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Greys Anatomy
"Thank you." 😢 #GreysAnatomy
20 May, 01:24 PM UTC
James McVey
Me going to Europe next week for Little Mix Tour. #iamready #letsgo #WelcomeToTheClub #GreysAnatomy #orlando
20 May, 09:40 AM UTC
Greys Anatomy Brasil
"Você mudou a minha vida, Dr. Webber. Obrigado!" 😢 #GreysAnatomy
20 May, 03:23 PM UTC
TV Line gave @martinhenderson an Honorable Mention for "Performer of the Week" 👏👏 #GreysAnatomyhttps://t.co/vrOYW5AKLU
20 May, 01:43 PM UTC
sorry i don't play with incest.. ib satanmills. cc xellerina. ac me (!!!) [#greysanatomy #japril]
20 May, 11:22 PM UTC
How To Get Anatomy
a amizade deles ❤️ #GreysAnatomy
20 May, 07:25 PM UTC
grey's etc.
stephanie edwards –i'm gonna miss this legend so much collab w @nbgedits :))) [#GreysAnatomy @hellojerrika]
21 May, 12:19 AM UTC
raise your hand if you don't like the idea of Maggie and Jackson 🙌🏽 #greysanatomy #GreysAnatomyFinale
20 May, 04:18 PM UTC
The JCappers
She was just following orders and protocol... #GreysAnatomy #thenewbie #ElizaMustStay
20 May, 01:55 PM UTC
um aviso pra shonda sobre a season finale #GreysAnatomy
20 May, 12:53 PM UTC
Comunque mi aspettavo che Stephanie morisse. Ci sono rimasta male, non si fa così. #GreysAnatomyFinale #GreysAnatomy
20 May, 08:16 PM UTC
Io do la colpa di tutta questa situazione a questa bambina imbecille che non ascolta i genitori. #GreysAnatomy
21 May, 01:07 AM UTC
Garota Intensa 🌼
Não sabemos o que vamos fazer das nossas vidas, não tem como espera até ano que vem 😭😭 #GreysAnatomy https://t.co/Xa1Mr104aI
21 May, 06:24 AM UTC
Sara ✨
Me when someone says they hate Minnick 🙄 #ElizaMustStay #GreysAnatomy
20 May, 07:46 PM UTC
Dialogue of my life I have a feeling.. I get those. Yeah? Yeah. And? If you wait long enough it passes.. #GreysAnatomy #Feelings #Pass 😅
21 May, 06:11 AM UTC
#GreysAnatomy colocando essa # só pra poder ver o símbolo do hospital mais foda de tds ❤️
21 May, 06:08 AM UTC
Eduardo Porto
I've just watched episode S13E10 of Grey's Anatomy! #GreysAnatomy https://t.co/4KxkwXV5WN
21 May, 06:30 AM UTC
I've just watched episode S13E23 of Grey's Anatomy! #GreysAnatomy https://t.co/nyM9xOZVp5
21 May, 06:29 AM UTC
I need season 14 of Grey's Anatomy like right now 😍😭 #GreysAnatomy
21 May, 06:28 AM UTC
I am done with #GreysAnatomy they are going to do April so dirty this next season and my #Japril heart can't watch that 😔
21 May, 06:28 AM UTC
K. Chanta✨💫🌌
Lawd #GreysAnatomy season finale
21 May, 06:27 AM UTC
I'm so sad I finished #GreysAnatomy 😭😭
21 May, 06:27 AM UTC
#GreysAnatomy e ovviamente Riggs ci mette 10 anni a riprendersi e quella la torna. Ottimo. Mer regina del #maiunagioia
21 May, 06:26 AM UTC
65/ 🤓
Ich sterbe immer wieder wenn Addison zurückkommt T-T Ich liebe sie #GreysAnatomy
21 May, 06:25 AM UTC
Nunca Desnorteados
21 May, 06:20 AM UTC
#GreysAnatomy did it again!!!...and syet ang sakit, Mer! #GAS13finale
21 May, 06:19 AM UTC
drid #WonderfulLove
I've just watched episode S13E24 of Grey's Anatomy! #GreysAnatomy https://t.co/RGqt8pVrfP
21 May, 06:19 AM UTC
Kerollyn Albuquerque
Shondanás não vacabar com isso, please !!! #japrilforever #japrilforever14 #GreysAnatomy
21 May, 06:18 AM UTC
I feel so sorry for Meredith #GreysAnatomy she almost had love again
21 May, 06:13 AM UTC
My favourite duo of superheroes #GreysAnatomy
21 May, 06:13 AM UTC
Quase terminando a 6 temporada de #GreysAnatomy
21 May, 06:11 AM UTC
watching old vids of April and noticed how similar her Maggie are. Jackson has a type so they will be a real thing😔 #Japril #GreysAnatomy
21 May, 06:10 AM UTC
@SantiAmbrosettl @PreviouslySerie #GreysAnatomy pero ya hay que tener ganas de empezarla desde el principio 😂😂😂😂
21 May, 06:10 AM UTC
Y'all...remind me never to get caught up on #GreysAnatomy and #Scandal late at night!!! @shondarhimes got me all fired up! #ShondaGotMeShook
21 May, 06:07 AM UTC
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