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Thankyou for your lovely calls babies you were so amazing 😬🔥😘❤️ see you Tonight for round 2 woohoo #happyfridayhttps://t.co/KoqHLTSRiu
21 Apr, 05:28 AM UTC
Karinna Grey
#HappyFriday lovers Vibrate my soul....
21 Apr, 06:41 AM UTC
Radio 2000
#HappyFriday Its an honour to be on your radio this morning!!! We thank you for choosing us #Planethaaibohttps://t.co/sidyFHBbCI
21 Apr, 04:09 AM UTC
Una persona real es capaz de tocar tu corazón desde el otro lado del mundo.. #HappyFriday @gautam_rode and friends.… https://t.co/DoFcdGCZtc
21 Apr, 04:49 AM UTC
Lady V
Good morning beautiful people* #HappyFriday 💚
21 Apr, 06:56 AM UTC
I Love Manchester
These must-visit coffee spots will fill up your feed with more than just latte art - #HAPPYFRIDAY ☕️ #ILoveMCR https://t.co/pWmLje72Qs
21 Apr, 06:00 AM UTC
Wooooo 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥 #HappyFriday 🎶❤️‼️ #Tellascope @BigStar_Live
21 Apr, 07:49 AM UTC
Stephen Dinsdale
#happyfriday! How many RT's for 4 of my recent fave pics?! 📷💚 #bradford #leeds #saltaire #ingleborough #Yorkshirehttps://t.co/8ioicfIdfU
21 Apr, 07:44 AM UTC
CEA Squadra Corse
Vale in pista, ma non solo… #quotes #happyfriday #venerdì #TGIF #Racing
21 Apr, 07:09 AM UTC
It's #NationalTeaDay! Start your weekend with your favourite cuppa! #CSLewis #HappyFriday #FridayFeelinghttps://t.co/WGYCrimzMR
21 Apr, 09:02 AM UTC
Alice Marianne
Wish it could be as simple as that...#HappyFriday
21 Apr, 09:18 AM UTC
UNICEF Côte d'Ivoire
Souriez, c'est déjà le week-end. #HappyFriday
21 Apr, 09:05 AM UTC
Pilates Cheshire
#happyfriday well done to all my #pilates students on your first class back! Lovely to see #Enthusiasm & #smileshttps://t.co/zUVtyVw3e0
21 Apr, 07:29 AM UTC
#Happyfriday to @EssexChambers & @HertsChamber from a new member keen to meet many more Businesses in the locale.… https://t.co/17xTG5kk1i
21 Apr, 08:42 AM UTC
WW Smart Kitchen
#HappyFriday :) Here's a little treat from us... use code COOK50 and get 50% off when you subscribe today.… https://t.co/K5tqnczS7j
21 Apr, 08:54 AM UTC
#HappyFriday! We hope you have had a great week. You have not 1 but 2 chances to dust off your dancing shoes this w… https://t.co/5YYOFhV1IJ
21 Apr, 07:10 AM UTC
Peter Keohane
Amazing how the daily commute is so easy when the schools are closed!!! #HappyFriday everyone! Enjoy the #weekend
21 Apr, 09:27 AM UTC
Ilgın Karayel
#HappyFriday ama haftayaki kadar happy olamaz 😂
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Waterford TIO
@CRYIre Good Morning Guys #HappyFriday #FridayChallenge Me thinks you won this week 😀😂😂
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Kenneth Lillard
#HappyFriday, Twitter Fam! Have a Great Weekend.
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Galileo Watermark
After a long and productive week, the sun greets us with this spectacular vision. Hope you all have a good weekend!… https://t.co/rSetx6glX7
21 Apr, 09:19 AM UTC
kanakan, andro
#HappyFriday RoseandRosie. Hope you two Doing great.
21 Apr, 09:32 AM UTC
Jo van Zanten
@dmbpne All good thanks! #HappyFriday to you! ☺️ x
21 Apr, 09:32 AM UTC
#HappyFriday everyone!☀️☔️☀️☔️☀️☔️☀️
21 Apr, 09:32 AM UTC
I just got into my car and almost pulled out of the driveway when I realized I still had my housecoat on... #happyfriday
21 Apr, 09:31 AM UTC
Northern Rags 👖👕👞
#HappyFriday Have you visited #Fleetwood recently? Our new store is located right on the fabulous Fleetwood Espla… https://t.co/kDYAYk7UMm
21 Apr, 09:31 AM UTC
Liam Grady
Happy Friday. Check out my tiny hammer. #HappyFriday
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
Your Online Presence
#HappyFriday! Although still a few hours untill the weekend so give us a ring on 01787 220 314 to see how we can help you. #webdevelopment
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
Terri-Ann's 123 Plan
Each new day is another chance to change yourself. Are you ready for a change? https://t.co/oGT852rQW9 #TA123https://t.co/aPtw3A66HZ
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
Rags to Riches Ponys
#HappyFriday who's ready for the #weekend 😃 Picture is from a recent #juggling #workshop #MrShorty #StiltWalkerMayohttps://t.co/GxXSYptgE0
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
My Brighton
Win a nights stay with us, tickets to For the Birds at @brightfest & lunch at @TerreaTerre! #happyfridayhttps://t.co/36OdlEcEQe
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
W Carey Motor Engine
#HappyFriday new VW Polo looking good. If you've read the reviews let us know what you think. New or used we love t… https://t.co/7SuBEagiKm
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
Daniel Halenko
#HappyFriday everybody! Here's to hoping you have a better weekend than this unfortunate person....
