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Fifty Shades Darker @FiftyShades
Now avail for pre-order #FiftyShadesDarker Soundtrack feat. music from @ZaynMalik & @TaylorSwift13, @Halsey & more!… https://t.co/ylsUIZSE6f
ㅤcarol @lesbianforlmj
RT @purporsv: 81- aquele feat. que eu chorei por ter acontecido, halsey rainha da minha vida https://t.co/cqospzE0tP
i danno @dyvynath
RT @HalseyInfoWW: Halsey's post on tumblr :( https://t.co/x8uH1n25gK
m🌼 @mlnightcy
RT @PopCrave: Fans trend #WeAreHereForYouHalsey in support of Halsey, following some unsettling and alarming posts on her Tumblr account. h…
arden @sIeepvocals
RT @HalseyInsider: Halsey posted this on tumblr https://t.co/CMbZFxfRsN
isabella 11 @VENOMDUN
Ana❌ @ana_bedoyaa
RT @HalseyInsider: Halsey also posted this on tumblr :( https://t.co/vPfOXQNaq5
Christina @Pinkish_l0ver
RT @halsey17news: Halsey posted this on Tumblr following what happened today. https://t.co/U1HJXSsBBg
🌙 Esme 🌹 @BadlandsCobain
RT @digitaIroses: halsey : jokes people : ugh hate her halsey : speaks up on serious stuff people : gross halsey : breathes in & out people…
karen @americanatroye
RT @aestheticyz: @halsey them high vocals got me like TOUCH ME LIKE YOU NEVERRRRRRRRRR #notafraidanymore #fiftyshadesdarker https://t.co/H…
Gingerbread Bree🎄 @Bree4444
RT @dailyfrangipane: Halsey posted this on tumblr https://t.co/UW2Nts10Ma
aile👽 @AilenPD
RT @ezekielfiguero: y'all: attack halsey halsey: defends herself y'all: halsey is being extra again
Mermaid Daughter @SelenaArceA1D
RT @nikidemar: Why is @halsey 's voice so sexual 😩💙
Andre @andrevedere1
RT @TheFactsOfShade: Halsey's 'Not Afraid Anymore' has debuted at #16 on iTunesWW. It is now currently the highest charting song by a solo…
madelion @smellpetrichore
RT @celesitial: Halsey: h- y'all: stfu bitch, are you really even biracial, I have receipts on you being a quadroon, you're so extra who ca…
b @OhHiKian
RT @PREDICTlONS: Halsey's second album will have some very diverse songs, some will have a Room 93 vibe to it, and it will be some of her b…
anya @sapphoes
RT @wakanduh: y'all can hate halsey's music everyone has an opinion but when you constantly attack her with ableist stuff, jokes about her…
pat @badlandskam
RT @HalseyInsider: People: we want representation Halsey: represents what people want represented People: hate her for what she represents…
ju @itskxaleesi
RT @lockzscreen: 💘Halsey versão lock💘 ✨ RT if you save ✨ FAV if you like Lau 🌙 https://t.co/YvYWerOG85
dead inside @_rosepuff_
RT @cyberzlut: it's like it's become a trend to hate on halsey and it's fucking sick, y'all deadass need to get your fucking heads out of y…
Ty @kisakeating
RT @LOLAW0LF: If y'all hate Halsey so much...just don't talk about her. No one needs to hear your whack ass opinion about what she's going…
RT @laureguixjb: no me entra en la cabeza como hay gente que odia a halsey
Brysa Martinez @brysa_martinez
RT @itsmejeny5h: necesitó una canción de halsey y lauren,se imaginan un ft,yo no estaré lista,pero lo QUIERO #Harmonizers #iHeartAwards #Be…
Katdashian @kathymozo
RT @xAjsv_: The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey
Ty @kisakeating
RT @adamwiles: I lose followers anytime I defend Halsey and I truly don't give af lmao. Most the ppl who hate her do it bandwagon purposes…
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