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b @BlamefuII
RT @PropaneMay: 52 minute blunt thanks to @thekingbrand420 πŸ™πŸΎ good dope
sizzy rocket @sizzyrocket
dope is out, the tea memes are getting real, my credit card ain't declined, it's a good day
Eric @Ezdoesit27
RT @LandLordRico: Lebron was on some good dope when he made this
Derek Lassiter @dope__thwagg
RT @Sam___Hurley: "Thou shalt read @Sam___Hurley for he giveth good advice." ~@RainerTD [#Quote #SocialMediaMarketing]…
Tolani @Shortolany
RT @Cruise_PR: DOPE Music from a DOPE artiste - Cop SAY YES by @Demolaviolinist now and enjoy good music https://t.…
Matthew Levine @MatthewTwihard
RT @grimmie_rawwwks: @lauren_longo26 also, if this is just the beginning and it's already THIS good, can you imagine what is TO COME team g…
Aiyegbajeje Abiodun @Dope_Abbey
RT @Freshboi2dacore: Have come to realize that most good looking guys find it hard to be in a relationship same goes for girls who are so p…
Маша Абрамова @qdRfrntql9MroEX
RT @Suvondal: Why does wrong feels so right?! 😩 OAN Tonight was dope! Good night & sweet dreams Tweets & Tweetettes. πŸ˜΄πŸŒœπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Maddison. @MaaddyTaayloor
RT @BaitFaceNate: I got good dope, I got a good hoe
Super Trapper @Sllick_E
RT @SIANNAxo_: I do good dope I gotta good ho
Super Trapper @Sllick_E
RT @cnasssty: GOOD DOPE
Super Trapper @Sllick_E
RT @selahernandez: I do good dope I got a good hoe
Super Trapper @Sllick_E
RT @joanboothe_: Going to at Mardi Gras bouncing my little booty to Good Dope
Super Trapper @Sllick_E
RT @Celine___mp: I do good dope, I gotta good hoe
Super Trapper @Sllick_E
RT @malaysianBLISS: Good dope burn ya eyes like chlorine
Super Trapper @Sllick_E
RT @TaylorKathKath: Good dope @1future #future
Super Trapper @Sllick_E
RT @kimihenndrix: I do good dope, I gotta good hoe 😚
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