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Norm Macdonald
Klefbom ties it up and it looks like they will follow the Haps and go to overtime. With 2 minutes left, we are in virtual OT.
21 Apr, 05:05 AM UTC
Matt Manukia
Youth haps 🔥🔥🔥🔥
21 Apr, 09:37 AM UTC
Team Barrow BBQ haps in hulhumale BBQ area . @shamveelmohamed
20 Apr, 12:26 PM UTC
Susarsan haps olacaksın Susmayıp kendini savunursan kaybedeceksin
21 Apr, 09:37 AM UTC
أم عبدالعزيز 🕊
اول سجين بالعالم يطلع و راسه مرفوع #خروج_مسلم_البراك #مسلم_البراك ♥️🇰🇼♥️🇰🇼♥️
21 Apr, 10:51 AM UTC
Norm Macdonald
Haps score.
21 Apr, 09:51 AM UTC
@mordisian @vichalhey oh no no. jabeer said toppling will haps in 48 hours. I think that 48 hours will expire tonight. during maldivian idol
21 Apr, 06:48 AM UTC
Norm Macdonald
3rd period , Rangers commit a double minor. that's 4 minutes. They kill 3 minutes and 35 seconds. Haps 2-0. only power play goals so far.
21 Apr, 10:00 AM UTC
Norm Macdonald
Even after the lossto the Rangers, and even after the Kings won the cup, the Haps had the best win-loss percentage.
21 Apr, 09:03 AM UTC
Norm Macdonald
The Haps reward: to play a team only 2 points behind them, and ruin a match-up that should have happened much later.
21 Apr, 08:23 AM UTC
مـيم 💕
احب اشكّل الا العدس ماابيه https://t.co/8wFom1QgOb
21 Apr, 11:21 AM UTC
haps bday Han B!!🎈you're worthy enough for a Flipagram;) I love you loads, can't wait for tomorrow🍾 have the best d… https://t.co/uOvNPJ2VpQ
21 Apr, 11:04 AM UTC
Norm Macdonald
Rangers score with 8 minutes left and Haps tie with 1;30.
21 Apr, 10:13 AM UTC
Haps 17th Scotty, have a great day babes & see you tomorrow 🤙🏻💛 lots of love X @ElleScotty
21 Apr, 08:22 AM UTC
megan neale
haps bday to my bestfriend since day 1😘u my everythig we hav2 many pics so i pick 1 from every year LOVE YOU WITH A… https://t.co/zl3sgTJPn5
21 Apr, 11:35 AM UTC
‏هٌاٌبّـسُ ⚘‏ 305
مسلم البراك دخل السجن بتهة حبه لوطنه مسلم البراك دخل السجن مرفوع الرأس مسلم البراك خرج من السجن مرفوع الرأس أي سجين هذا؟ #وحشت_الدار_يا_مسلم
21 Apr, 10:56 AM UTC
‏هٌاٌبّـسُ ⚘‏ 305
كان بأمكانه يلبس البشت ويجلس بأفضل الكراسي وفتحت له خزائن كل شيء ولكن أبا ان يخالف ضميره #هذي_المبادئ_الثابته #اليوم_خروج_الضمير_مسلم
21 Apr, 10:44 AM UTC
‏هٌاٌبّـسُ ⚘‏ 305
@cartier_pasha90 مساء النور
21 Apr, 11:33 AM UTC
‏هٌاٌبّـسُ ⚘‏ 305
@__s24_ سلطه مع لبن
21 Apr, 11:02 AM UTC
I haven't seen them in like two years I'm so haps
21 Apr, 10:12 AM UTC
Hauptsache meine Nachbarn wurden gestern nach entspannter 420 runde mit uns haps genommen 😨 best wishes to u guys 😢
21 Apr, 09:07 AM UTC
Tori Hodges
haps birth queenie
21 Apr, 12:01 PM UTC
Yellow Duck
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/eAtb3nT4Y5 Super Trash Bros. VS. Dankey Kang
21 Apr, 11:56 AM UTC
كارتير باشا💛!
@Haps_q8 يسعدلي مساك يارب 🌹
21 Apr, 11:36 AM UTC
@BBCJohnBeattie @BBCRadioScot John thanks for stopping by North on behalf of us all. P'haps your best contribution… https://t.co/PYyjl1d3sB
21 Apr, 11:26 AM UTC
عرب ربي🕊 تغرد💎
@Haps_q8 لبى كلك🙊🌹
21 Apr, 11:26 AM UTC
‏هٌاٌبّـسُ ⚘‏ 305
@2_nn_nn 💘💘💘💘💘💘 لبى قلبج
21 Apr, 11:25 AM UTC
fabio geraci
#Windsor Singer Cuba Gooding Sr. Haps #queensbirthday Borussia Dortmund #FlashbackFriday #21Abr Adelphi https://t.co/QudMzlhEXg
21 Apr, 11:05 AM UTC
‏هٌاٌبّـسُ ⚘‏ 305
@Kaa_kii @reem__tweets هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
21 Apr, 10:56 AM UTC
Wrong Bot
Everything you know about Haps is wrong.
21 Apr, 10:41 AM UTC
@Haps_q8 مساء النور .. قرة عينكم 💙
21 Apr, 10:38 AM UTC
Champions league draw haps #UCLdraw
21 Apr, 10:02 AM UTC
暑い夏に効く!施術店の販促アイデア×3 ☆温寒コース ○極冷え!!15分 ○さいごに1杯セット https://t.co/RezlGdcOTF #販促 #集客
21 Apr, 10:01 AM UTC
John-David Buchanan
@normmacdonald Apologies if you've explained this before, but why do you use "Haps" instead of "Habs?" Just curious.
21 Apr, 09:40 AM UTC
سِـنـيّـرَ 🇰🇼
@Haps_q8 @F5MQ8 @Widad___200 @_3fah @f_g_r_1 @Stevenn_501 @z7ooma @cartier_pasha90 تسسلم يالششيخ ✋💘
21 Apr, 09:37 AM UTC
@normmacdonald I don't know if the Haps would have but I'm sure the Habs would have. Norm? I love ya!
21 Apr, 09:11 AM UTC
@normmacdonald 2016. 4 Canadian teams made it in 2017. Haps, Mable Leaks, Octowa Senapors and Pulmonary Claims
21 Apr, 09:07 AM UTC
@normmacdonald Doesn't say much for the Haps though. Still love Norm!
21 Apr, 09:05 AM UTC
@normmacdonald Haps. Hahahah. I love you Norm!
21 Apr, 09:04 AM UTC
Hire A Photo Studio
Need a Food Stylist in New York? Takako Kuniyuki is your woman! https://t.co/TYK7yNabPz #foodstylinghttps://t.co/DgREdcVJHJ
21 Apr, 08:38 AM UTC
@normmacdonald can you explain Haps? Ive always called them Habs. Is it a Norm thing or am i a bumpkin fan?
21 Apr, 08:22 AM UTC
David Castro
HAPS Zephyr, an aeroplane or a satellite? https://t.co/qCtGMEa2ke
21 Apr, 07:42 AM UTC
JUK Herceg fest
HAPS - Predstava OČEVI SU GRADILI Dvorana Park, petak, 21. april u 20:30 sati CRNOGORSKO NARODNO POZORIŠTE Podgorica
21 Apr, 07:15 AM UTC
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