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The fly on the wall @Theflyonthewal2
RT @Ethan_Enigma: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout Another programme to villanise the needy, distract from massively overpaid MPs and the NHS…
Yemmi Agbebi, MBA @yagbebi
RT @Muqadaam: Talking about British handouts @patel4witham was handed out £630,000 since 2010 #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout https://t.co/5Uq…
KeironiZed TV @KeironiZedTV
RT @Lee_Andrew81: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout the government will ALWAYS find someone for you to look down on with resentment They dont w…
KeironiZed TV @KeironiZedTV
RT @Ouch1953: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout is to make sure people look down on the poor and ignore the thieves at the top.
hannahlo @whattheheck_han
RT @WarmongerHodges: Sod #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout When are @channel5_tv gonna make #GreatBritishTaxExilesWhoOwnNewspapersThatDemoniseTh…
KeironiZed TV @KeironiZedTV
RT @DrNostromo: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout Wish people would wake up to fact programmes like this just distract fro the very real problem…
Elly @this_is_mental
RT @Alice__Kirby: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout viewers, please please please watch @idanielblake for an ACCURATE account of what life is li…
Starry Angel @StarraAngelle
RT @StevieJB2371: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout Yes because everyone on benefits are like those on this show. Utter bollocks! These shows ar…
Starry Angel @StarraAngelle
RT @markio01: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout yet another show concentrating on a few to divide us and distract from millions wasted by our go…
Sugar Dumpling @HRHSugarDumplin
RT @JackPonderer: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout @channel5_tv how about a weekly program reminding us of the rich and powerful avoiding their…
David Dunn @dunny8973
RT @toonlowdown: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout Joke TV, Punchline - It's propaganda and YOU'RE the idiot.
Sugar Dumpling @HRHSugarDumplin
RT @Spike_Parker: Says she "hates being on benefits" yet she's been on them her entire adult life. 🙄 #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout
Sugar Dumpling @HRHSugarDumplin
RT @MaidenDevon: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout You mark my words, this time next year my son, all Romford babies with be wearing these...she…
Sugar Dumpling @HRHSugarDumplin
RT @Hayleycakes89: £25,000 is not enough to start a proper salon I would think? She should be mobile first #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout
Sugar Dumpling @HRHSugarDumplin
RT @glenmgaskin: Spanish clothing , cant wait to see all the kids dressed as bullfighters in Romford. #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout
Sugar Dumpling @HRHSugarDumplin
RT @citizensmith79: Not even knowing how much her own rent is or being able to write, not a great start. #greatbritishbenefitshandout
Mary Poppins @MargaretEllima1
RT @mick25117: Pay incentives on benefits is at times better than working! Wheres the sense? #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout
Sugar Dumpling @HRHSugarDumplin
RT @Pmcd14: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout so this #chav hasn't got a bathroom sink but has just spent over a grand on #Botox #wtf #muppets 🙈
dave @martin11big
RT @philiphenry50: Try getting them to spend more money on contraception and less on tattoos #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout
Minski @minski6283
RT @Southendman1972: #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout just a reminder that a single person over 25 gets £3,800 per year not the £26K single mot…
maggiesimpson @jambomaggie1
RT @The_Liars_2017: Find some annoying people and then generalize about Millions of People via that tiny sample #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout
Carol Clegg @clegster
RT @baz272: I think #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout makes me realise how lucky I am to have a job and be independent.
Madeleine Mae @madimae91
RT @iammarcooos: Don't fuck with the Romford Recorder!! #GreatBritishBenefitsHandout
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