white paint so I can cheer my team @CanadiensMTL #GoHabsGo https://t.co/KwkHddPMOW
17 Apr, 09:47 PM UTC
Clébard Montréal
Rejoins nous demain Mardi 18 Avril 19h pour le Match 4 #GOHABSGO !
17 Apr, 09:47 PM UTC
Butch Rant
In a sea of #Leafs jerseys in #Toronto it's nice to see a #Canadiens fan on the subway #gohabsgo
17 Apr, 09:37 PM UTC
Spotlight: #habsnation! #gohabsgo #tsn690montreal regram mileenddeli 🚨🎥 join us tomorrow from… https://t.co/Pw4UfGr9b1
17 Apr, 09:37 PM UTC
Chris Nicholson
HABS 76-77 Team was the Best. No doubt about it! #GOHABSGO https://t.co/CYbWc8FYNE
17 Apr, 09:31 PM UTC
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