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Jane Philpott @janephilpott
Very satisfying. Bill C37 passes third reading. Passage of this bill will save lives. #harmreduction
ShirleyT @GurrdyGirl
RT @ludwig_mike: Cashing in on overdoses? A gross reminder of how #BigPharma works. https://t.co/dEC0aRkkxr via @truthout #HarmReduction
The (Less)Mad Catter @Mad_Catur
RT @pivotlegal: Momentum is growing. It's time to do the right thing and decriminalize drugs. #HarmReduction #CDNpoli #LivesWontWait https:…
Cynthia Bryanton @clbryanton
RT @canadanurses: Pleased to see the House of Commons passed #BillC37 #harmreduction tonight. On to the @SenateCA! Thanks all who voted in…
Bob Kirby @bobkirby47
RT @dhruvinhirpara: Restoring #harmreduction & #prevention as basic tenets of 🇨🇦 drug policy! https://t.co/VVx6uFecEt
Directions @Directions_FSGV
RT @matthewgibsonmd: Safe injection sites save lives! #HarmReduction https://t.co/FqPIiIJKX6
YouthRISENigeria @YouthRISE_NG
RT @RosalindSt0ne: "3,000 overdoses; no deaths; no brain damage, BECAUSE the help is there" #harmreduction in action #LSEworks https://t.co…
No Cuts to Recovery @no_recoverycuts
RT @no_recoverycuts: Also a drugs de-criminalisation workshop in the pipeline #WarOnDrugs #harmreduction https://t.co/WOFSQyGA8k
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