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Italia Ricci
Like father like daughter. πŸ€“πŸ€“ #goleafsgo
20 Mar, 11:34 PM UTC
Matt LaBelle
Great game! Always love beating the Bruins and that dirty rat Marchand. He's turned into a good player but he's still such a POS. #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
Nothing better than listening to @BonsieTweets in the mountains of Virginia while returning from Florida. #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
That's 2 big ass points for #Leafs! Ya buds!!! Well done! They take the W 4-2! πŸ’πŸπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’™πŸ˜ #tmltalk #GoLeafsGo ohhh baby!!!!!!
21 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
Hell yasssssss! Leafs win! πŸ’™πŸ™ŒπŸ’™ @MapleLeafs #TMLtalk #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:19 AM UTC
Mikael Hasan
Huge game. HUGE! Whatever the outcome, play hard, play smart, play safe, and support each other. Now let's go win!#goleafsgo #tmltalk
20 Mar, 11:06 PM UTC
Chris Cappadocia
21 Mar, 02:26 AM UTC
@MapleLeafs Love this team!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #GoLeafsGo #TMLtalk
21 Mar, 02:35 AM UTC
Jamie TML πŸ’πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
SEASON SERIES SWEEP! 4-2 final score over the Bruins! #TMLtalk #GoLeafsGo #StandWitness
21 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
Mikael Hasan
@mhasanx retweeting my own tweet. Lol. Just had to believe and think positive. #GoLeafsGo #tmltalk
21 Mar, 02:40 AM UTC
Rudy S
haven't felt like that in a while. Big fuckinggggg W #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:57 AM UTC
λύκος πŸ’πŸ₯…
That feeling when the Leafs sweep the Bruins in the regular series. #tmltalk #GoLeafsGo πŸ’―
21 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
A very well played game from the #Leafs to pick up 2 HUGE points!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘#GoLeafsGo πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ’πŸ₯…
21 Mar, 04:14 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Fans
#TorontoMapleLeafs #GoLeafsGo Maple Leafs crank up the pressure with huge win over Boston https://t.co/xsSNbYmJUU
21 Mar, 04:08 AM UTC
Zamir Janmohamed
When you walk into @cactusclubcafe and @wmnylander is chilling behind ya. BIG W and HUGE goal #TMLtalk #GoLeafsGo #madskill
21 Mar, 04:06 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Fans
#TorontoMapleLeafs #GoLeafsGo Leafs break tie late in game for huge two points against Bruins https://t.co/4atT8LGxya
21 Mar, 04:02 AM UTC
Katrina S
#tmltalk #toronto #GoLeafsGo ☞I just found out the Leafs won πŸ€“
21 Mar, 03:25 AM UTC
Azeem Haq
BIG WIN! @MapleLeafs are ready for the playoffs. Keep sharing the anthem #GoLeafsGo and support our team #Toronto!… https://t.co/RtaqPiTsRL
21 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
Very proud of the @MapleLeafs tonight what a great game vs Boston #SweetWin #Buds #GoLeafsGo #TMLtalk… https://t.co/KjJKeVRzPP
21 Mar, 05:00 AM UTC
Jamal Gordon
Can't wait to get home to watch the Leafs game. I'm going to sacrifice valuable sleep to watch it. BIG WIN! #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 03:48 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Fans
#TorontoMapleLeafs #GoLeafsGo WATCH: Rask stones Bozak, seconds later Bozak scores #LeafsNation #TMLtalk https://t.co/6IqSYwWlJT
21 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Chris Hamilton
Big win tonight! Keep that playoff chance alive. Toronto beat Boston 4-2 via @theScore #GoLeafsGo #playoffbound https://t.co/K7Vp7OGZ5f
21 Mar, 03:15 AM UTC
NewsTalk 1290 CJBK
#TorontoMapleLeafs WIN 4-2 over #bostonbruins! The post game show starts NOW on 1290 @CJBK #NHL #BOSvsTOR #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:20 AM UTC
Pete Gvoic
This hasn't happened since 1924! GO LEAFS GO!!!!! #sweep #goleafsgo #standwitness #TMLtalk #original6 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
21 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
Ryan Mackenzie
Every game is "big" right now. This one was giant. Awesome game, and bigger W. Onto the next! #GoLeafsGo https://t.co/V8OifddTPK
21 Mar, 02:44 AM UTC
Kelly Harris
Leafs win! #heaveaway sweep the Bruins @MapleLeafs #goleafsgo
21 Mar, 02:20 AM UTC
Great win! It's awesome to be watching meaningful hockey in March! I Love this team! #GoLeafsGo #tmltalk #standwitness
21 Mar, 02:39 AM UTC
huge W for the boys.....game by game lets keep on rolling #GoLeafsGo #theBuds
21 Mar, 02:36 AM UTC
Anthony Russo
What a game! @Bozie42 is clutch. Best College signing in the last 10 years (easily). #vetty #tmltalk #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
@Bounce7 God DAMN I LOVE being 100% Right!! Again!! #GoLeafsGo #LeafsNation #SEAofBLUE #TMLtalk #FansGoFurther
21 Mar, 04:34 AM UTC
#Leafs win all 4 games against bruins this year! #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 04:28 AM UTC
JB #GoLeafsGo
@MapleLeafs yes we have coach Babcock, now we've gotta keep it going for 11 more games to get into the #NHLPlayoffs #GoLeafsGo #TMLtalk
