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Nick Short @PoliticalShort
Democrats, ‘Never Trumpers’ Thrilled at Prospect of #Harward as National Security Adviser. Not good folks!… https://t.co/59lccNsKaH
USS London 🍊=💩😲👎 @openpodbaydoor_
RT @CarverBookCoach: No, Sir, I will not accept your rose. 🌹 #Harward https://t.co/QO9UNu30EA
Bekka @amaya30
RT @crosswordpuzzlr: #Harward turns down the job of National Security Advisor. https://t.co/uc3XZA6wGP
CrazyCatLadyFL🖖 @CrazyCatLadyFL
RT @DebunkRacistH8: Dear @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Americans don't enjoy #shitsandwich as much as you do. Resign. #Harward #TrumpPressConfere…
Camille Cormier @cmcorm
RT @ggrushko: Sources: #Harward referred to Trump's offer as a "s--- sandwich." #Trump's pick to replace #Flynn turns down offer https://t.…
Sir. Bradley Richard @HabBradley
RT @Dimi: Hours after Trump claims to have #outstanding person to replace #MikeFlynn @FT scoop that #Harward turned Trump down https://t.co…
VieKe @vk71
RT @AimeeBarat: You know things are bad when even a SEAL won't take on a tough mission. #Harward https://t.co/7N4Oew6ZdP
RT @RCdeWinter: Hey @jaketapper, did #Harward really call 45's offer a shit sandwich? If so, the man's a genius. https://t.co/giwSusGM4t
ravimary*prophet @ravi2010mary
RT @PutinTweets: Nobody will ever refuse offer to work in my administration. Don - what going on? #Putin #Harward @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #…
Astrid Frank @GlamrockDog
RT @tagesspiegel: Flynn-Nachfolge: #Harward sagt #Trump als Sicherheitsberater ab. #USA-Newsblog: https://t.co/6kQ7tw5HiN https://t.co/633I…
Elaine @elainemhughes
RT @marionmckeone: If this is true (and the @washingtonpost is 100% so far) it's HUGE. #Harward is very close to #JamesMattis.Is Mattis rec…
Marica Gusmitta @MaricaGusmitta
RT @riotta: Se davvero ex ammiraglio #Harward confermasse No #Trump come Consigliere Sicurezza sarebbe un colpo serio per amministrazione d…
Юлия Филимонова @ERY1AdojT0yMxJy
RT @realDumpTrumpz: Thank you Adm. #Harward for having principle and not joining #corrupt @POTUS @realDonaldTrump controlled by #Russia htt…
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