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BBC News (UK) @BBCNews
Bin lorry crash driver Harry Clarke admits reckless driving charge https://t.co/jQayel7Aj3
kapilt @kapilt41
RT @guardian: Glasgow bin lorry crash driver admits driving car without licence https://t.co/d45gl5fVRw
al @al_cardiff1
RT @lbcbreaking: Harry Clarke, driver of bin lorry which crashed killing 6 people admits culpable and reckless driving on separate occasion…
Steve Ludek @luddym
RT @steverobinson99: Is there a bigger bastard in UK than Harry Clarke the Glasgow bin lorry driver - how could he get in a car afterwards…
Child of the 80's @RockinWithRita
RT @Alfiebiggs: What an absolute wanker Harry Clarke is. The Glasgow bin lorry driver who killed all those people. Just been done on danger…
brian doyle @bdoyle97
RT @annemarie6377: Harry Clarke really is a reprehensible bastard who couldn't care less that he killed 6 people. Hopefully he gets jail th…
Child of the 80's @RockinWithRita
RT @weekirstyo: Bin lorry crash: Harry Clarke drove without licence https://t.co/qienAaPKZk he's a lowlife disgrace with blood on his hands
Robwad @boabwad
RT @TheEveningTimes: Video: Glasgow bin lorry crash driver Harry Clarke admits reckless driving on separate occasion after tragedy https:/…
Lee Dolbear @NewsdeskLee
RT @GlobalsNewsroom: Bin lorry driver Harry Clarke admits reckless driving nine months after Glasgow crash which killed 6 people @HeartScot…
Jive Glasgow @GlasgowJives
RT @sjwadham: Bin lorry crash driver Harry Clarke admits reckless driving charge. Throw the book at him https://t.co/Okia4c0LuX
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