21 Mar, 04:23 AM UTC
That is a beautiful thing. So very beautiful and a wee, just a wee bit vindicating. #Leafs #GoLeafsGo https://t.co/5hwETJk0Wm
21 Mar, 04:22 AM UTC
Huge win for the @MapleLeafs tonight!! Bizarre start with the clock issue but the end result is all that mattered!! #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 04:18 AM UTC
Brad Leeb
@tleeber84 Great pics & great jersey! (but I was #38?!? JK!) #GoLeafsGo #FuriesProspect #CutiePatootie
21 Mar, 04:06 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Fans
#TorontoMapleLeafs #GoLeafsGo Maple Leafs 'digging in' for final stretch drive https://t.co/tIs0fMLQWk
21 Mar, 03:57 AM UTC
Leafs Fan TV
Great night filming our First game!!!! So excited for you all to see the content, live Tomorrow! #GoLeafsGo… https://t.co/pmttaqrSjk
21 Mar, 03:55 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Fans
#TorontoMapleLeafs #GoLeafsGo Bruins Wrap: Late Penalty Dooms B's As Leafs Win 4-2, Sweep Season Series https://t.co/XuMNBasmnU
21 Mar, 03:47 AM UTC
Huge Win For the #Leafs tonight! Their biggest win of the season to date! #GoLeafsGo #SuckItBoston https://t.co/edAJo9niH2
21 Mar, 03:47 AM UTC
Chris Goan
@ryanwhitney6 100 years in league. I will take the GOOD with the bad. #50years without Cup is bad. #playitright #GoLeafsGo #2017Playoffs
21 Mar, 03:34 AM UTC
β™› β€’ Aneil N β€’ ☬
#GoLeafsGo What a game πŸ”₯ #PlayoffRace
21 Mar, 03:33 AM UTC
Annica Sjoberg
Go Leafs Go! Maybe there is a chance for playoff! #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 03:30 AM UTC
Amanda H β™‘
Aye, the @MapleLeafs #BeatTheBruins πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ’― #GoLeafsGo #TMLTalk #HappyLeafsFan
21 Mar, 03:27 AM UTC
Leafs won 4-2 against the Boston Bruins. Leafs record this season against them is 4-0. Leafs are now 1 point behind the bruins. #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 03:27 AM UTC
Jacob Jakubski
These kids can play! Hold on to that final spot boys! #PlayoffBound #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 03:08 AM UTC
sean pratt
@homeice apparently it https://t.co/awDkS2duUx to keep it up when I am in Whistler&Vancouver till months end.Ill wa… https://t.co/IkrJKvN3vr
21 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
Jamie TML πŸ’πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
2⃣ points! Big win! πŸ˜ƒ #TMLtalk #GoLeafsGo https://t.co/inpaysLpW0
21 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
Gotta love all these sour Bruins fans 😁😁😁 #GoLeafsGo #Leafs
21 Mar, 02:46 AM UTC
Jason Boytchuk
So many bitter and rattled #Bruins fans....and it's delightful...! #GoLeafsGo πŸ™Œ
21 Mar, 02:44 AM UTC
Rizwana Telly
Leafs 1 point behind Bruins for 3rd, and still hanging on to that wildcard spot. Next 11 games, are crucial! #GoLeafsGo #StandWitness
21 Mar, 02:41 AM UTC
Bob C
Leafs with 81 pts with 11 games left, and I figured 65 pts for the season in pre season #goleafsgo
21 Mar, 02:37 AM UTC
Jonathan Rose
Great final two mins by @MapleLeafs in tonight's tilt w/ @NHLBruins incl. clutch goal by @Bozie42 to pull out a big… https://t.co/i9VpHAuug8
21 Mar, 02:37 AM UTC
Danny Canuck
Leafs win! Staying in the Playoff race! #leafsnation #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:36 AM UTC
@geoffconn Ahhhhhh!!!! Love it!!!!! 😍😍😍 #GoLeafsGo πŸ’™
21 Mar, 02:35 AM UTC
Norm Wiseman
@quinnesq Always enjoy your honesty Quinn. #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
Lee Ruby
The "4-1" curse appears to be lifted. Key word. "Appears". #tmltalk #GoLeafsGo #standwitness
21 Mar, 02:32 AM UTC
@4e4cb646be564cf @MapleLeafs I said this season would be exciting, but WoW! I'm getting the #Be-Leaf feeling again. #Lovethisteam #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
Rock Sinders
@cascious1986 @wpgrossallan <fist pump!> You bet it is Cass! We've had the Bruin's number all year. #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
Tyler Hurley
@Mcparland91 zombie nation kernkraft 400 #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
Played a great game out there boys, witnessed the leafs sweep the season against the bruins 4-0 hasn't happened since 1924 πŸ‘Œ #GoLeafsGo
21 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
Leafs win 4-2 against the Boston Bruins. WOOO! #GoLeafsGo πŸ’™
21 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
Marco Atalla
What a hockey game! Is it playoffs already?! Lol #GOLEAFSGO
21 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
Raymond Stamml
#mapleleafs #everygamecounts and we sweep the series with the Bruins. Playoff atmosphere in tonight's game. #goleafsgo
21 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
Steven Dean Bolger
That looks so much better. Lets keep it up #Leafs!!! #tmltalk #GoLeafsGo #BruinSlayer????? 😁
21 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
Tj Ransome
Leafs fuckin' win!! What a hype game! #tmltalk #GoLeafsGo #leafsnation πŸ’™πŸ’™
21 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
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