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
Gibadi Store
RT if you've never met a Friday you didn't like. #HappyFriday #GibadiGetItDone https://t.co/DTv4mpfG7J
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
HP Careers
It was a fun filled Friday for our Japan HR team as they had an amazing time with Nicolina Marzicola, the Regional… https://t.co/cbhyZoT63S
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
Costa Adeje G Hotel
Let the weekend begin #HappyFriday
21 Apr, 09:29 AM UTC
Mista Summers
#Mood 90min left before I finish work for the week got me like... #FridayFeeling #HappyFriday https://t.co/LZfZSOxZWX
21 Apr, 09:29 AM UTC
Defib Rental
Happy Friday to our wonderful followers on this cloudy morning :) Hope you all enjoy your weekend #happyfriday #fridayvibes
21 Apr, 09:28 AM UTC
should probably start being a little more positive! #happyfriday
21 Apr, 09:28 AM UTC
Black Sonic Revolver
Good Morning everyone & #HappyFriday 😀 Enjoy your day x
21 Apr, 09:27 AM UTC
Craft Sportswear UK
Morning CRAFT followers! #HappyFriday #EnjoyThehardWork Shop @ https://t.co/hshVhs6ekT
21 Apr, 09:27 AM UTC
Laura Marie
@suziday123 @Julianna_glass Always! It's so important to surround yourself with positivity! #HappyFriday
21 Apr, 09:26 AM UTC
Lola N concha Stereo
#FelizViernes A Mover el Esqueleto hasta que se te rompan los huesos #HappyFriday #DeepHouseMusic https://t.co/dwsbcTt9Ip @YouTube #SoyVieja
21 Apr, 09:26 AM UTC
Advice On Pensions
#HappyFriday everyone! Wishing you all a great weekend... #Retirement #Pensions #Life
21 Apr, 09:25 AM UTC
MCM Insurance
#FridayFeeling...Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. #Manchester #Business #happyfriday #weekend #Insurance
21 Apr, 09:24 AM UTC
@LateyshaGrace video on instagram is giving me serious Friday feeling 💃🏼😂 #happyfriday
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
White Light Events
#HappyFriday we've had a fab short week! Highlights were hosting the lovely @ThisIsMission & @SCM_Events in our… https://t.co/61rRtK8TQE
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Hilda Himala
Big Lunchyyyy 🍽🍽😂😂 . . . #happyfriday (with Yesica, Rosita, and 8 others) [vid] — https://t.co/fPrfX6DuE7
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Iman Kerigo
What you take for granted, others wish for. 🌟#happyfriday https://t.co/EyjtAJAdH2
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Touch for Care💞
#HappyFriday fun😂🤣😂
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Athena Risk Ltd
We've had another great week at Athena HQ. Let's make it an awesome weekend too! #HappyFriday all 👍
21 Apr, 09:22 AM UTC
Ed Francis Hypnosis
#HappyFriday you! Having a little brew for #NationalTeaDay your photos below please and have a swell day. Ed 🤓 https://t.co/uRZBz3E2Wt
21 Apr, 09:22 AM UTC
Richard J Green
Nice email to start the day. WordPress auto-upgrade didn't break my site and SendGrid plugin sent a notification successfully. #HappyFriday
21 Apr, 09:22 AM UTC
LSE Volunteer Centre
Check how you can make the most of #LSE Careers before the weekend starts. Our tip? Check out tip 5! 😉 #HappyFridayhttps://t.co/XAS5esY4Nj
21 Apr, 09:22 AM UTC
Cornish pasty
Yes, we honestly do have this every day......right fellow Cornish folk?? #Cornwall #JamFirst #CornishCreamTeahttps://t.co/pouKVfPHAQ
21 Apr, 09:21 AM UTC
Laura Garcia
Tapame con tu manos q tengo frío💃🏻Hoy me siento flamenca 💃🏻#BuenosDias #GoodMorning #felizviernes #happyfridayhttps://t.co/NbCo2yzE5J
21 Apr, 09:21 AM UTC
Dynamo Concise
#HappyFriday to you all, today we have day 3/3 of our First Aid at work course. It has been great meeting new... https://t.co/iDV1TBG9dm
21 Apr, 09:21 AM UTC
Adi Cute13
Happy Friday to everyone.😃👍😎 #happyfriday Hope you all have an awesome and cool day...!!!
21 Apr, 09:20 AM UTC
Vernon Bradley
Good Morning #HappyFriday y'all Party your ass off https://t.co/bYn02xLtz3
21 Apr, 09:19 AM UTC
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