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Jane Middleton
The whole purpose of the Tory party is to defend wealth - as Bevan said, they'll lie and cheat to do so (right, Grant Shapps?) #r4today
21 Apr, 06:59 AM UTC
Where do you buy that device that fades out Grant Shapps from #r4today programme? It's brilliant!
21 Apr, 06:56 AM UTC
Views from Nowhere
Famous liar Grant Shapps lies again, unchallenged by @Sarah_Montague; says @UKLabour want to up 20p basic tax rate to 25p #r4today #bbcbias
21 Apr, 07:01 AM UTC
#r4today While you had the chance, why didn't you question Grant Shapps about #toryelectionfraud when he was Tory Chairman? #bbcdp
21 Apr, 08:38 AM UTC
Emily ❄️🇪🇺
Grant Shapps essentially describing housing crisis as "massive increase in wealth for those who own assets" #r4today
21 Apr, 06:59 AM UTC
Gareth Fearn
Grant Shapps uses today programme to launch Tory housing policy...
21 Apr, 08:39 AM UTC
Mark Clowes
Thanks to the #r4today sound engineer who turned down the volume during Grant Shapps' interview #savedmeajob
21 Apr, 07:08 AM UTC
Grant Shapps boasts: ‘I’m so rich my car even has a fridge in it’ < #bbcdp #toryelectionfraud #r4today >
21 Apr, 08:29 AM UTC
Lawrence Crosbie
If you think Grant Shapps is a light-weight,self-satisfied creep please re-tweet.
21 Apr, 06:59 AM UTC
Mrs Gee
Tory lie machine clicking into overdrive. Grant Shapps on #r4today #GE17
21 Apr, 08:34 AM UTC
Stephen Moran
I give you...the UK Conservative Party. Please dispose of responsively. #GE2017
21 Apr, 08:45 AM UTC
Live EU Debate
independent: 'Grant Shapps boasts: I'm so rich my car even has a fridge in it'
21 Apr, 08:48 AM UTC
Alex Abel
Grant Shapps doing moral inverted loop-to-loops to try justify not taxing extreme wealth on #r4today. Know your place, plebs.
21 Apr, 07:06 AM UTC
Matt Owen
Grant Shapps is the editor of The Onion - well I never.
21 Apr, 09:08 AM UTC
@ht4ecosocialism Don't know how Sarah Montague didn't laugh out loud during her usual car crash interview w/Liam By…
21 Apr, 07:55 AM UTC
Signor Porcovolente
Unsubtle policy demonstration by Grant Shapps on R4 Today - see how many times you can name & denigrate Corbyn and avoid actual question
21 Apr, 08:39 AM UTC
I love it when Grant Shapps starts trending. His entire career is a comedy of errors.
21 Apr, 08:36 AM UTC
The Selfservative Chief idiot. Grant Shapps boasts: ‘I’m so rich my car even has a fridge in it’
21 Apr, 08:46 AM UTC
Kate Evans
Grant Shapps boasts: ‘I’m so rich my car even has a fridge in it’
21 Apr, 08:30 AM UTC
Adrian Clark
Actually gobsmacked listening to Grant Shapps on #r4today but not for the normal reasons. Don’t get TOO excited here…
21 Apr, 08:30 AM UTC
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